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The country’s oldest, largest and most flexible private mail forwarding service for RVers, Boaters, and Travelers.

Since 1985

Our Mail Forwarding Service–a commercial mail-receiving agent licensed by the U.S. Postal Service–has enabled full-time and part-time RVers, boaters, and travelers the flexibility to receive their mail and packages wherever they travel, whenever they want, and always with our friendly, personal attention.

Three Domicile and Residency Options - One Great Mail Forwarding Service

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South Dakota
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Escapees RV Club Mail Forwarding Service Overview

Personal Mailbox & Domicile

You’ll have a unique mailing address in Texas, South Dakota or Florida, usable as your legal domicile.

Mail Forwarding

We can forward your mail to you wherever your RV takes you, on request or on a schedule you specify.


Our in-house staff will review your mail with you by phone.

Mail Scanning & Virtual Mailbox

An optional service that lets you view and manage your received First Class envelopes and mail contents online.


Choose to receive only certain types of mail, or specify only particular senders or items to forward.


Update your mailing instructions, view and manage your mail scans, review mailing/postage history, and more.


Set forwarding instructions, view your postage balance, view and manage your mail scans, and more from your mail service dashboard.

Standing Out From the Rest!

Unlike other mail forwarding services, you can send your mail as much mail as want, as often as you want, and whenever you want. No hidden per-piece or mail volume fees here! Plus, you can choose between Texas, Florida, or South Dakota for your domicile or residence needs with ease.

Benefits and Rates

Already a Member?

Category A

All Mail Types
$ 110 Annually

Category B

Selected Mail Types
$ 130 Annually

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting
$ 150 Annually


Business Mail Accounts
$ 175 Annually



Mail Scanning Service

Category B and C Subscribers Only
$ 10

Mail Scanning Service

Category B and C Subscribers Only
$ 100
  • $20 Savings

Temporary Accounts

Category A Only
  • 2 Months (60 Days) = $40
  • 3 Months (90 Days) = $50
  • 4 Months (120 Days) = $60
  • 6 Months (180 Days) = $70
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How It Works

Escapees receives and holds your mail (including packages, certified, and registered mail) for you. When you’re ready to have your mail forwarded, just call, email, or send us instructions online with where you want us to send it. We’ll mail it out to you the next business day. If you’ll be in one place for a while, you can even ask us to forward your mail on a regular schedule.

Let Us Help You Enjoy the Freedom of Travel

Escapees Membership

Join Escapees and receive access to the Mail Forwarding Service and many other great benefits and programs!

Step 1

Choose a Service Category

Choose a mail service category based upon your needs. Not sure what category? We’re are here to help you. Just call us at 936-327-8873.

Step 2

Choose a State

If you plan to use your Escapees mail address as your legal domicile, decide on the state that best suits your needs.

Step 3

Complete Forms

Complete required Postal Form 1583 and Escapees Mail Service Agreement. This will allow us to issue you a unique address and the ability to process your mail.

Step 4

Send Forms

Send notarized Postal Form 1583 and Mail Service Agreement. We are here to help you! Just call us at 936-327-8873 or email

Frequently Asked Questions About the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service

Signing up

Yes, the mail service is a benefit available only to members of the Escapees RV Club. There are many other benefits as well!

You will have a street address and a personal mail box (PMB) number on Rainbow Drive in Livingston, Texas. It will look something like this, although your street address and PMB will be different:

123 Rainbow Dr, #456
Livingston, TX 77399

If you’re domiciled in Florida or South Dakota, you will also receive an address in one of those states that you’ll use only for legal purposes, like voter registration or driver’s licensing.

We can’t assign your address until we have received all of your required sign-up forms and your payment.

As part of your signup process, you must complete Postal Form 1583. This form is required by law, and gives Escapees Mail Service the right to act as your mail-receiving agent. Identification is required in order to prevent people from using an assumed name.

Yes, according to US Postal Service regulations, you must sign Form 1583 before a notary public.

There are two instances in which you can email your paperwork to us:

  1. Your paperwork was notarized through an online notary, not in person.

  2. To confirm accuracy before notarizing and mailing the original paperwork. We encourage you to email your paperwork to to ensure accuracy before notarizing and mailing. This step allows us to ensure all needed information is present in order to process your paperwork more efficiently.

You may select and pay for Category A mail service when signing up for a new membership. You can email your finalized paperwork to us ONLY if your paperwork was notarized through an online notary.

Postal Form 1583 notarized in person must be mailed to our headquarters in order to comply with USPS regulations. (These requirements are in section 508.1.8(a) and (c) of the USPS Domestic Mail Manual, if you’re interested.)


No, you can be domiciled in any state. Although many members use their mail service address as their legal address for establishing domicile, it’s not required. Many other members keep their existing domicile, and use our mail forwarding service just for the convenience it offers.

Yes, you can use your Escapees Mail Service address in Texas, Florida or South Dakota as your residence address for driver’s licensing, vehicle titles, voter registration and other legal purposes. Please see our information on domicile for more details.

After we give you your new address, you can begin using it just as if you had moved to a new house. Notify any person or company that regularly sends you mail and give them your new Escapees Mail Service address. Also, change your address with the US Postal Service, either online or by filling out the paper form available at any post office.

No, you do not have to change your domicile, but it is an option to use your mail forwarding address as your domicile when using our service.

Domicile is an option that allows you to choose Texas, Florida or South Dakota as your legal address.  Mail forwarding is the actual service Escapees provides for those in the mail service that enables you to receive your mail.

To learn more about Domicile, please visit our Domicile page.

No, those are only sub stations and can’t handle mail service sign ups.





 We offer three different categories with prices ranging from $110 to $150 per year. You also pay the actual cost of postage to forward your mail. When you sigh up for the mail Service, you will pay your annual service fee plus an enrollment fee and an initial deposit into your postage account.

Optional mail scanning service is an additional $10 per month or $100 if paid annually.

If you chose to domicile in South Dakota or Florida, state specific domicile mail, such as driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter registration, etc. will be forwarded to you through our Livingston, TX mail center, at an additional cost of $1 per piece. Any packages received at the Florida or South Dakota locations will be returned to sender. Always supply your Texas mailing address whenever possible.

Please review package charges under “Receiving Mail” below.

No, we have no hidden charges.

Please review package charges under “Receiving Mail” for specific charges. Certified mail is $0.75 to receive.

We do not charge extra for special services, such as reviewing your mail on the phone or handling special requests. 

Yes. If you cancel your service, the law requires us to continue to forward any mail we receive for you for six months. After that time, we will refund any remaining balance in your postage deposit account to you.

The enrollment fee covers the initial set-up of your mail service account. It also covers our legally-required forwarding services during the six months after you cancel your service.

Receiving mail

We will accept all classes of mail, as well as packages, certified, and registered mail.

Certified mail is $0.75 to receive. Please see below for package charges.

Yes, we can accept letters and packages from all major courier delivery services. However, at no time can Escapees Mail-Forwarding Service staff receive packages containing items that are perishable, require refrigeration, alcohol, ammunition, firearms, tobacco, or hazardous.

There is an additional charge of $1.00 for packages. Oversize packages (any dimension greater than 30 inches) will incur a $5 fee.

Package storage fees-

  • 31-60 Days $5
  • 61 Days+ Charged $10 Every 30 Days

Please note that at no time can Escapees Mail Forwarding accept packages containing items that are perishable, require refrigeration, alcohol, ammunition, firearms, tobacco or hazardous items

No, we do not have refrigeration available. Please send refrigerated or perishable items to another address.

Please note that at no time can Escapees Mail-Forwarding Service staff receive packages containing items that are perishable, require refrigeration, alcohol, ammunition, firearms, or hazardous.

State specific mail includes driver licenses, vehicle registration, insurance, voter registrations, etc. When using Escapees Services in FL or SD, any items other than “state specific mail” should be sent directly to your Livingston, TX address.

Mail or documents delivered or dropped off by a process server will be placed in your mail service file. We do inform the process server that we do not guarantee delivery. 

Mail Forwarding

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will bundle and forward your mail by the most economical method for that mailing. Typically, this means that we’ll send lightweight envelopes of forwarded mail by First Class Mail, and heavier envelopes of mail by Priority Mail.

If you need your mail more quickly, you can specifically request us to use USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx. If you request FedEx, we offer overnight, 2-day, and 3-day Express Saver services at special discounted rates.

Want to see how we process your mail for forwarding? Check out the forwarding part of our virtual tour of the Escapees mail room

The time it takes to receive your mail depends on your distance from Livingston, as well as on intervening weekends and holidays. But in general, allow three to five business days to receive mail forwarded by USPS Priority Mail, and up to seven to ten business days to receive mail forwarded by first class mail.

We will forward your mail as often as you want. You can request us to forward your accumulated mail at any time, and we’ll normally send it out on the next business day. Or if you plan to be in one place for a while, you can set up a regular forwarding schedule (for example, daily, once a week or bi-weekly).

Category B and C subscribers can specify the types of mail they want to receive–first-class only, mail from non-profits, newsletters, advertisements, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and/or travel guides & directories. We’ll destroy and discard everything else.

Category A subscribers receive all their mail, including “junk mail”.

Yes, if you’re a Category C subscriber, you can request special sorting–for example, specific magazine titles but not others, or catalogs from certain companies but not others. 

Yes, we can forward First Class envelopes to any international address. In addition, we can forward magazines, newspapers, and newsletters to addresses in Canada and Mexico.

Because each country has its unique rules and regulations governing what can be sent there–and because Escapees could be liable for large fines and the possible loss of our mail-receiving license for violating those rules–we unfortunately cannot forward packages and other mail to international destinations. We will be happy to hold this other mail until you return.

If you normally receive medications through the Escapees Mail Service, be sure to take an adequate supply of those medications with you when traveling out of the country, or make arrangements for your pharmacy to send it directly to you.

Subscriber Service

Our friendly staff is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time at 936.327.8873. We are closed on Federal holidays. You may leave a message if you call at other times, and we’ll call you back on our next business day.

You can also change your mail-forwarding instructions at any time through your secure mail service dashboard, club app, or e-mail forwarding instructions or other inquiries to  

Yes, we will be happy to check for a specific piece of mail or go through all your first-class mail on the phone. We can even open and read a particular mail piece to you if you want.

Curious how this goes? Check out the Member Services portion of our virtual mail room tour!

Jury Summons

If you receive a jury summons for Polk County and utilize the Escapees Mail Forwarding Services for domicile purposes, Escapees RV Club and the Polk County District Clerk’s Office encourage you to respond by phone directly to the Polk County District Clerk’s Office at 936-327-6814. This method is the easiest and safest way to ensure you do not negatively impact your ability to vote in Polk County.

Using the “I am an Escapees member” Excusal/Disqualification

Following are the three ways in which you can request an excusal from jury duty as a resident of Rainbow Drive who will not be in Polk County at the time they request.

1. Call District Clerk’s Office Directly (Recommended Method)

If you are unable to fulfill your jury summons services due to your current RV travels, Polk County has provided you with an option to claim “I am an Escapees member” excusal/disqualification. Please call the District Clerk’s Office at 936-327-6814 and speak with a representative.

2. Online at the District Clerk’s Website

While it is not the recommended method, you may also respond online via the District Clerks website. If you choose to utilize this option, it is critical you complete the Questionnaire properly and follow the correct method for using the “I am a member of Escapees” excusal (described in detail below).

In the first portion of the response process, there will be a general “Questionnaire.” During this questionnaire, you will be asked if you are “resident of this state and a resident of the county in which you are to serve as a juror.” Only answer “No” to this option if you have moved out of the county and are no longer utilizing your Escapees Mail Forwarding Address, located in Polk County, Livingston, TX, as your domicile. Not answering “Yes” to this question will result in your removal from the county and negatively impact your ability to vote in Polk County.

To complete this process accurately and retain your Polk County residency:

  1. Log in with information provided on your jury summons.
  2. Complete “Questionnaire” (approximately 20 questions). Note: Answer “Yes” to “I am a resident of this state and a resident of the county in which you are to serve as a juror” unless you have moved out of the county and are no longer utilizing Escapees Mail Forwarding as your Texas Domicile.
    • If you answer “YES” you will be allowed to vote in Polk County.
    • If you answer “NO” you will NOT be allowed to vote in Polk County.
  3. It will ask “do you want to confirm my service.” Must select “No” if you wish to apply for “Excusal” or “Disqualification.” Selecting “Yes” will confirm you are qualified and available to serve.
  4. Select “Excuse Service” in bottom right.
  5. From the drop-down reason select “I am a member of the Escapees RV.”

3. Phone In Jury Response Line

1. Call the provided number.
2. Select Option 2 – Need Further Information.
3. Select Option 4 – Want an Excusal.
4. Once into system, press “9” to use the RV excusal.

Remember, as you make plans to travel to/through Polk County, notify the District Clerk’s office you will be in the area and available for jury duty.

Sign up

Ready to enjoy the benefits of our Mail Forwarding Service? Visit our “Sign Up” page to get started and to download the required forms.