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There is an Escapees event for everyone!
Come and find your RV community!

Escapees RV Club Events & Rallies

Like the RVing lifestyle, our events offer a diverse range of styles and experiences! From large rallies to casual convergences, we believe RVing is better together. There is something for everyone, so come and find your community at an Escapees event!

Upcoming National Rallies

Escapade, our annual national rally, is the largest and most diverse gathering of the Escapees community. 

It packs a variety of seminars, social gatherings, nightly entertainment and much more into five fun-filled days. During the day, you can visit the ROW to learn more about chapters and BOFs, shop the vendor marketplace, and attend educational talks. Evenings brings live music, homegrown talent, and a variety of gatherings.

The Xscapers Annual Bash is the ultimate event for the Escapees lifestyle community of working-age RVers.

The Annual Bash ushers in the new year with days filled with athletic events, excursions, and education. After work hours, the fun continues late into the night with food competitions, live music, and dancing. Last year even included a rave.

Escapees Event Programs

Our popular Escapees HOPs – Head Out Program includes excursions with fellow RVers targeting unique locations, special events and theme-related activities to create fun-filled and memorable adventures. 

The Club does all the work—planning the itinerary; making reservations for campgrounds, restaurants and tours; and organizing many of the meals. All you do is register, then show up!

We created Escapees Hangouts to provide more casual opportunities for all members to make new friends and share fun, active and adventurous experiences together in a campground setting. 

Hangouts include a lightly structured schedule with organized activities throughout the day as well as plenty of opportunities for socializing and spontaneous events. There are included or optional excursions like hiking, kayaking, bicycling, breweries and wineries, foodie tours, local festivals and more.

Under the banner of the Escapees lifestyle community catering to working-age RVers, the Convergences have become the heart of Xscapers with events providing education, social activities and outdoor adventures in a casual gathering.

Convergences include a lightly structured schedule with organized activities that generally take place later in the day to accommodate working RVers and families. Convergences include unique activities such as margarita throwdowns, dance parties and group grill outs. These events are often dry camping or boondocking.

Escapees BOFs are member-led groups centered around a shared lifestyle interest such as amateur radio, working on the road, disaster relief, biking and hiking, boomers, boondocking, pet lovers, solos, and quilters, just to name a few! They often hold events annually (some more often) allowing members to exchange knowledge and socialize in person.

Member-led chapters offer local events and social opportunities for you to enjoy close to home. Join us at our local luncheons, and travel to a planned chapter RV outing that is within hours from home for RV fun and adventure. The RV outings range from planned visits to area attractions and sporting events to holiday get-togethers. They are like family reunions with good friends. Whether you attend a luncheon or an outing, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered, share RV tips, and make new friends who RV and live in your area.

Led by a panel of instructors with decades of RVing experience, RVers Boot Camp walks you through everything you need to know to maintain and operate your RV safely. Spend three days with our industry experts and you’ll learn about tire and weight safety, basic RV systems, fire and life safety, proper towing techniques and much more. Take advantage of the classroom environment to connect with fellow RVers. Experience shared learning through interactive questions during lessons, and review the day’s instruction with your peers during social gatherings and community meals.

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A listing of all upcoming events for Escapees members.
From our chapter and BOF gatherings to our educational events, there is always an opportunity to spend time with fellow SKPs!
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