Sign Up for Escapees Mail Forwarding Service

Signing up for the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service is easy! First, select the category of service you want. Then, if you’ll be using your Escapees address as your domicile, choose your state. And finally, download, complete and mail in the required forms.

For in-person sign ups please contact us at 936.327.8873 or email mailservice@escapees.com to schedule an appointment.

Step 1: Choose a service category

Category A

All Mail Types
$ 95
  • All mail is forwarded
  • Scanning NOT available

Category B

Selected Mail Types
$ 115
  • You select mail types to forward
  • Scanning option available

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting
$ 135
  • Custom sorting for each mail type
  • Scanning option available

Mail Scanning

View Mail Online
$ 10
  • View/forward/destroy mail online
  • Scan & view mail contents

Call 936.327.8873

Step 2: Choose a state

If you plan to use your Escapees mail address as your legal domicile, decide on the state that best suits your needs. Be sure to compare vehicle registration costs, auto and RV insurance premiums, and available health insurance options, as well as other domicile considerations.

If you don’t intend to use your Escapees mail address as your domicile, simply select Texas for your address.

South Dakota

Step 3: Complete and mail forms

  • Select your state below to download the required forms. 
  • Print, fill out and sign all the forms where indicated. 
  • Once you complete the paperwork before signing and notarizing, email it to mailservice@escapees.com. This step allows us to ensure all needed information is present in order to process your paperwork more efficiently.
  • Important: US postal regulations require that you sign the USPS Form 1583 before a notary public, who must certify your signature on the form.
    • The form may be notarized in person or done through an online notary.
  • Mail signed originals of all the forms, together with your payment if paying by check, to us at the address below.
    • We can only accept finalized paperwork by email if notarized through an online notary service. In person notarization requires mailing paperwork.
    • You may select and pay for Category A service online when signing up for a new membership.

Download required forms by state:

Mail completed forms to:

Escapees Mail Service
101 Rainbow Dr.
Livingston, TX 77399-9330

We're here to help you.

Wondering which service category to choose? Trying to pick the state that will best suit your needs? Need assistance completing the necessary forms? Have other questions? Our Escapees member services staff are trained in all aspects of our mail service and are here to help. Just call us at  936.327.8873 during business hours, or use the form below to submit your question.

For in-person sign ups please contact us at 936.327.8873 or email mailservice@escapees.com to schedule an appointment.

Additional services

Business Accounts
Escapees offers special services for certain types of businesses that need mail forwarding. Call us at 936-327-8873 for information and rates and to see if your business qualifies.

Temporary Accounts
Short-term mail forwarding services are also available. Call us at 936-327-8873 for information and rates, or download the forms, complete and mail them in as above..

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