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Full-time Traveler?

Full-time nomads often face unique legal challenges based on their lifestyle. Regulations that are easily met if you live in a house can be major hurdles for someone who lives full-time in their RV or boat. In conjunction with our mail-forwarding service, ESCAPEES:HOME can be an address used to connect you with a particular state.

Three Domicile and Residency Options For Full-Time Travlers

Domicile 2
Domicile 3
Domicile 4
South Dakota

Choosing Your Domicile State & Residency

Everyone’s needs are different. When it comes to choosing a state of domicile, there are many variables to consider. These include income tax, health insurance, personal property, investments, vehicle registration and more. Texas, Florida and South Dakota are popular choices for RVers. 

State Income Tax

There are seven states without income tax. They are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Wyoming, Washington and South Dakota.

Health Insurance

There are many variables to take into account based upon your needs and qualifications in order to determine the best state.

Vehicle Insurance

Find out exactly what you now pay for your vehicle insurance and then explore what that same coverage will cost in the state

Vehicle Registration

State vehicle registration fees and annual inspection requirements are also good to consider.

Inheritance, Gift & Estate

Differ greatly from state to state, so please explore this before choosing that new state of domicile.

County & State Accommodations

Consider is how easy is it to deal with this new state you are calling home.

As much as we wish there was a magic formula to use to answer this question, there isn’t one. This is a personal question. It depends on you, your lifestyle, and your family.

Popular Domicile States

Available with Escapees Mail Forwarding Service

To help you with the process of moving to Texas, we created a step-by-step reference guide.

For more information on moving your domicile to Florida, take a look at our guide!

Interested in moving your domicile to South Dakota? Take a look at our step-by-step guide and resources.

Get Expert Advice

Escapees cannot, and does not, offer legal advice. Instead, we sought out qualified legal advisors who can!
To help you understand your legal options, we recommend contacting Escapees Commercial Partner, East Texas Legal, for a free consultation. They specialize in domicile and estate planning issues that RVers face.

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