Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Rates

Escapees offers its Mail Forwarding Service in three different categories of service, at rates ranging from $95 to $135 per year. The Mail Forwarding Service is an Escapees membership benefit, and is available to members only.

Services included in all categories

All three mail service categories give you a unique mailing address in your choice of Texas, Florida, or South Dakota, the three most popular domicile states for RVers.

Each service category also includes acceptance of packages (including UPS and FedEx), mail forwarding on request or on a schedule, online account management, and our renowned personal service.

Extra benefits in Categories B & C

Service Categories B and C add two valuable benefits to our Category A basic service:

  1. the option to use our Mail Scanning Service, and
  2. the ability to reduce your postage costs by forwarding only the mail that you really want to receive.

Unlike our Category A service, in which we forward all mail (including “junk mail”) that we receive for you, Categories B and C enable you to be more selective with your mail. Our Category B service forwards mail only of the types you specify–first-class only, mail from non-profits, newsletters, advertisements, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and/or travel guides & directories–and discards the rest. Our Category C service gives you even more control by not just forwarding only the types of mail that you specify, but also allowing you to specify custom sorting for each type–for example, only specific magazine titles or catalogs from certain companies.

Category A

All Mail Types
$ 95
  • Less than $8 per month

Category B

Selected Mail Types
$ 115
  • Less than $10 per month

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting
$ 135
  • Only $11.25 per month

Mail Scanning Option

View Your Mail Online
$ 10
  • View Envelopes & Content
  • Destroy Mail Online

New mail service accounts require a $50 postage deposit and a $50 one-time enrollment fee.

Rate Change March 1st

The mail service rates are changing on March 1st. We are also adding an additional discounted annual scanning option. Click through to review the new rates and sign up now to lock in the current rates for the next year.

Each category is available in your choice of Texas, Florida or South Dakota.

Category A

All Mail Types

$95 Annually

Category B

Selected Mail Types

$115 Annually

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting

$135 Annually
Personal Mail Box
Personal Service
Address for Domicile
Mail Review by Phone
Forwarding on Request
Forwarding on Custom Schedule
Receive and Forward UPS & FedEx*
Receive & Forward Packages*
Online Account Management
Escapees Mobile App
Scanning Available  
Forward Only Specific Mail Types  
Fully Customized Sorting & Forwarding

*Please note that at no time can Escapees Mail-Forwarding Service staff receive packages containing items that are perishable, require refrigeration, alcohol, ammunition, firearms, tobacco or hazardous.

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