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A Total Support Network for ALL RVers

The Escapees RV Club is one of the oldest, largest and most loved RV membership organizations in the world. Our mission is to provide a total support network for all RVers.

Whether you RV full-time or part-time…travel in a van or a luxurious motorhome…are retired, working, or raising a family on the road…or are a seasoned RVer, recently hit the road, or are just aspiring to the life of freedom that RVing offers—we understand your lifestyle, and we have more than 45 years of first-hand knowledge and experience to help make it worry-free, affordable, safe, and enjoyable.

The heart and soul of the Escapees RV Club is our members, who often refer to themselves as “SKPs” (when you say the letters aloud, it sounds like “Escapees”). Who are they, and what draws them to the Club?

Escapees welcomes and supports all styles of RVing

There are as many different ways to experience the RV lifestyle as there are models of RVs and Escapees RV Club welcomes and supports them all. Because of this, we are certain you’ll find a group of SKPs very much like yourself.

We travel in all types of RVs

The Escapees RV Club has always welcomed all RVers, regardless of the type of rig in which they travel. You’ll find SKPs in motorhomes, camper vans, fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and truck campers, in sizes ranging from tiny and cozy to large and spacious.

We’re full-timers, part-timers and weekenders

Many of our members live in their RV full-time. Some travel year-round, while others may spend weeks or months in one location before moving on. Other SKPs maintain a traditional “sticks and bricks” house, and travel only part of the year, or only on weekends or for a few weeks at a time.

We’re multi-generational

Our membership spans all ages: from Millennials to Gen-Xers, from Baby Boomers to members of the Greatest Generation. In fact, the fastest-growing part of the club is our Xscapers lifestyle group, a diverse community of today’s active and adventurous RVers–many of whom have chosen to see the country by RV years, or even decades, before they retire.

Many of us work on the road

While many SKPs are retired, a growing number of our members work full-time or part-time from the road—doing anything from camp-hosting to writing to software development, and everything in between. Today’s sophisticated options for mobile internet make it possible to stay connected and work remotely from almost anywhere.

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What We Do

Award winning 80+ pages packed with useful, entertaining, and specialized information. 

15-50% at hundreds of campgrounds with our Discount Parks Program and Escapees RV Parks

Gain access to 11 Escapees SKP Co-Ops that are exclusive available to club members.

Discounts and specials offered to club members by our Commercial Members.

Massive savings on motorhome, trailer, truck, and passenger car tires.

Wide range of event programs and gatherings across the nation for club members. 

Interest-based groups and communities that offer a wide range of ways to connect with other RVers!

Gain access to critical services such as Mail Forwarding, Roadside Assistance, and more. 

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