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How RVers Get Their Mail: The Complete Guide to Getting Mail on the Road

Most of us take mail delivery for granted when living in a sticks-and-bricks home. Incoming parcels are delivered right to our doorstep and we just raise the flag on the mailbox to have our outgoing mail picked up. Taking a week or two of vacation is not a big deal, we simply put our mail on hold with USPS or ask a family member to help us out. But what happens when we choose to travel more extensively? Let’s talk about how RVers get their mail!

The resources and information provided in this article aim to assist a variety of RVing styles. For the purposes of this article, we will define them as:

Extended vacationers: Those who RV for a few weeks (or even a few months), but plan to return to their home base for most of the year.

Part-timers: Those who like to RV spontaneously for several months at a time, return to their home base for a bit, and then head back out on the road. What we refer to as “Snowbirds” often fall into this category as well. They are RVers who generally move between two locations, a cooler climate in the summer and a warmer one in the winter.

Full-time RVers: Those who live in their RV throughout the year and spend much of that time moving to various locations.

How RVers Get Their Mail: The Complete Guide to Getting Mail on the Road 1

Chapter 1: RV Mail Forwarding Options

The best part of RVing is the freedom it offers, and no one wants to be pinned down waiting on mail to catch up to them. Finding an option that is flexible and hassle-free is important to your lifestyle. You’ll want to pick a provider that you’re confident will give you the level of service you need based your travel style. 

This guide covers many options available to today’s RVer. Some will work better for certain travel styles than others. It’s important to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of each method so that you will be satisfied with your choice. The last thing you want to do is go through the hassle of changing your mailing address repeatedly.

So, How Do You Get Mail if You Live or Travel in an RV?

There are a few options you can choose to get your mail while living or traveling in an RV. 

  • Asking family or friends to hold or forward your mail
  • Using USPS 
  • Getting a mailbox at a local UPS store
  • Professional RV mail forwarding services, like Escapees RV Club’s Mail Service – which can be used by both full-time and part-time RVers.

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Using Family or Friends as a Mail Forwarder

Many RVers give a family member or a friend a try. If you are traveling for short periods, this method may work quite well for you. Just make sure your forwarder is responsible, organized, and has the time it takes to handle your mail efficiently.

If you’re on a tight budget and have a small amount of mail, using a family member or friend will probably be the cheapest. In fact, you could potentially have all your first-class mail forwarded free. This would require it to be sent piece-by-piece, but a private resident can cross out the incorrect address and rewrite (or re-label) the new address without affixing new postage. They can just slip it back into the mail stream all at no cost. (Note: Commercial Mail Receiving Agents known as CMRAs are not allowed to do this.)

As you might imagine there are some pitfalls using this method of forwarding. If multiple pieces of mail are forwarded, there’s a good chance they will arrive at your location on different days. You will be stuck there until all your mail arrives. And, of course you’ll need a way to track what’s coming. Some people develop a method where they indicate on each envelope how many pieces are in the current batch being forwarded. As an example, if they are forwarding three individual envelopes, they would mark them: 1 of 3; 2 of 3; 3 of 3. So, when you’ve received all 3 pieces you know it is safe to relocate.

Just know that you risk mail being mishandled, delayed, and even returned to sender. Because of these hazards, most individuals who opt to use a friend or family elect to have their mail repackaged into one parcel and forwarded.

Even if you have all your mail repackaged, there are some concerns when using a non-professional for your forwarding as a long-term solution. Consider the following:

  • To repackage mail, your forwarder will need to have the equipment to properly label it, package it, weigh it and apply correct postage. Otherwise, they will need to make frequent trips to the post office.
  • You will need to maintain clear communication with your forwarder, so they know exactly what location to send it to and when. A simple typo or incorrect zip code may have you hunting down mail for a while. (As an aside, professional services like Escapees Mail Service have verification software that auto-corrects incorrect addresses.)
  • Once your forwarder commits to handling your mail, realize that if they go on vacation, so does your mail! And, heaven forbid, should they decide to move to a new home, you’ll be going through the process of changing your address once again. Not fun.
  • Your chosen recipient must legally be able to accept your mail. It is a violation of some leases to receive mail for those not listed on the lease agreement.
  • And, let’s not forget about your privacy. They will see everything you receive in the mail. If you aren’t comfortable with your parents knowing what bills you have or your children knowing about your subscriptions, beware!
  • Even if the individual forwarder you select is perfect, consider the level of obligation and potential inconvenience they will likely undergo.

Important Side Note: If you are traveling full-time, mixing your legal address with a family member or friend’s address can create some unexpected domicile concerns. It could create the presumption that the friend/family member’s address is the address where you plan to permanently return. Learn more about domicile laws.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) as a Mail Forwarder

While the USPS does an amazing job of delivering mail, mail forwarding is not their forte. This is especially true if you want your mail forwarded to a variety of temporary addresses. If you are going on vacation for a few weeks or longer and are staying in one location during the trip, the USPS can help you. Just bear in mind that they will only forward your mail to one location, so if you plan to relocate frequently, they are by no means an ideal solution.

Some USPS offices are now offering basic mail scanning services through their Informed Delivery program. If you are considering them, you’d be wise to check out other sources as well because we think you’ll find the USPS is not as competitive (in either their service options or costs) as other commercial services.

Important side note: Informed Delivery is not available for commercial mail forwarding addresses for a number of reasons. Also, if you choose to have a friend or relative act as your forwarder, keep in mind that Informed Delivery is address-based. If activated for an address, all mail coming to that address will be scanned and shared with all who have access to the account which may create some privacy concerns.

Mailboxes at UPS Stores

UPS is a great shipping service, but probably not the best resource for full-time RVers who need continued mail forwarding. Perhaps you’ve seen their advertisements about offering personal mailboxes with a street address. While having an actual street address versus a post office box number can be advantageous, the limited services and the add-on fees are going to be higher than what other professional mail forwarding services offer.

These addresses can also cause complications if you are interested in using this address to establish domicile.

Professional RV Mail Forwarding Services

If you are a full-time RVer, a professional mail forwarding service is very likely your best bet. They offer the most services and flexibility of the options discussed. No matter what provider you select, there are major factors to consider before you settle on one that’s best for you.

Professional Mail Service

What to Look for in a RV Mail Forwarding Service

There are obvious questions like how much will it cost, but not all fees show up on the surface. Find out if there are additional per-piece or mail volume fees on top of the monthly/annual fees. Look closely at the level of customer services they offer. For instance, can you have your mail forwarded per your wishes, including daily, weekly, monthly, or held until you call them and request it? Do they accept packages, certified mail, and medicines? If so, how do they process such items and what additional fees might be associated with them? Do they offer mail scanning services? If so, can you use those services only when you need them?

There are many important things to consider and questions to ask when looking for a mail forwarder. For a list of questions click the link below. 

The Best Mail Forwarding Service for RVers

If you’re looking for the best RV mail service, look no further than the Escapees RV Club Mail Service.

We started our mail forwarding service in 1985 and we are now the country’s oldest, largest, and most economical private mail forwarding service for RVers. 

The Escapees Mail Service has different rates and levels of service for any type of RVer or RV traveler – whether you’re a full-time RVer, snowbird, or just a part time RVer, our mail service is made for you.

What Do Full-Time RVers Do for a Physical RV Address?

Since full-time RVers live in an RV and don’t have a “home base”, getting a physical address for legal needs can be tricky to navigate. 

Your legal, physical address is called your domicile, but it’s so much more than that. 

Although this topic can feel complicated, the topic of domicile something every full-time RVer needs to deal with for your driver’s license, taxes, voting, and legal matters. 

The most popular states for full-time RVers to choose for domicile are Texas, Florida, and South Dakota. We have a partnership with a legal team that helps full-time RVers with this very thing, and you can read our domicile guides for these popular states here. 

How Domicile Plays into Your Mail Forwarding Address

As a vacationer or part-timer, chances are you will retain your legal domicile. However, as a full-time RVer, you may want to consider changing your domicile. This is a subject you will want to research carefully. For detailed information about domicile, refer to the article Domicile for RVers: Does it Matter? 

As an added advantage, some providers, like Escapees Mail Service, can serve as your legal physical address for domicile purposes.

Escapees Mail Service is a prime example because it offers home-base options in the top three states that are particularly hospitable to full-time RVers. Those states are: Texas, Florida, and South Dakota. If you’d like more detailed information on these states including vehicle registration, driver licensing, and voting laws, simply click on the state links provided above. 

How do Professional RV Mail Services Work?

There are a handful of great mail forwarding services across the country. So, how do RV mail services work? We’ll use our own Escapees Mail Forwarding Service as an example since with nearly 40 years of experience, we know mail forwarding for RVers well.

As mentioned above, Escapees Mail Service offers service in three states, but its central office and hub is located on 140 acres just outside of Livingston, Texas. The mail service facility is housed in a 16,000 sq. ft. building and is managed by approximately 40 full-time staff members. 

Because Escapees Mail Service is the largest mail forwarding service specifically geared to RVers in the nation, we have state-of-the art sorting and mailing equipment, as well as commercial shredders, scanners, and custom software that allows highly personalized service.

You’ll receive an email verification the day your mail is forwarded along with your remaining postage balance. If for some reason you have no mail at the time of a predetermined forwarding schedule, you will receive a note telling you not to expect a parcel. That way you are free to move on down the road versus sitting around waiting on mail that isn’t coming.

For a more detailed peek at how mail service works, check out the article A Look Inside Escapees Mail-Forwarding Service for RVers.

Side Note: Another unique benefit of Escapees Mail Service is their powerful stance when it comes to protecting voting rights and other critical issues that affect RVers who use a mail service as their domicile. Read more in the Escapees Advocacy Timeline.

Chapter 2: Selecting Shipping Options- How RVers Get Their Mail


When you’re ready to have your mail forwarded, requesting all your accumulated mail be packaged into a single envelope or box and shipping it by USPS Priority Mail is typically the most economical option. Priority Mail is generally delivered within 2-3 days to most locations and comes with a tracking number.


However, if you need to guarantee a parcel arrives by a certain date, selecting FedEx or UPS may be a better choice. Express mail tends to run a bit higher. Some mail forwarding services, such as Escapees Mail Service, will go the extra mile and research the best option for you based on the weight of your parcel and automatically select the appropriate mail carrier for you. 

No matter who you choose to be your mail forwarder, it will be your responsibility to determine your mail forwarding dates, locations, and how you want your mail shipped.

Chapter 3: Where RVers Get Their Mail while Traveling

Selecting delivery locations is probably the hardest part of receiving mail while on the road. You must determine when you plan to be at a certain location and then make sure there is a facility there that will accept your mail.

Your options for getting mail while you’re on the road are: 

  • Campgrounds or RV parks
  • USPS general delivery
  • Local businesses
  • Local friends and family

Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

If you make campground or RV park reservations, the process becomes easier, because you’ll have a set date and location. Just be sure the place where you’ll be staying accepts mail! Not all RV parks accept mail for their guests. It’s best to check ahead to avoid the risk of your mail being returned to sender. You should alert them to any names receiving mail that may not be listed on your reservation.

It’s also a good idea to ask your forwarder to write “Hold for Arrival” on your mail package. This gives management a heads up just in case your mail arrives before you do.

USPS General Delivery

Using the United States Post Office General Delivery service is a great option if you don’t plan to stay in a park, or the park doesn’t accept mail. If you plan to use this method, be sure and select a post office in a smaller community when possible. If you pick a big city, let’s say Houston, all general delivery goes to their main office. The last thing you want to do is drive your rig downtown to grab your mail if you’re just passing through. If Houston is your destination, you can still pick a smaller community on the outskirts of town to have your mail sent. You’ll want to call and verify that they accept general delivery at your chosen location.

When using general delivery, it’s important to note that there is a limit in which they will hold your mail. It can be 10-30 days depending on the location and the Post Master in charge. Should your plans change, your mail will be returned to sender, so it’s always important that your mail forwarder’s address is clearly indicated on your parcel. This option will only work for mail sent through US postal mail.

Important Note: Not all USPS locations accept general delivery. Some will refuse your mail, while others may charge you a hefty fee to pick it up. Be sure to check with the local Post Office in every location you plan to use general delivery. Ask for their general delivery rules before having mail sent to them. 


RVers can get quite creative with mail delivery locations when necessary—you may be surprised what businesses will accept mail for you. Perhaps you’re visiting a financial consultant, an attorney, or having maintenance done on your rig. It never hurts to check with them and combine a mail drop with business.

Most mailing or shipping businesses will accept mail or packages for a fee. Just be sure if you use a UPS location that you’re only receiving UPS packages, etc. Most companies won’t accept a competitor’s package.

Friends and Family

Of course, friends and family are usually happy to receive your mail as well—just be sure you use the “in care of” symbol “c/o” and include their name as well as your own.

Your Name
c/o Family or Business Name
City, State, Zip
And note on the lower left corner: “Hold for Arrival”

Chapter 4: Reducing Your Mail Volume

Regardless which mail forwarding method or provider you choose, reducing unwanted mail will be an important asset. Reducing your mail volume will not only save postage fees, it might also help reduce the number of times your mail needs to be forwarded in any given period.

If you are planning to switch your address to a mail service or even a family member, this is a perfect time to get rid of unwanted mail. Begin by notifying only those companies and correspondents that you want to have your new address. 

Avoid giving your address to anyone unnecessary. As an example, avoid providing your street address on raffles and drawing. Be careful when filling out registrations or warranties. Reconsider magazine subscriptions and associations and see if online services are available instead. Overall, avoid getting added to mailing lists. If you want to participate, see if they will accept your email address instead of your mailing address.

Junk Mail

Often when you purchase something online, unwanted catalogs start pouring in. If you’re using a mail service like Escapees, you can opt to have junk mail discarded so you aren’t paying unnecessary forwarding/postage fees. (Note: not all forwarding services offer this option.) Remember, what is considered junk to one person, might not be junk to you. Look for a service that offers varying degrees of personalized sorting, so you can make those decisions yourself if they are important to you.  

If you want to clean out some of your junk mail, there are national organizations such as DMA Choice or check out tips from other online sources compiled from the Federal Trade Commission.

Consider moving more of your business transactions online and utilizing paperless options. Banking, insurance, paying bills, monitoring credit cards, and just about everything you can think of can be handled on a daily basis through the internet.

No matter how digital the world gets, there will always be some physical mail. Things like packages, license plates, driver licenses, passports, credit cards, and important legal documents must be sent to a physical address. Finding a trusted mail forwarder is an essential piece for how RVers get their mail on the road.

How Do RVers Get Their Mail? | This comprehensive guide explores how RVers get their mail on the road, covering all the options including mail forwarding and mail service, where to send your mail, and more.

There are many important things to consider and questions to ask when looking for a mail forwarder. For a list of questions click the link below. 

How RVers Get Their Mail: The Complete Guide to Getting Mail on the Road 2


Cathie Carr

Cathie Carr has been intimately involved in the RV lifestyle for over forty years. She was one of youngest full-time RVers working as she traveled when her parents, Kay and Joe Peterson, launched the Escapees RV Club. She was hired to help with its administration in 1983. Her first major challenge was to create a mail-forwarding service that catered to the specific and unique needs of RVers. Today it is the largest mail-forwarding service for RVers in the nation.

40 Responses

  1. I have signed up for Escapee’s mail service
    With a start date of July 1st I am currently going through my 1st class mail accounts like my Amazon Credit card, my bank loan on my RV, my insurance, etc. All of them want proof of a permenant address, utility bill, drivers license with new address…But I want to keep.CA as my permanent residence not Texas. I simply want to have my mail forwarded and not set up a household in another state. Even my.cell.phone number is an issue..what to do? How can this be set up..I pay all my bills online. Help

    1. Hi Karen!
      Have you called Escapees headquarters yet with your question? It’s one we get fairly often, and many of our call center staff are well-versed in helping you navigate those complications.

  2. I have been using Escapees Mail Service ever since becoming a full time RVer is 2001 (that’s 17 years I have used the service it has been great.) However, most recently I have not been getting the emails that tell me a package has been sent and providing me with a tracking number.

    1. Thank you for letting us know! We’ll share your feedback with our mail service staff and IT so we can figure out what’s going on.

    2. I recently graduated a program in Alabama. I now live full-time in an RV park until I can save money to buy me some property. I want to get married but what do I use for my physical address if I only have a PO box?

  3. Thank you. Karen called me this afternoon and we verified that they had the correct email address. It sounds like the glitch is somewhere in the software.

    I find it fantastic that my comment was immediately read and a response was made in a short period of time.

    I can’t yet say that my issue has been resolved, but I believe that it will be resolved soon.

    My respect for the SKP mail service has only increased! Again, I believe that the SKP mail service is great and their response to my issue confirms that opinion.

  4. For Escapees Mail forwarding from each of the 3 states, is the address you are assigned similar to a street address??. My understanding is brokers like Schwab, E*Trade, and some Banks due to Anti-Terrorism, are now investigating when the address is not clearly a physical location.
    e.g. if using Texas, E*TRADE and Schwab don’t care as it looks like a real address but in S. Dakota there are problems?

    John Doe
    Apt. 1234
    100 Rainbow Dr
    Livingston TX

    but in SD
    John Doe
    P.O. Box 1234
    SomeCity SD

    1. Our addresses are formatted
      123 Rainbow Dr, #456
      Livingston, TX 77399
      They are consistent regardless of state in order to make things easier, for our mail staff and others.

  5. Hello,

    If I have a business in Texas, I am required “to maintain a registered agent and office in Texas.”
    Please see reference below.

    I called & spoke with SKP staff in early October 2018 to discuss this issue but am still confused.

    Can an SKP Mail Forwarding Service address be used for “registered agent and office in Texas” purposes?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    Here is the reference from the office of the Texas Secretary of State.


    1. The quick answer to your question is “no.” However, that’s only because “registered agent” refers to an individual, physically in the state, to receive legal actions and lawsuits. Our mail-forwarding options do not include that service.
      There are a number of companies that will perform that function for a fee, though, so you can still use the Escapees mail-forwarding service while having your agent elsewhere in the state.

      1. Hello SKPs,

        Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated!

        Do you know of any “registered agents” in the Livingston area? If not, how about in Polk County?

        Thanks in advance! 🙂


        1. P.S. Has SKPs ever considered offering a “registered agent” service for your customers that have a business in Texas?

          It would be much more convenient for a customer of yours that wants both a mail forwarding service AND a “registered agent” to have the same address instead of having to have two addresses and having to pay two different companies.

          Here’s an example for your future consideration. Thank you!


  6. Dear SKPs,

    Any answers to my questions above?
    (1) Do you know of any “registered agents” in the Livingston area? If not, how about in Polk County?
    (2) Has SKPs ever considered offering a “registered agent” service for your customers that have a business in Texas?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. After consulting with our leadership, we don’t know of any registered agents off-hand.
      As far as offering that service for our members, I have passed the suggestion along, but don’t have any information to provide you at this time.

  7. Can you use Escapees physical address for Social Security. Im selling my home and need a physical address. I receive Direct Deposit but once a year they send a letter telling you about Cost of Living increases ect ect. And if it can’t be delivered it’s sent back as address unknown and they stop your benefits. ?

    1. Hi Marijo! Yes, we have quite a few members who use our mail service for all of their mail, including Social Security. If you’d like, give our office a call (the phone number is at the top of the page) and they can walk you through how our mail service works!

  8. Hey guys, I have a special circumstances that I have a question about. What do I do about needing a home state for a gun carry license. I know this is beyond the mail topic, but if I’m looking for a home base to operate from, I need to consider that also. Fortunately I am a veteran, so my Georgia drivers license is good till I turn 65, but my gun license needs to be renewed every 5 years. What can I do about a permanent domicile for that?

    1. Hi David! For unique circumstances such as yours, we recommend RVers reach out to K. Susie Adams at Loring & Associates. She is well-versed in domicile law, and has offered many of our members free consultations in resolving their unique needs.

  9. Ok…. All this sounds great but I have a question that doesn’t seem to have been addressed. I live in an RV full time but I can’t move it (yet). When I do, I will need to participate in a mail forwarding service and that said, I get between 5 and 10 pieces of mail PER YEAR outside of online shopping which mostly comes via UPS. Items that might come via USPS fall within that 5 to 10 pieces of mail per year. Is there a way to customize the fees based on such a minute amount of mail per year? I’m asking for future reference only. Thanks.

    1. That’s a great question! The lowest ongoing tier of service we offer is $95/year for Category A (which means no mail sorting). Temporary service may be something for you to consider, if you know when you expect that mail.
      For a better explanation of your options, though, we highly recommend you call and speak with someone in our customer call center. They can walk you through all the options for consideration, and hopefully answer your questions on the spot.

  10. Hi. I am a Full-Time RVer and a Life-Time Escapees member. I’m also already a Floridian and have a Florida driver’s license that is renewed/sent to a local mail center in my town. Most of my bills are auto-pay on-line. Driver’s license, insurance cards, tax time papers, special letters and the Escapees magazine are the only mail I receive at the mail center.

    I now plan to do more traveling and like the Escapees mail set up where I can see my mail on-line while traveling and either print it out, ask to have it discarded or ask to have it forwarded to me. My present mail center does not offer this option.

    My question is: Do I still have to fill out the Postal Service Form 1583 and mail it back to you, even though I already have a Florida address? I don’t think the U.S. Post Office in my town even has my mail center address recorded anywhere!

    1. Hi David!
      For the most complete answer to your question, I recommend you give our office a call. They are well-versed in the ins and outs of our mail service, and can answer your question as well as follow-up questions you may have.

  11. An ongoing problem of receiving mail is when a shipment is sent UPS or FedEx when addressed to “GENERAL DELIVERY, Anytown, USA”. UPS cannot deliver to the post office, and even considers the address “invalid”. Worse, in my experience UPS customer care centers are unhelpful and intolerant to individuals trying to pick up such items.

    Idaho Falls UPS has shortened their counter hours, and promptly (same day) returned 3 items to the sender rather than hold them until the following day.

    Amazon Prime is also very unhelpful in routing GENERAL DELIVERY items, choosing often to use UPS in spite of “special instructions” which say “USPS ONLY”.

    A followup blog post focused on the problems of GENERAL DELIVERY would be valuable to Escapees.

    1. Don, when addressing an Amazon package to General delivery, do so like this:
      Your Name
      PO Box General Delivery
      Yourtown, ST zip-9999

      Amazon reads the PO Box part and sends it USPS. And if the item can’t be sent USPS it usually won’t let you complete the order. I’ve done it at least a dozen times. Check for Amazon Lockers in your area too. Now that they’ve bought Whole Foods they’re installing them in many of those stores.

  12. Can I use the address of a Florida property I own to establish state residency there. Then use this address for all my mail…then have all my mail forwarded to an escapees while we are FT in our RV?

    Is there a limit on how long USPS will forward mail to another address?

  13. Question: We are full-time RVers. We were getting our mail delivered at an RV park. One day, when I was going to pick up our mail, the gal in the Grocery Store (where we picked up our mail) was sorting through the mail. I asked if I could get my mail. She says to me “Don’t you know it is against the law to hand out mail, while I am sorting it?”. I had/have no idea there was such a law, especially at an RV Park. So, my question is: Is there such a law? I can’t find anything on the internet about this situation. I am thinking this employee was just being a jerk. Thank you for any information on this.

    1. As far as we could find, no, it isn’t illegal. However, it can be inconvenient to the staff and recipient, as you may have had more mail to pick up than had currently been sorted.

  14. Hi Shelly. As a former mail carrier, I don’t recall if it’s an actual law, however when sorting, we did not give out mail because we do not know if it’s actually your mail legally. Naturally, some people find this upsetting, so the solution was that individual would provide ID to verify that is their mail or they could just wait patiently and allow the carrier to finish. You’d be suprised how criminals will use your address to obtain illegal items such as fraudulent checks, drugs, and identity theft.

  15. How should an extended vacationer handle mail? For ex, when we go away for a month, we typically visit a number of locations so we have the local post office hold our mail till we get home. But they only hold it for a month. We’re planning a 3 month trip to Alaska and we’ll be constantly on the move. Do you have any suggestions on how best to manage our mail short of asking doctors, etc to email us instead of using regular mail? Thanks!!!

    1. For longer needs like that, you’ll typically need to work with a mail-forwarding service. If you have an idea of where you’ll be at various points along your trip, you can ask your mail forwarder to send your mail to a destination you plan to visit in a week or so, and have it there ready for you when you arrive. (You’ll want to work with that campground, too, and make sure they allow this)
      You can also look into mail-forwarders who offer mail scanning. That will allow you to see the front of the envelope and determine if it’s worth forwarding, holding, or if you’d like to see the contents of it, too.

      Our (Escapees) service can do all of this for you. We do have options for short-term/temporary mail forwarding, as well as a scanning option. You can reach our Member Services Team at the number at the top of this page and they can walk you through the options available for your needs.

  16. For our one-month trip, we requested USPS hold our mail. Worked out pretty good but we did have someone apply for an unemployment account in our name and address. Not certain I would recommend completing a Hold Mail with USPS. A 3rd party Mail forwarder who is located in your town.

  17. This article is very informative and helpful. We are considering moving our mail to a mail forwarding service, because of a particular issue, credit cards being inactivated! When you are on the road and you get a fraudulent charge on your card the bank or card issuers will promptly inactive you card leaving you stranded and unable to get a new card. We normally place a mail hold on our mail for 30 days, once expires the mail will be delivered and we set up a new 30 day hold, a family member or friend will then pick up our mail and place it in our home, we may get 2-3 pieces of viable mail in a 30 day stretch, we are normally home by the next time the mail hold expires. Exception to this process is credit card being mailed to our home address and we can’t get to it. But I also find the process of finding a postal office that will accept general delivery, the info on the USPS web is lacking and phones are never answered so you have to actually visit a post office to find out if they accept general delivery. If this was part of the offering of mail service forwarding I would jump at the opportunity, but it seems that as a paying customer we still have to do that research ourselves and figure out where mail can be delivered, not as helpful as I thought it was going to be.

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