Our mission is to provide a complete support network for all RV enthusiasts. We are committed to excellence. We are dedicated to providing Support, Knowledge, and Parking and will never stop striving to improve. We are honest in everything we do.

Board of Directors

Meet the Team 2

Travis Carr

President & co-CEO
Xscapers Co-foundeR

Meet the Team 3

Melanie Carr

Vice-President & co-CEO
Xscapers Co-founder

Meet the Team 4

Cathie Carr

President Emeritus
Executive Advisor & Special Project Manager

Meet the Team 5

Bud Carr

Vice-President Emeritus
Executive Advisor & Special Project Manager

Main Office

Meet the Team 6

Teresa Moore

Escapees RV Club – Chief Operations Officer

Meet the Team 7

Kelly Brown

General Office Manager

Meet the Team 8

Eunice Dees


Meet the Team 9

Crystal Kelley

Filing Supervisor


Meet the Team 10

Kerensa Durr

Marketing Director

Meet the Team 11

Brandon Hatcher

Brand Director

Meet the Team 12

Jeannie Dees

Digital Content Manager

Events and Community

Meet the Team 13

Laura & Rob Kernodle

Escapade Directors

Meet the Team 14

Lisa Koca

HOPs Director

Meet the Team 15

Hollie Parks

Convergence Director

Julie Axelson Convergence Director Assistant

Julie Axelson

Convergence Director Assistant

Meet the Team 16

Kirsty Halliday

Hangouts Director

Meet the Team 17

Wendy Stanwood

Chapter & BOFs Director

Meet the Team 18

Larry & Robyn Schultz

RV Show Directors

Meet the Team 19

Tamika Randolph

Event registration

Meet the Team 20

Kim Wakefield

Event registration

Magazine & Graphics

Meet the Team 21

Tammy Johnson

Magazine Editor

Meet the Team 22

Cole Carter

Graphics Designer

Meet the Team 23

Krystina Evans

Graphics Designer

Kelly Evans-Hill

Kelly Evans-Hill

Assistant Editor 


Meet the Team 24

Jim Koca

Education Director

Meet the Team 25

Mark Nemeth

Technical Advisor


James Hendrix

James Hendrix

Systems Engineer

Ed Munson

Ed Munson

Systems Engineer

Meet the Team 26

Scott Stringer​


Meet the Team 27

James Pierce


Escapees RV Parks

Meet the Team 28

Cindy Neilsen

Escapees RV Parks – Chief Administrative Officer

Meet the Team 29

Cassie Gimlen

Administrative Assitant