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How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 2

How It Works

The Escapees RV Club Mail Forwarding Service enables you to receive your mail (including packages, certified, and registered mail), no matter where you travel. When you subscribe, you’ll get a unique mailing address. You then give that address to anyone who sends you mail or packages by US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx.

How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 3

What is a Mail Forwarding Service?

How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 4

Mail Forwarding

Anytime you want your mail forwarded, just give us the address online, through the app, by email, or by phone. We’ll send your mail the next business day by the most economical method, email you the tracking number if there is one, and deduct the cost from your postage deposit account. You can also instruct us to ship your mail on a specific day, or to use Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx if you prefer. The choice is yours.

For even more convenience when you’re in one place for a period of time, you may choose to set up a regular mail-forwarding schedule on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or other basis.

Mail Scanning & Virtual Mailbox

With our optionalĀ Mail ScanningĀ service, we will scan each envelope as it arrives, and notify you by email when you receive new mail. You can then view the scanned envelopes online and specify whether you want each item forwarded or destroyed. We can even scan the contents for you if you request.

Manage and View Your Mail Contents Anywhere at Any time!

How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 5
How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 6

Personal Service

Want to know what mail youā€™ve received? Need help with your account? Just call our phone number during business hours and our in-house staff will assist you. If you want, they can even open a particular item and read it to you over the phone.Ā 

Mail Sorting Options

Category A

All Mail Types
$ 110
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Address for Domicile
  • Forwarding on Request
  • Custom Forwarding Schedule
  • Receive & Forward Packages

Category B

Selected Mail Types
$ 130
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Address for Domicile
  • Forwarding on Request
  • Custom Forwarding Schedule
  • Receive & Forward Packages
  • Scanning Available
  • Forward Only Specific Mail Types

Category C

Custom Mail Sorting
$ 150
  • Personal Mailbox
  • Address for Domicile
  • Forwarding on Request
  • Custom Forwarding Schedule
  • Receive & Forward Packages
  • Scanning Available
  • Fully Customized Sorting & Forwarding

Must be an Escapees member to enroll. New mail service accounts require a $50 one-time enrollment fee and a $50 postage deposit.

Postage Deposit Account

When you sign up for the Escapees RV Club Mail Forwarding Service, we’ll establish a postage account for you with an initial balance of $50.00. We’ll use money from this account to pay the actual cost of forwarding your mail. You can add funds to your postage account at any time, either online with a credit card or with a phone call to our staff. We will also email you a reminder when the balance in your postage account drops below $25.00.

Florida & South Dakota Mail Service

How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 8
How the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service Works 9
South Dakota

Mail forwarding service customers who wish to utilize an address in Florida or South Dakota will also be assigned an address with our Texas mail service. We ask that our FL and SD customers use their FL or SD address (respectively) only for state and domicile-specific mail, such as driver license, vehicle registrations, voter registrations, etc.Ā  All other mail should be sent to the Texas mailing address. Each piece of mail sent to FL or SD will incur an additional fee. Packages received at these locations will be returned to sender.

Texas Address - General Mail

Florida or South Dakota Address - State Specific Mail Only

All mail is processed for forwarding in Texas at our primary mail forwarding facility.Ā 

Escapees Mobile App

The Escapees Mobile App will make your mail service benefits more accessible and easier to use during your travels. You can request your mail and view your mail scans on the go.


You can cancel your Escapees Mail Forwarding Service at any time. However, the annual service fee is not refundable. To discontinue the service, simply call us and provide your permanent forwarding address.Ā 

U.S. Postal Service regulations require us to continue forwarding your first-class mail for six months after you cancel the service. This post-cancellation forwarding service is included with your enrollment fee. If your postage deposit account balance becomes negative during this time, we will ask you to add funds to it. At the end of the six-month post-cancellation period, we will refund any remaining balance in your postage deposit account to you.

Mail Forwarding FAQs

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will bundle and forward your mail by the most economical method for that mailing. Typically, this means that we’ll send lightweight envelopes of forwarded mail by First Class Mail, and heavier envelopes of mail by Priority Mail.

If you need your mail more quickly, you can specifically request us to use USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx. If you request FedEx, we offer overnight, 2-day, and 3-day Express Saver services at special discounted rates.

Want to see how we process your mail for forwarding? Check out the forwarding part of our virtual tour of the Escapees mail room!Ā 

The time it takes to receive your mail depends on your distance from Livingston, as well as on intervening weekends and holidays. But in general, allow three to five business days to receive mail forwarded by USPS Priority Mail, and up to seven to ten business days to receive mail forwarded by first class mail.

We will forward your mail as often as you want. You can request us to forward your accumulated mail at any time, and we’ll normally send it out on the next business day. Or if you plan to be in one place for a while, you can set up a regular forwarding schedule (for example, daily, once a week or bi-weekly).

Category B and C subscribers can specify the types of mail they want to receiveā€“first-class only, mail from non-profits, newsletters, advertisements, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and/or travel guides & directories. We’ll destroy and discard everything else.

Category A subscribers receive all their mail, including “junk mail”.

Yes, if you’re a Category C subscriber, you can request special sortingā€“for example, specific magazine titles but not others, or catalogs from certain companies but not others.Ā 

Yes, we can forward First Class envelopes to any international address. In addition, we can forward magazines, newspapers, and newsletters to addresses in Canada and Mexico.

Because each country has its unique rules and regulations governing what can be sent there–and because Escapees could be liable for large fines and the possible loss of our mail-receiving license for violating those rules–we unfortunately cannot forward packages and other mail to international destinations. We will be happy to hold this other mail until you return.

If you normally receive medications through the Escapees Mail Service, be sure to take an adequate supply of those medications with you when traveling out of the country, or make arrangements for your pharmacy to send it directly to you.