Escapees Mail Scanning Service

Mail Scanning is an optional add-on to the Escapees Mail Forwarding Service. With Mail Scanning, we notify mail service members by email when they have new mail. They can then easily view and download scans of their mail through a password-protected online portal. This option is available only to Mail Forwarding Service subscribers in Categories B and C.

Automatic new mail notification

Each day when we receive new mail for you, we will automatically scan the address side of each First Class Mail envelope. (Other mail classes are not scanned.) We’ll then send you an email letting you know that there are new scans for you to view.

Viewing scanned envelopes

Your mail scans are available anytime from your secure Mail Service dashboard. After logging in, you can view images of each of your scanned First Class Mail envelopes. For each item, you can select to forward it with your next mailing, have the contents scanned, or have us destroy the mail piece.

The monthly fee for the Mail Scanning service includes an unlimited number of scanned envelopes at no additional charge.

Mail contents scanning

Optional scanning of the contents of your mail is especially helpful for time-sensitive mail that you need to read right away. 

If you request that we scan the contents of an envelope, we will open it and scan each page. We’ll notify you by email when your content scans are ready. You can view these scans at any time from your secure Mail Service dashboard. For each scanned item, you can select to forward it with your next mailing or have us destroy it. You can also download and save the content scan as a PDF file. 

There is an additional $0.50 per page charge for content scanning. 

To get a better idea of how this process works, you can check out the mail scanning portion of our virtual tour of the mail room!

Mail Scanning Service

Available to Category B and C Subscribers Only
$ 10
  • View Envelopes
  • Scan Contents
  • Forward Mail
  • Destroy Mail

Escapees Mobile App

The Escapees Mobile App will make your membership benefits more accessible and easier to use during your travels. You’ll be able to pull up your membership card, request your mail, and view your mail scans on the go.

  • Update your account information
  • Manage membership settings
  • Update your mailing instructions
  • View and manage your mail scans
  • Review mailing/postage history
  • View your digital membership card
  • Contact Member Services
  • And more!

Available as needed

You can turn our mail scanning service on or off on a monthly basis, so that you receive scans only when you need them. For example, if you are traveling overseas, scanned mail might be particularly important to you, while at other times you may be willing to wait for it to be forwarded to you. You pay for the mail scanning service only in those months when it’s active.

Learn more about our mail scanning service

For more details about the Mail Scanning option, or to add scanning to your existing Escapees Mail Forwarding Service account, please contact our staff at 888-757-2582.