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rv newbies must haves

RV Newbie Must Haves

Feeling like a RV newbie? That’s perfectly normal, when you’re just getting started! Stepping into the world of RVing comes with a lot of excitement, but also a touch of nervousness. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

This blog is for new RVers!

We’ll cover the must-have items for your RV to keep you safe and comfortable and show you how to get prepared for RV travel with a list of 3 new RVers to do’s.

Ready for an unforgettable adventure?

Let’s turn that anxiety into excitement and get you cruising down the open road with confidence!

New RVers To Do List

Dreaming of hitting the road in your RV for a new adventure? Here are 3 things every new RVer needs to do to set themselves up for success with extended or full-time RV travel!

rv newbies must haves

Establish Your Domicile

For full-time RVers, the question of “home” takes on a whole new meaning. Legally, it’s called “domicile,” and it can impact things like taxes and voting. This article dives deep into the nitty-gritty of residency, domicile, and how they affect your nomadic lifestyle. So, ditch the “who cares?” attitude and get ready to navigate the road less traveled… legally! (Learn More)

Set Up A Mail Forwarding Service

Forget mailbox flags and doorstep deliveries! Living full-time in an RV means mail needs a new strategy. While vacations rarely disrupt mail, extended travel throws a wrench in the system. Fear not, wandering souls! Let’s explore how RVers keep their mail flowing. (Learn More)

Learn the Basics of RVing

Get RV-ready, your way! Learn all about RV operation, maintenance, and safety in more than 20 hours of formal training on these essential RV topics. Join in for an RVers Bootcamp (in-person and online options available) so you can hit the road with confidence! (Learn More)

8 Top Tools & Gear For RV Newbies

Make sure you have these important tools and gadgets for your RV before you pack up and set out on your first adventure.

rv newbies must haves

RV Surge Protector

It’s best to have a surge protector to help prevent excessive repairs caused by electrical surges. Every now and then when plugged into a park’s electrical post, you may have a small surge that causes your lights to flicker and then go away. Hopefully, you’ll never have a big surge that damages your RV’s electrical system but having a surge protector to make sure your rig is safe if it happens is priceless. 

Freshwater Hose

Freshwater is important. A freshwater drinking hose is an important item that RV newbies will want to make sure they have before taking their first trip. If your RV is new and you purchased it off the lot, the RV dealer may have supplied you with a new freshwater hose of your very own. If you’re buying used, however, you’ll definitely want to make sure you grab one.

Water Pressure Regulator

Not all water spigots are created equally. Some will have a considerably higher water pressure level than others, and some flat-out won’t have much pressure at all. When you hook up your hose to the campsite spigot, you’ll want to make sure you have an RV Water Pressure Regulator to control the amount of pressure coming in. Too much pressure and you’ll damage your new RV. Too little and you won’t have much luck with a shower or washing dishes. 

Water Filter

You never know where the road will lead, and for this reason, we suggest you equip your RV with a water filtration system that takes away any uncertainty. Clearsource RV water filters are a great option and have quickly become a staple for RVers who want to ensure the water they drink, cook, and clean with is top-notch and free of pathogens.

Sewer Hose

A sewer hose is a must for every RV newbie! Using your onboard lavatories means you’ll eventually have to dump those tanks! Start with a quality sewer hose that’s sturdy and has great reviews. The last thing you want is to spring a leak while you’re dumping your tanks! 

Wheel Locks & Chocks

Make sure your RV wheels are locked and you’re not at risk of rolling away. Use the wheel chocks to wedge up under your tires in the front and back before unhitching. Then use your wheel locks in between your tires for extra security!

Tool Kit

Basic tools are really all you need. Just grab a quick variety of screwdrivers, a hammer, zip ties, needle nose pliers, a wrench (or two) for your RV lug nuts, and maybe some duct tape! That last one is a personal favorite for many RVers, and sometimes the best option in a pinch.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Your tires are your lifeline! If they go flat… you’re done. So do your best to make sure you have good tires and the right tire pressure! Checking tire pressure should be done before each trip, and can be monitored while driving with fancy tire pressure systems if you want to go the extra mile! If not, a simple tool like a digital tire gauge will do. 

rv newbies must haves

Naturally, every new RVer will have their own list of must-have items, depending on what they already have, what they anticipate they’ll need to be comfortable, and how they plan to travel.

This list is just a start but many RV newbies will find that these items are worth the purchase. Budgeting for them is a smart money decision that will set you up for RVing success from the very start.

Cheers To All The New RVers

This is the start of an exciting adventure, celebrate this moment!

Because regardless of whether you’re planning on RVing for just a year or you want to live full-time in your RV for the next 5-10, this is going to be an amazing trip that you’ll hold cherished memories from, for years to come.

Plan it well or don’t plan it at all. But be prepared for the road and all that it delivers. 

Safe Travels!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this article that my interest in full time rving has increased. Howver, I have many questions on various cost of fees i.e. Insurance, gas, site rentals, etc.

    1. We love to hear that! Thank you! If you are not yet an Escapees RV Club member, join our RV to Freedom and Xscapers Facebook groups. Both have members who have been full-time RVing for a long time and are very helpful when it comes to the type of questions you have. Keep in mind, however, that everyone’s situations are different, their needs are different, and their RVs are different so costs will be different. But, they can recommend companies that can help you. Here are our Facebook groups: facebook.com/groups/rvtofreedom and facebook.com/groups/xscapers

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