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My RV, like many today, doesn’t have an oven. I usually don’t miss it, except when I want some pizza. It’s hard to make one, or even bake one of the store-bought pizzas, without something to bake it in. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker. It’s like a 12-inch diameter George Foreman grill and makes surprisingly good pizza in just a few minutes. Both the top and bottom non-stick plates are heated, and it’s even deep enough for a deep dish-style pizza. Whip up your own from scratch, or buy a frozen one at the store; it works well for either.

But wait! There’s more: You can cook awesome large omlettes in a couple minutes. I have also made frittatas, cooked bacon quickly without any spatter and even baked biscuits and cookies in it. The trick is to moderate the heat by unplugging it occasionally while cooking. Its scant 4-inch height makes it easy to stow, and the non-stick surfaces are textured and only need a wipe with a wet cloth to clean.
One tip: Be sure to thoroughly coat both cooking surfaces with olive oil before you heat it the first time, then just wipe out any excess oil. That seems to prime and seal the surfaces.

Product Name: BC-2958CR PIZZA MAKER
Company Name and Info: BETTY CROCKER
Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/34lXKvC Available at Walmart, Target, and Home Depot locations, and online at: www.amazon.com.
Average Street Price: 35
Original Publication Date: MJ/20
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