Mobile Apps for Kids

Mobile Apps for Kids 1

Apps for Kids: Educational and Entertaining

We started RVing with Gabe before he turned one year old, and it didn’t take us long to find out that our iPad was a lifesaver. We started out using it to keep him entertained with videos and movies. Eventually, it transitioned into his using it to play games and with educational apps for kids. 

Of course, it is up to you to decide the technology balance for your children. Here are a few apps for kids that I have found to be both educational and an excellent way to occupy a child’s time:

Drawing Pad: $1.99

Mobile Apps for Kids 2

There are quite a few drawing/coloring apps for kids available, but I really love the variety of tools Drawing Pad offers. Along with all of the drawing tools and colors, you can also use stencils or stickers and then save your child’s masterpiece. There are several coloring book-style apps that accomplish these same goals.

Kids US Atlas: Free


This little gem is fantastic for teaching your kids about the states they will be visiting. For each of the 50 states, Kids US Atlas teaches about the animals, national parks, national monuments, rivers, lakes, mountains and deserts you will see.

Mobile Apps for Kids 3

ABC Mouse: Free

Mobile Apps for Kids

While the app is free, it requires you to pay for the subscription service, but you will find it to be a great supplement to your homeschooling curriculum.

ABC Mouse covers a wide variety of subjects such as reading, math, science, music and more, all while making it fun for your little one.

Where’s My Water: Free or $1.99


The great part about Where’s My Water is that it is both fun and challenging. You have to use your puzzle-solving skills to cut through dirt and guide the water to “Swampy.” They also make a “Where’s My Mickey?” and “Where’s My Perry?” versions.

There are free versions, but the paid versions provide the game with no ads.

Mobile Apps for Kids

Epic! Kids Books and Videos: Free

Mobile Apps for Kids

This is another of the apps for kids that requires a subscription service, but I can’t recommend it enough.The monthly fee gets you access to over 35,000 books and it will help your child choose books based off their interests. Epic! Kids Books and Videos has an excellent variety of books, audiobooks, comics and also plenty of educational videos.

Pokemon GO!: Free

This game is great for traveling kiddos. I really enjoy the fact that it encourages them to get outside and interact with their surroundings. On Pokemon GO!, You can visit PokeStops in new towns you visit, catch Pokemon, complete challenge and compete in gym battles. You also have the ability to connect with friends to play together.

Mobile Apps for Kids

Mobile Apps for Kids

There are many different apps for kids to choose from whether your focus is educational, entertaining, or a mixture of both. 

These are the apps for kids that we use and love on the road! Do you have any favorite apps for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

Mobile Apps for Kids 4


Melanie Carr SKP #8

Melanie is vice president of Escapees RV Club and co-founder of the Xscapers lifestyle group. She has been RVing with her husband and two sons since 2011, but was introduced to the lifestyle at an early age through family vacations. 

Wanderlust and travel have always played a large role in her life. 

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