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How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

You’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug and the open road is calling! The idea of endless exploration with your family is finally a reality, but the practicalities of income on the road might be lingering in the back of your mind. Perhaps you’ve heard whispers about workamping, and now you’re wondering if you’ll be able to find workamping jobs that allow kids to come along for the adventure as well!

The answer is YES!

There are workamping jobs that allow kids to come along, and some might even let you bring your kids to work with you if that’s something you’re interested in.

This blog dives deep into the exciting world of workamping with your kids, answering your questions and equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your own unforgettable family adventure.

Finding Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

If you’re interested in workamping with kids, then maybe one of these sounds familiar:

  • you’re a current full-time family and need an additional source of income
  • you’re not yet traveling full-time, but want to learn if families can get workamping jobs

Whatever stage you’re currently at, let me tell you workamping with kids is a real thing and I did it for about 8 years while living in an RV with my family from 2013 – 2021 and I learned a few important things during that time:

  • Yes, it’s possible to workamp with kids.
  • Yes, you can find jobs workamping that allow kids to help.
  • No, you don’t have to clean bathrooms and pick up trash.
  • Yes, it takes a little more research to find positions.
How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

Hi! I’m Sharee and this is my family.

In 2013, we made a big decision to start traveling! We had limited resources, no form of mobile income and let’s be honest… There were only a handful of people living the RV lifestyle back then who had kids, none of them looked like us, and guess what… they weren’t trying to workamp!

  • Did we have our fair share of stumbling blocks? Yes.
  • Did we jump in faster than a typical RVer? Yes.
  • Did we have to learn a lot of lessons the hard way? Yes.

But it was all worth it!

We like to say workamping was our ticket to travel!

It allowed us to start enjoying the RV lifestyle, decades before we should have even been thinking about it, and we were able to work as we traveled- which made all the difference between RV life being a dream and actually making it our new reality!

I’ve come across many families who are hesitant to look into seasonal jobs, because they’re just not sure they’ll be able to find jobs that aren’t looking specifically for couples or singles and are open to hiring families.

I understand the hesitation because most of the positions advertised are directed at people who are retired. But as a mother of 4 small kiddos- who has worked many seasons of campground jobs before founding the Live Camp Work website, I’m here to reassure you that not only is workamping with kids possible but to let you know that it can be a fantastic adventure for your whole family.

The Basics Of Workamping With Kids 

When we were planning our extended road trip, we researched tons of sites of people who had already started their full-time RV journeys. We found websites of families on the road, that was solely dedicated to traveling with children full-time and although the community was tiny at the time and didn’t have anyone actually workamping, knowing other families were out there made us feel comfortable in testing the waters.

The full-time families community has grown tremendously over the past decade and now since there are so many (like thousands rather than dozens) of families traveling- obviously there are many more families out there workamping with kids as well!

This is great news because you can learn from their experiences, as well as their mistakes. And the more families that take workamping jobs, the better. Now employers (campgrounds in particular) are more and more comfortable hiring couples who are traveling with kids in tow, and they understand more clearly the benefits as well as the additional concerns this brings.

How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids at Campgrounds

Campgrounds are a great choice for workamping with kids!

Campgrounds are a really great option for people traveling with kids who want to find workamping jobs. From small ‘mom and pop’ establishments to huge franchise networks like KOA there are campgrounds of all sizes that will eagerly hire you to come help out for a season.

And since they usually come with free or discounted camping, on-site amenities to keep kids busy, as well as sometimes the flexibility to have the kids help out, campground jobs are highly sought after.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of different campground jobs.

From maintenance to activities and reservations to housekeeping there is bound to be something that fits the bill. Jobs are usually posted on free workamping job websites, like www.workampingjobs.com as well as workamping Facebook groups.

Wherever you find your job opportunities, make sure you have a clear picture of this property’s expectations and accommodations. This will help you decide if the position is a good fit for your family. It will also help you decide if the compensation you’ve been offered meets, exceeds, or comes up short of your expectations.

How To Get Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

Each park will have its way of recruiting and advertising for available positions.

Many parks will start advertising for their popular summer positions starting directly following Memorial Day. This is when you should start searching and applying.

3 Steps To Find Workamper Jobs That Allow Kids

  1. Check workamping posts and ads for openings.
  2. Check out their company website or any link they provide for more information.
  3. Check social accounts like Instagram and Facebook to get a feel for the park.
  4. Send your resume in an email to the person noted in the ad or the park manager if contact is listed.
  5. Check their reviews on both Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.
  6. Send a follow-up email within 3-5 days.
How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids

Questions About Workamping with Kids

Because workamping is so loosely defined and controlled, there are usually a ton of questions people have when they decide to include it in their travels as a real possibility. So let’s dig into some frequently asked questions regarding getting started in the world of workamping with kids.

Can Both Parents Work?

Regardless of whether you need child care for younger children or not, both parents are able to work if there are open positions that fit your needs and your lifestyle. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways and all revolve around what you find comfortable.

  • You could work opposite shifts – days/night or days/overnights.
  • One person could work full-time and the other part-time, working around each others shifts.
  • You could also find a position that is acceptable for the kids (or kid) to tag along or even help out!

What Jobs Can We Get?

Approach finding workamping jobs with kids like you would any other employment situation. Apply to fill a position based on what is required and what you can offer.

  • If the employer is hiring for one position and you can fill it- then apply.
  • If they are hiring for a couple’s position and the schedule and shifts work for you, then apply.
  • If the advertisement is vague, and you think it might work for you, get your list of questions together and then apply!

Each employer is unique. Their workamping job is unique. Their property is unique and because of this, you will have to work with the employer to understand your unique situation and how it fits into theirs (kind of like a puzzle).

When Should I Apply For A Job I See Posted?

When you see a job posted for a campground position you need to react a little quicker than usual.

Give the employer a quick look, decide if it’s something doable, and then apply. You can do more research later after your application or resume has been submitted. The key here is to get your resume submitted ASAP, so that you’re as close to the top of the email list as possible!

What Do I Send In My Application Email?

If there isn’t an online application to complete and the employer prefers for you to send an email with your resume attached here’s how to handle that.

  • Craft a very polite and cheerful introduction!
  • Provide details about the adults looking for work, maybe a recent accomplishment, and then mention you are part of a traveling family with X number of kids.
  • Share your experience and why you’ll be a great addition to the team.
  • Include a picture of the family and your RV or insert a link to your blog/social.
  • Attach your resume with relevant work experience.

Disclaimer: I know some people aren’t going to love the idea of sending pictures. But when it comes to family RVers, I find it’s better to send too much information rather than send too little information. However, do what feels right for you.

How To Find Workamping Jobs That Allow Kids 1

Workamper Jobs That Allow Kids To Come/Help

First off, some employers will shoot this request out of the air immediately. It’s not an option. Others will be open to hearing how it might work. And a few will have no issue with the request at all.

But if you intend to have your child with you, regardless of whether they are helping or just nearby, then this needs to be addressed and discussed openly.

  1. Ask the Questions- You need to ask the employer if the kids can come to work with you during your shift. While I don’t recommend this be the first question you ask during an interview- it does need to be on your list of questions to ask.
  2. Outline the Details- What are you asking? Do you want the kids to sit in the office with you? Will they be in a nearby TV room or clubhouse? Do they need to be in eyesight or are they able to go back and forth from your RV as needed? Be clear with what exactly you are asking and how it will work for you and the employer.
  3. Confirm the Agreement- As with any workamping job, you’ll need to confirm what was agreed upon in a written work agreement. If the employer has agreed that your children can sit quietly in the office while you handle check-ins, that needs to be in the work agreement. If you’ve agreed that the kids can help you with your gardening duties for 3 hours a day, then you need those details mentioned in your work agreement.

When Workamping With Kids

Workamping families are more common today than they were just 10 years ago, when my family first set out. We’ve met many families traveling in RVs working both traditional workamping jobs as well as remote or location-independent jobs from their RVs.

I advise going into the situation with an open slate. If having the kids come to work with you is the only way to make it work, be upfront and honest with the employer from the beginning. You never want to travel any distance with the looming possibility that you may be turned away or asked to leave earlier than expected.

The worst that can happen, is they end up saying, “No.” And if that happens, you’ll be glad they did, because it wouldn’t have been a good fit for your family.

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