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We recently had the opportunity to test a couple of TireMinder’s tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). I took the TireMinder i10 RV TPMS for a several-thousand-mile ride this summer, and Jim Koca, our Boot Camp director, tested the A1AS.

For those of you unfamiliar with RV TPMS, it’s a device that monitors your RV’s tire pressure and temperature as you travel. Most systems have sensors that screw onto the valve stem of each tire and communicate with a central display on your dash. These tire sensors have batteries in them, and TireMinder systems utilize sensors that have user-replaceable batteries, a nice touch. The system monitors your tires as you travel and sounds an alarm if tire pressure drops, or if you exceed temperature and pressure setpoints that you set up during installation.
Review of the i10 System The i10 is a nice compact unit with an easy-to-read screen. It’s designed for folks who want to add TPMS to a trailer, and mine came with four sensors, but the device supports up to 20 sensors, so it will work with just about any RV. I had no trouble setting it up, thanks to the excellent manual in the box. I tested the system thoroughly on our SmartWeigh calibrated air source before I installed it on the RV. It performed flawlessly, sensing slow leaks, fast leaks, over-pressure and over-temperature. I did notice that all four sensors gave exactly the same pressure reading on the tester, and reported pressure was within the +/- 3% manual specification for accuracy.
On the RV, I installed the small repeater/filter device in a cabinet. It requires 12-V power to operate, but only draws a few milliamps, so you can leave it running all the time. The repeater helps extend the range of the system for larger RVs and trailers and reduces RF interference between the sensors and the display. The dash monitor sticks to the windshield with a suction cup mount and plugs into a cigarette lighter for power. It uses the standard 5-volt micro USB connector, so any phone or device charger will power it. It has a built-in battery, and its battery life seems to be in the 8–12 hour range. I run mine off a two-port USB charger/adapter, along with my GPS.
One of the best things about having a TPMS is you can touch the power button while you are prepping for the road and check all your tire pressures without breaking out a gauge! The manual says to allow 4–10 minutes for all the sensors to check in when the vehicle isn’t moving, so I turn mine on while I prep for departure. If you’re in a hurry, simply moving the vehicle a few feet wakes up all the sensors, and you’ll receive the current pressures. The system worked perfectly without problems as I traveled last summer. It’s a keeper!
Review of the A1AS System
Jim tested the A1AS system. It has a full-color 5.5″ LCD display and can show both the tow vehicle and towed vehicle in real time. The system supports (and displays) up to 22 sensors and is smartphone enabled, allowing you to view the system on your iPhone, iPad, or android device. Jim says: After receiving the A1AS and opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the signal booster was included. The signal booster provides the necessary signal boost from the tire transmitters to the receiving unit in the cab of the pulling unit. Without the signal booster, there is the possibility of not receiving a signal from the tire transmitters.
Another feature about the A1AS is the large color display. The previous systems that I have used had a smaller display, which was hard to see. With the bigger screen, it allowed me to place the receiver in a convenient, easy to see location in the cab of the RV.
The manual that came with the system was easy to read. It began with an initial setup section to get started quickly. But, as the manual states, you need to read the entire manual. There are YouTube videos to assist you in installing the system. The best way to set your tires to the proper tire pressure for the load they are carrying is to get the RV weighed by individual wheel position. That way you can set the proper air pressure for all the tires.
Once installed, the A1AS TPMS should provide you with many miles of trouble-free driving; knowing what is going on with your tires will ensure peace of mind.
Warranty, Batteries and an Exclusive Discount
Both systems come with a three-year warranty and access to TireMinder’s free battery program. After you register your system online at www.tireminder.com, or send in your warranty card, you can request free replacement batteries for all your sensors online or by phone. All you pay is a $5 shipping charge!
Innovation Tire is a factory-authorized dealer and they work closely with TireMinder, providing tech support and online sales of their product line. Michael Kilbourne at Innovation was kind enough to send us the products to evaluate, and they will be offering an exclusive discount for Escapees members: $25 off any TireMinder TPMS system. Just go to https://innovationtire.com, select a system and USE DISCOUNT CODE ESCAPEES2021. Michael also encourages folks with product questions or needing technical support to call them anytime at 803-867-5969, or e-mail hello@ innovationtire.com.

Product Name: TireMinder i10 and TireMinder A1AS
Company Name and Info: TireMinder, Inc. , 3000 SE Waaler Street, Stuart, FL, 34997 , www.tireminder.com , 772-463-6522
Online Shopping Links: https://innovationtire.com , TireMinder i10 https://amzn.to/3UnSteA , TireMinder A1AS https://amzn.to/3ta9yg4
Average Street Price: $249 (i10) , $619 (A1AS)
Original Publication Date: JF/21
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