Orion Compact Camper Roadside Safety Kit

I usually try to keep a low profile when I’m RVing, but the one time I want everybody to know exactly where I am is when I’m on the side of the road with a problem!

IIf you travel the interstates in your RV, it’s always a good idea to have safety devices to route traffic around you if you break down. This isn’t as significant a problem on secondary roads, but they can sure be handy there, too. I’m talking about cones or flares, and believe me, I hope you never have to use them. However, if you do use them, they will significantly improve your visibility and safety, especially on busy roadways. I still carry a set of DisposaCones (https://www.amazon.com/ DisposaCone-Reflective-Cones-3pk-Disposable/dp/ B003HL361O) and, thankfully, I haven’t had to use them yet. However, this nice little road flare safety kit showed up in the gadget box mail slot and it would make a good addition to any RVer’s safety gear.

The carry bag is only 16″L x 3.5″W x 5″ H, so it will fit almost anywhere. The carrying case has a big Velcro pad on it, making it easy to mount just about anywhere in the RV. Mine is stuck to the wall behind the driver’s seat, out of the way, but easy to grab.

So, where do you find one? Right now, Orion is distributing this new product via RV dealerships and parts stores. There don’t seem to be any available online yet but check your nearby RV dealer’s store for an Orion product display or contact Orion directly and tell them you want one!


Company Name and Info: Orion Signals, 1-800-637-7807, customerservice@orionsignals.com

Online Shopping Links: http://www.orionsignals.com/project/camper-rv-roadside-kit

Average Street Price: MSRP under $40, Orion Safety Products

Original Publication Date: ND/23

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