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Monitor Your Fridge Temperature

An easy way to keep tabs on your refrigerator is to use an inexpensive indoor/outdoor thermometer. To make sure your food stays fresh, simply place the outdoor sensor inside the refrigerator compartment and you can monitor the temperature. A safe temperature range is 35F to 45F, and I prefer to keep my refrigerator at 35F.

There are a lot of these little thermometers out there, and I’ve tried several different brands over the years. I finally found one that I really like, and it’s the Taylor Wired Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Model Number 1710. The display is quite large, so it’s easy to read, and it also keeps track of the highest and lowest temperatures sensed during the last 24 hours. With its wide range between optimal temperatures, it will let you know your refrigerator isn’t holding temperature well. This handy gadget can indicate a possible problem, or simply let you know that it’s time to defrost.
The outdoor sensor is wired to the unit with a six-foot wire and is small and unobtrusive. It’s easy to route the wire into the refrigerator, and a small piece of clear packing tape can be used to secure it in place.
I prefer a wired sensor over wireless. This is because the wired thermometers are less expensive, and there’s only a single battery to replace. Also, if you use one to monitor a chest-style or upright freezer, as I do at home, placing a battery-powered remote sensor in extremely low temperatures can cause issues with the batteries.
The unit runs on a single CR2025 button cell battery. I have seen the dis-play do strange things when the battery runs low, but replacing it with a new one always fixes the problem. There are some negative reviews on Amazon, but the two I own have been working great for more than two years, so I feel comfortable recommending it.

Product Name: Taylor Wired Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Model Number 1710
Company Name and Info: Taylor Precision Products , 2311 West 22nd Street, Suite 200 Oak Brook, IL 60523 , taylorusa@lifetimebrands.com , taylorusa.com
Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/3kxOU3g Taylorusa.com
Average Street Price: Average price, $12
Original Publication Date: JA/19
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