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Winter Workamping Jobs

Finding Great Winter Workamping Jobs [Ideas, Tips & More]

While the leaves change color and summer fades, so does the typical workamping season. But just because the summer season is over doesn’t mean you have to give up on your workamping dreams.

For intrepid nomads with a dash of wanderlust, winter doesn’t signal retreat – it’s an opportunity to explore a different part of the country (hopefully south of the sunbelt, and keep the income flowing with winter workamping jobs.

Because whether you’re a single workcamper or a couple, there are benefits to being able to work year-round. And although, it may take some extra effort, finding a winter workamping job might be a little easier than you think.

Ready to start your adventure with winter workamping jobs?

Ditch the summer-only mindset, and embrace the possibilities!

This blog is your trusty compass, packed with information on working during the winter from your RV! We’ll cover the basics on planning, as well as destinations, in addition to tips for finding winter workamping jobs, to help you navigate the exciting idea of workamping year-round!

Planning Ahead For Winter Workamping Jobs

Planning ahead is going to be your best tool for success.

Working RVers, especially those who wish to have the most desirable jobs during the winter, are known for booking jobs 1-3 seasons ahead to make sure they get the job they want the most. So be diligent and get a plan together for the next few seasons.

Even a general idea of where you wish to travel will be a big help when you sit down to apply for open positions.

If you can’t narrow down the exact location, try to plan what region of the country you’ll travel to and look for a job in that area. If you find a great opportunity and are offered a job, base your travels around that location and enjoy what the area has to offer!

The bottom line is, that planning ahead will help you plan your adventure and make sure you don’t always have to hustle at the end of the summer to find where you’ll go next

An Easy Route To Winter Workamping

Because Fall/Winter positions are always a bit harder to grab, I suggest new people starting out make it easy on themselves and just head to big employers like the Sugar Beet Harvest and then State Parks which are both relatively easier to get a position for.

Planning to join one of these two programs in year one will again allow you to start Workamping much sooner than trying to narrow down employers who fit your specific needs. Saving this for year two after you’ve had a chance to test the waters and have more time to plan is also an easy win!

If one of those employers doesn’t suit your needs, or if this is your first rodeo, here’s what you’ll need to know about grabbing winter workamping jobs.

  • Winter recruiting can be tricky to time, but in general, you can expect to see employers advertising during the peak of the summer months from July-August.
  • Ads will continue to run up to the last minute, especially if last-minute cancellations leave positions empty leading up to the snowbird season.
  • The same rules apply, so if you see a job you want and your resume is good to go, just apply as soon as you know for sure the job and location will work for you!
  • Follow up within 3-5 days of sending your information and be a little more persistent with moving things along, as these jobs are usually harder to grab and more competitive than in the summer.
Winter Workamping Jobs

Winter Workamping Destinations

Florida, Texas, and Arizona definitely attract an insane amount of people in the winter, but don’t let that scare you off – just think of it as another part of the adventure. And, if you plan ahead, you could be one of those super prepared workampers who found a sweet gig camp hosting at a beachfront RV resort.

Aside from being a great place for RVers to domicle, Florida is an awesome state to live, camp, and work! There are so many attractions, natural and historical sites, beautiful coastlines, and tons of campgrounds to keep RVers as busy as they want, or not at all.

In the winter months, while investigating opportunities and campgrounds, you will more often see compensation packages that just include RV sites and perks. There are fewer offers of paying wages for extra hours or wages for all hours worked. This is likely due to the demand for these warmer locations that provide employers with more bargaining power.

Many snowbird resorts are constantly full and taking a workamping job in one of these resorts can help you get into an area you may otherwise have to wait years to experience.

Tips for Finding Winter Workamping Jobs:

  1. Use the information available. Check past and current ads as well as job alerts you may have received. Employers purposely leave out dates to let working RVers know they have positions open several times of the year. Sometimes you may have to jump out on a leap of faith by just sending your resume and letting them take it from there. It can’t hurt!
  2. Look for year-round private campgrounds and RV parks. Odds are that if a campground is open all year long, they’ll need to help running it during all 4 seasons! These campgrounds are great places to start your search for winter workamping jobs.
  3. Check into volunteer positions that offer a free RV site. If you don’t need much income and just want a place to call home and park your RV during the winter months, you might start your search with state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects, government-run operations, or non-profit organizations in states with warmer winter weather.
  4. Make sure to follow up with each employer. Create a list of the companies you’ve sent your resume to for follow-up calls. I like to keep an Excel spreadsheet with columns (employer name, 1st Email, Phone follow-up, 2nd Email, Offer, Confirmed, Notes) to help me keep track and to help me remember who I’ve contacted, who replied, and what the next step is. When you’re dealing with multiple employers you need to keep your information organized.
Finding Great Winter Workamping Jobs [Ideas, Tips & More] 1

Ideas For Winter Workamping Jobs

Winter workamping jobs exist at state parks, historical sites, private campgrounds, franchise parks, snowbird resorts, travel centers, ski resorts, retail stores, restaurants, and more.

These are all great options to get started with but don’t limit yourself. You can find winter workamping jobs scattered throughout the southern half of the United States and much of the West Coast.

Options for workamping during the winter can be endless, especially if you can consider options besides a traditional campground job.

10 Ideas for Winter Workamping Jobs

  1. House or property sitting
  2. Sell something on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay
  3. Work at a Christmas Tree lot.
  4. Work for a Christmas tree lighting company.
  5. Find a year-round campground to work at!
  6. Become a mobile RV technician and fix your neighbors’ rigs
  7. Start a dog walking service
  8. Sell photography to Shutterstock
  9. Sell handmade items at craft shows and farmer’s markets.
  10. Become a camp host at a state park (maybe in Florida!).

Remember, the key to successful winter workamping jobs lies in preparation and open-mindedness. Start your planning early, explore diverse options beyond campgrounds, and embrace the adventure that awaits.

With this guide as your map and a dash of your own determination, you can turn the colder months into a season of income, exploration, and unforgettable memories. So, pack your warm layers, fuel your wanderlust, and get ready to experience the magic of winter workamping jobs!

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