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RV Camping At Amazing National Parks

We have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit so many National Parks in America. Each National Park has so much to offer and are so different from each other.

We live in our RV and are able to camp near many of the most beautiful National Parks and Monuments in the country.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 1

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota feels like a hidden gem. If you have never heard of it, you are not alone. The park is located just outside the town of Medora. As you come into Medora there are two campgrounds with full hookups. One is right beside the cute little town. You can walk to town from it. The other is right past the town and the park entrance. It is on the river and many people were swimming in the river when we stopped by. The park has three campgrounds, even one if you bring horses. They are all primitive with no water or electricity. 

The park is divided into three parts; the Southern part, the Northern part and Elkhorn Ranch Unit. The Southern part is by the town of Medora. Both the Southern and the Northern part have scenic drives with lots of pullouts. Traveling to the Elkhorn Ranch requires a four wheel drive on a gravel road.

The park and the town of Medora offer plenty of activities. You can attend a musical that gives the history of the park and how the park is connected to President Theodore Roosevelt. They even have a pitchfork fondue steak dinner that you can enjoy with an amazing view of the park.

Badlands National Park

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 2

Sunrise on the Wall near the entrance to Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is a park near the town of Wall, South Dakota. One draw to this park is your ability to camp right on the edge of the badlands. While camping here, you enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises. You can also enjoy stargazing at night. Long horn sheep often come very close to the area. The camping site is officially called the Wall. It is BLM land. There is no water or electricity available and it is a first come situation.

The entrance to the park is very close to the campground. You can even see your rig from an overlook in the park with binoculars! There are a few hikes around the park and it is easy to drive your RV through the park. There are two campgrounds within the park. One requires reservations and the other is a first come first serve. There are limited electrical sites.

Yellowstone National Park

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 3

Yellowstone National Park is amazing! There are so many options for any traveler. The park has four entrances and each one is so unique. We stayed in a campground outside the West entrance near the town of West Yellowstone.  

Yellowstone is the world’s first National Park! Within the park you can see many different
geological landscapes. Each one is unique. Take your time to experience each one. You can drive RV’s within the park; parking is limited in many areas. There are several campgrounds within the park with a variety of options.

The park offers so many activities for all ages. There are several places to hike, ride horses, and fish. The park offers guided tours for several activities including; backpacking into the backcountry, riding horses or bikes, boating and even driving.

Yosemite National Park

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 4

Tunnel View

Yosemite Park is filled with beautiful views. A great way to enjoy the park up close is to ride bikes around the valley on the bike trail. They even rent bikes if you do not have one. Just get there early, as they go quickly.

You can camp inside the park, but check out the clearance of the tunnels before you go if you plan on taking your RV into the park. One of the campgrounds offers a combination of a tent and a hut to sleep in. It has amazing views and is right by the river. The park has ten campgrounds that can accommodate RVs. We camped at a private campground just on the outside of the park.
The best time to go to see the waterfalls is in May. We went in early July and the waterfalls were thinning out! There are hikes for all activity levels. The lower Yosemite Falls has wheelchair access. We hiked up the Mist Trail and my family continued the hike to the top of Vernal Falls. That hike includes 600 granite steps! To climb Half Dome, you first have to make it to Vernal Falls! Half Dome requires a permit and the final climb is a cable system!

Other amazing National Parks and Monuments

Arches National Park is an amazing park to visit. First I must tell you, if you go in the summer, like we did! You need to get up before sunrise and drive over to the park. Head to the hike that you really want to complete before the sun beats down on you! Once you get to one of the many amazing arches, you will know that it was so worth it! There is one campground in the park and requires reservations..

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 5
RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 6

Devil’s Tower is a National Monument! We were able to camp right at the base. Such a great experience! The hike around the tower is paved and a great way to see the tower from several angles. As a bonus, the campground plays Close Encounters of the Third Kind each night!

Grand Teton National Park also has some great adventures waiting to be discovered. There is an amazing bike trail that will take you all the way to Jackson Hole. There are several campgrounds in the park and they all require reservations.

RV Camping At Amazing National Parks 7

As we continue to add more exciting National Parks and Monuments to our bucket list, which ones do you recommend? What camping options do they have?

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Terri Wright

Terri Wright has been camping for almost 40 years
with her husband and family. They moved into their
36 ft motorhome full time 3 years ago. They travel
and visit many of the National Parks and historic sites
in the country.
Beginning a new mobile RV service company this
past year, Traveling Adventures Mobile RV Service
and continuing to document their travels is very
important to them on their Youtube channel. It is their
goal to introduce and educate others about all of the
amazing National parks.

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