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The 3 Biggest Workamping Questions RVers Want To Know

Your 3 Biggest Workamping Questions: Answered!

It may seem like the world of workamping is a big scary place. It’s not! It’s an incredible opportunity to work while you travel in your RV. And while it may be overwhelming at first, the workamping community is full of helpful answers to your workamping questions… just like this one. So if you need advice on workamping mistakes to avoid, tips for searching for workamping jobs, or just how to get started in this awesome world of workamping, stick around and get ready to have all your workamping questions answered.

Where Can I Go?

The first workamping question RVers usually ask is, “Where can I go?” This is an easy one… you can go anywhere in the U.S. as a Workamper. Maybe start in the east and drive out to the wild, wild west. How about starting in the north and then driving all the way down I-95 to Key West for the winter? There’s no right or wrong way to travel and you can define your route as you see fit. The question is where do you want to go? Or maybe, where have you never been?

An Easy Option

Perhaps the easiest way to figure out where you want to go is by starting with your favorite part of the country. Think about places you’ve taken trips to and really wanted to stay for more time. Think about those hot tourist destinations you’ve read about in travel magazines at the grocery store and always dreamed of going. Think about family and friends you wished you could visit and spend more time with on birthdays, holidays, and seasons in general.

These are the places you should be going as a Workamper! Figure this out and you’ve just started the first step in planning your adventure. You’ll also be one step closer to getting on the road and making money while you travel.

Reliable Income for Special Adventures

Workamping can provide you with a reliable income and decreased expenses for you to be able to make these special trips to places you’ve always dreamed of going. And this is exactly how Workampers should plan their trips… with these special adventures in mind.

Since you can only accomplish a limited amount of activities, sightseeing, and attraction visits in any vacation or holiday trip, you will now have the ability to stay in locations for extended periods allowing for more in-depth coverage if you wish – more time to explore popular destinations and more time to experience the local scene in a destination you always dreamed about. This is how Workamping helps RVers experience the country one job at a time. The world is wide and the adventures are long- this is Workamping and you can go wherever the road leads!

The 3 Biggest Workamping Questions RVers Want To Know 1

What Can I Do?

The real question is what can’t you do? And the answer is nothing! There is nothing you cannot do as a Workamper. Workampers have the freedom to choose jobs for short-term periods or for longer if they want, and they also choose the types of work they want for that particular arrangement. You can try popular positions like reservations and housekeeping or venture into more specific roles like activity and recreation planning. If you find the current position doesn’t suit your skills or needs and wants for this point in your life, line up something different for future positions and keep going.

The most enjoyable Workamping comes into play when you are able to find jobs doing things you will enjoy and are at the very least comfortable with. It also happens when you are in a destination you enjoy and find interesting, as you will want to make plans during your free time to get out and explore locally.

I will say that the majority of businesses that currently advertise for Workamper positions are campgrounds and RV parks. But to be honest, I think this is because this is where the niche originated and these employers are more familiar with the term.

We have seen a tremendous outreach from mainstream employers, trying to find ways to incorporate their own seasonal workforce of RVers and I believe the need for such a reliable and well-diverse employment pool is highly sought after. As more employers find ways to incorporate this community into their hiring and recruitment initiatives, we will continue to see the offerings for more and more mainstream or traditional jobs being advertised.

The 3 Biggest Workamping Questions RVers Want To Know 2
RV parks and resorts are often the answer to a lot of your “Where will I work?” workamping questions.

Think Outside the Box

Will you find other employers who are hiring RVers? Yes. Will you find employers who are looking for people to stay onsite? Yes. Will you find employers who offer onsite housing options such as cabins or mobile homes? Yes. And while all these job opportunities are essentially Workamping, they just have not yet accepted the term and as a result, miss the mark when trying to recruit. Don’t let that stop or discourage you!

Workamping jobs and opportunities are all around us and all you have to do is dig them out! Look for keywords employers use in their ads and on the employment pages of their websites. If you’re looking for a position at a ranch, search the page for the word “ranch” and see what comes up.

(On most computers this can be done by holding down the ‘Control/Command’ button and the ‘F’ key and then typing the word into the search field that pops up.)

Also, it never hurts to think outside the box and reach out to a possible employer to inquire about the opportunity to set something similar up with their business. You might snag a job for yourself and open their eyes to a whole new world of seasonal employees for future hires!

I know thinking outside the box is easier said than done for some people, but those who are able to accept a less than traditional definition and refuse to put up defining walls or restrictions will be able to grasp the full spectrum of Workamping opportunities by keeping the options open.

Think about positions at retail stores, fulfillment centers, harvest fields, festivals, amusement parks, water parks, shooting ranges, and more! All of these opportunities are open to those who have an adventurous spirit, a great attitude, and the freedom to travel. Keep your mind open to all the possibilities that Workamping can open for you, and you’ll do just fine.

For a good start on workamping ideas, read more in our Xscapers blog article, “Finding Seasonal Work From Your RV.”

Everyone has their own set of workamping questions.
Everyone has their own set of workamping questions. What works will vary from person to person.

How Much Can I Make?

This workamping question is really important so I need to be as upfront as possible with you about the income you can expect from Workamping jobs. To be frank, it’s not the best and it’s definitely not the highest wages you’ll likely have made in your life.  But it is a modest, reliable income that can help get you on the road faster than you thought possible.

A combination of paid positions, non-paid and volunteer positions, as well as those that offer a combination, are what you will typically find from Workamping employers.

Many positions are noted for paying minimum wage or something slightly higher. These positions are the most common and include jobs that are easy to acquire and most anyone is capable of completing. They include things like reservations, housekeeping, landscaping, grounds crew, light maintenance, cash register operations, and check-ins. For these positions, you can expect to be paid close to the state minimum wage and should use your negotiation power when interviewing to ensure you receive the best possible compensation plan you can.

Word to the wise: While I love to negotiate, it just doesn’t work in every situation.  I’ll give you a heads up from one Workamper to another… negotiating with larger employers with well-established programs that typically hire hundreds of Workampers is a waste of time. Futile efforts my friends. Futile efforts.

The 3 Biggest Workamping Questions RVers Want To Know 3
Workcamping locations can look like this!

Regardless of some of the quirks with workamping, it’s truly a huge benefit to traveling and gaining an income. Imagine wanting to explore the West Coast and getting paid to be in the area. Or what if you’ve been dying to see your cousins in the South and now you can get paid to live by them? Workamping offers RVers a chance to travel and still be able to support their life and lifestyle.

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The 3 Biggest Workamping Questions RVers Want To Know 4

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