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Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy

Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy 1

Who is Traveling With You?

My partner Andy and our dog Jax. 

How Long Have You Been On The Road?

Since July of 2017. 

Are You Part Time or Full Time?


What Kind of RV Do You Have?

A 33-ft Grand Design Reflection 303RLS fifth wheel.

Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy 2

What Got You Interested In Living The RV Life?

We were living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the time and were looking for the next place we wanted to move. We were strongly considering somewhere in Colorado, but honestly had not been able to find anyplace there or anywhere else that we were excited about.  Around the same time, we both independently started to see blogs and social media posts about people who were our age, working full-time, and traveling in RVs. We started talking about what that lifestyle would look like for us and spent the next 18 months researching the logistics of it before finally buying a rig and hitting the road. 

How Do You Fund Your Travels?

A couple years before we hit the road, I started a resume writing and career coaching business. When the idea of RVing came into the picture, that business was growing and I was needing some additional help. At the same time, Andy was feeling unhappy with his situation as a teacher. So it made sense for him to transition into working with me in the resume business, and that was what gave us the freedom for full-time RVing. After several good years, the business struggled through the pandemic, so we’ve both since transitioned into full-time remote employment. Andy currently works in learning and development for a healthcare recruitment company, and Lezlie is now a part of the Escapees team as the Director of their RVer-focused job board, the RVer Job Exchange. We’ve also taken a few workamping gigs over the years. We sold fireworks from a parking lot tent in Florida, we were kitchen managers / cooks for a whitewater rafting company in northern California, and there were two summers when Andy worked in West Yellowstone, Montana at the Imax Theater near the National Park entrance. 
Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy 3

What is Your Camping Style?

We love boondocking on public lands whenever we can. This means scouting spots in designated areas and being fully off-grid and self-contained within our RV. We love being able to stay in really beautiful places and see sights most other people just don’t get to. That’s part of the joy of this lifestyle for us.  We do stay at campgrounds, RV parks, and other paid lodging sometimes, because full-hookups are definitely nice from time to time!  

What Do You Seek Out When Traveling?

We seek out good weather and beautiful destinations like national parks and other nature-focused attractions. We also seek out good food, craft drinks, and adventurous and/or enriching experiences like off-roading, hiking, and going to live music shows, art shows, and local events.  Community has become a big part of our lives since we found Xscapers, so we also seek out friends and social gatherings because that makes our life on the road so much better. 

What Has Been Your Favorite Experience So Far?

I would say our favorite experience so far is the whole experience of being a full-time nomad and RVer. The fact that we can travel almost anywhere we want, stay in some of the most beautiful places in the country, support ourselves with full-time jobs and/or unique seasonal work, and do it all alongside other nomads who are just as crazy about this lifestyle as we are – it’s remarkable. 

What Has Been The Hardest Aspect For You While Traveling?

I think the hardest part of full-time RVing is the unexpected challenges, setbacks, and plan changes. We’re at the mercy of so many things, from road conditions to weather conditions to equipment and mechanical conditions, which can be frustrating. So we’ve had to learn to just roll with whatever challenges come up and figure out how to overcome them without letting them get in our way. 

Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy 4

How Many Xscapers Convergences Have You Attended?

6, and we’re scheduled for 2 more this year. We’ve also been to 3 of the unofficial NYE convergences.

Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

I think we’re both somewhere in between. We both really enjoy social time, but also need quite a bit of non-social time to recharge. 

Tell Us Something Weird or Fun About Yourselves.

Andy and I are both band nerds and former educators. We met in college for music education, we were both in marching band in high school, and we both play multiple instruments.

Would You Rather Deal With A Leaky Sewer Hose or a Flat Tire on the RV?

Having dealt with both, I say flat tire, 100%. 

Do You Have Any Advice For Others / What is the Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received?

Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and expect anywhere in between. 

Where Can People Find You Online If They Want To Follow Your Travels?

We’re on Instagram @Unknown_Normal and our travel website is UnknownNormal.com. 

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Xscapers Profiles: Lezlie & Andy 5

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