Xscapers Profiles: Jesse and Melissa

Xscapers Profiles: Jesse and Melissa 1

Who Is Traveling With You?

We’re Melissa and Jesse Azarva, a couple in our early 30s traveling with our two dogs named Blue and Zamboni. 

Xscapers Profiles: Jesse and Melissa 2

How Long Have You Been On The Road?

We’ve been full time RVers since March 2019.

Are You Full-Time or Part-Time?

We traveled full time from March-September 2019 and have been semi-stationary/part time since September 2019 for work, but we anticipate getting back out on the road full time by summer 2020. 

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

A 2017 Keystone Carbon 5th wheel toy-hauler. 

What Got You Interested In Living The RV Life?

It definitely began with our never-ending thirst for exploration. So the travel aspect, first and foremost, is what got us started, but it’s the RV community which has kept us going beyond what we would have been able to withstand on our own. 

How Do You Fund Your Travels?

Melissa works full time in the corporate world and Jesse is working on building our YouTube channel and social media platforms. Also, instead of selling our house back in California, we rented it out, which helps fund our lifestyle.

What Is Your Camping Style?

Xscapers Profiles: Jesse and Melissa 3

Our camping style is a mix of everything. We mostly boondock or stay in state parks as we like to keep our costs low and prefer incredible views over high-end RV parks. Our ideal pace of travel is a new camp every 5-14 days, depending on the area we’re in. 

What Do You Seek Out When Traveling?

We like a mix of everything! We’re avid outdoor fanatics so we enjoy hiking and biking trails, as well as historical locations, great food, good people, as well as new cities with a fair amount of touristy stuff thrown in. 

What Has Been Your Favorite Experience So Far?

It’s hard to pick just one! We’d say our favorite location has been Acadia National Park in Maine but our most memorable experience was attending Xscapers Annual Bash 2020!

What Has Been The Hardest Aspect For You While Traveling?

It’s a toss up between reliable mobile internet access for work and the loneliness factor of being far away from our hometown community. We’re so glad to have discovered Xscapers because we feel we’ve found an even better road community than we could have imagined possible! 

How Many Xscapers Convergences Have You Attended?

Xscapers Profiles: Jesse and Melissa 4

One so far, but many more are on the horizon!

Are You Introverts or Extroverts?

We are both extroverts with a few introverted tendencies. 

Tell Us Something Weird or Fun About Yourself.

There are a few things about us that some might consider weird. We follow the ketogenic lifestyle, we choose not to drink alcohol, and we shower every day. That last one is definitely considered weird for many full timers!

Would You Rather Deal With A Leaky Sewer Hose Or A Flat Tire On Your RV?

Well, the  most scary thing we’ve had to deal with is our RV bumper cracking and falling off our first rig, but if we had to choose between a leaky sewer hose or a flat tire, I guess we’d say a flat tire as long as it doesn’t damage the rig, only because it’s a quicker fix!

Do You Have Any Advice For Others? What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Received?

Learn to go with the flow, and always have at least one backup camp spot prepared ahead of time!

Where Can People Find You If They Want To Follow Your Travels?

Instagram @AdventureEndeavor

You Tube: Adventure Endeavor

Facebook: Jesse Azarva and Melissa Azarva

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