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Meet the Waltermires, an Inspiring Full-time RVing Family

Families are hitting the road at a rapid pace, and it is inspiring to see the lessons children can learn from having the ability to explore our amazing country up close and personal. They receive hands-on learning such as visiting a historic landmark rather than reading about it in a textbook. 

As the Xscapers community grows, more and more families are attending our convergence events, so I have the opportunity to meet many full-time RVing families. It’s incredible to see respectful, kind and social kids—the result of being consciously raised in a lifestyle that allows flexibility and freedom. I’m happy to share with you the story of Kendra and Amanda Waltermire, one Xscapers family who I feel are an inspiration to all who are looking to participate in the RV lifestyle. 

Meet the Waltermires, an Inspiring Full-time RVing Family 1

Tell me about your family. How many kids do you have, how long have you been RVing, what kind of RV do you travel in and what kind of work do you do on the road?

Kendra: “We are a family of three: Amanda, Clark and I. Clark is four-and-a-half years old. We also have a fat cat, named Reese. Before going full-time RVing, we were living in Dallas, Texas, feeling the stress of the city and life. We sold everything and bought an Airstream, all within three months. Now, we’ve been on the road for almost two years, traveling in our 30-foot Airstream Flying Cloud bunk. I am an environmental engineer for a consulting firm, and Amanda homeschools Clark from the road. We document our RV journey through pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram (@ TheWandermires). We also produce vlogs about our travels along with helpful information related to traveling on YouTube (@The Wandermires).”

What inspired you to become full-time RVers?

Amanda: “We grew up traveling with family and friends throughout our childhood. As young adults early in our careers, I was a flight attendant and Kendra traveled for her engineering work. Traveling has always been a part of our lives. Once Clark was born, we wanted him to experience and love traveling, too. We had always talked about RVing at some point in our life, but we thought it would be more attainable as empty nesters or after retirement. When Kendra’s job provided an opportunity to work from home, we decided to do it now.”

What was your greatest fear before taking the leap to full-time RV lifestyle?

Kendra: “For Amanda, her biggest fear was leaving friends. However, we have found that traveling has actually allowed us to see and spend more time with family and friends. She also worried about how Clark would adjust to traveling full-time, but he loves our traveling life and he loves meeting many new friends on our journey. 

For me, my biggest fear was not having enough knowledge of driving and maintaining an RV. After many hours of YouTube research, we felt more confident before hitting the road. I was also concerned with how I would adapt to working on the road, especially with making sure I stayed connected. Using apps like ‘Campendium’ with cell signal status information has allowed us to make better decisions on camping locations.”

What is your favorite aspect of being a full-time RVing family?

Meet the Waltermires, an Inspiring Full-time RVing Family 2

Amanda: “One of our favorite aspects of traveling has been meeting so many amazing people and families that we never would have met. We now have many great friends that we met at Xscapers convergences, sitting around a campfire on BLM land, and through social media. It is a joy to also watch Clark develop friendships with other traveling kids. Another favorite aspect is living in awe-inspiring and beautiful locations. Being able to open your front door to a beautiful desert, staggering mountain or flowing river is so awesome!”

Now that you are full-time RVing, what do you think is the biggest challenge you face traveling with kids?

Kendra: “Toys everywhere, all the time! Even my keyboard and mousepad turn into a helicopter landing pad, Pokémon safe place and a LEGO lineup. Also, rainy days can stink because Clark (and we) get cabin fever.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to hit the open road with their children?

Meet the Waltermires, an Inspiring Full-time RVing Family 3

Amanda: “Our advice is that the kid(s) should have their own space. Whether it means that they have a room or a bunk, having ownership of a space seems to help the transition. Also, it provides a space for them to have quiet time or a creative space that allows them to express themselves.”

In the end, how happy are you with the decision to full-time RV as a family? Has it enhanced your quality of life?

Kendra and Amanda: “We are 100 percent happy with the decision to travel full-time. Traveling as a family has brought us together through so many adventures, and it has allowed us to slow down and take time for one another. We are so grateful to Escapees and Xscapers because we have a community that we love!”

Meet the Waltermires, an Inspiring Full-time RVing Family 4


Melanie Carr SKP #8

Melanie is vice president of Escapees RV Club and co-founder of the Xscapers lifestyle group. She has been RVing with her husband and two sons since 2011, but was introduced to the lifestyle at an early age through family vacations. 

Wanderlust and travel have always played a large role in her life. 

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