VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights

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VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights 2
VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights 3

Here’s a great way to light your campsite when you’re out in the boonies. There are a number of manufacturers making solar driveway and boat dock lights. They are all similar in design and are used to light paths and walkways. They recharge each day from available sunlight and automatically turn on at dusk.

I did some research and chose VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights based (in part) on the many positive reviews on Amazon. They are made of aluminum, have an IP67 waterproof rating, and are tough enough to withstand being driven over. They are normally attached to decks and such with screws, but their weight makes them stay put, even in areas with a lot of traffic. In fact, they are heavy enough to hold down a rug or patio mat, and that’s how I primarily use them. The subdued light that they produce won’t bother your neighbors but will easily guide your footsteps. They can also be used to light a path between RVs or placed near obstacles, so you won’t trip over them in the dark.

If you prefer to stake them down, you can use generic mat stakes or long nails. I prefer 4″ #10 deck screws, which fit nicely in the provided mounting holes. They will penetrate even the hardest soil, and if you have a cordless drill and a driver bit, it quickly eliminates all the pounding and prying.

The link below will take you to the product I purchased, but there are many similar ones available, and they come in a wide choice of lighting colors. I like the VOLISUN lights because they have a tiny waterproof switch underneath so you can select either warm white or cool white light and turn them off for storage. Unlike some solar lights I’ve played with, they have large 300mA solar panels and 1200mAH
batteries, so just a few hours of sun will charge them. Shaded site? Cloudy days? Your lights will still
glow all night and light your site!

Product Name: VOLISUN Solar Driveway Lights

Company Name and Info: Volisun

Online Shopping Links: https://amzn.to/3kHbOui

Average Street Price: (8 pack) $79.99 Available in packs of 4, 8 and 12. , They cost approximately $10 each.

Additional Information: Also available on ebay and Walmart.com.

Original Publication Date: MA/23

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