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Sondi at the Hospital

Thankful for Xscapers

Thankful for Xscapers 1

In January 2018 I nervously and fearlessly headed out to begin a new chapter in my life. My first destination: the Xscapers Annual Bash in Quartzsite, AZ.

I’ve got this!

After arriving at the Bash early, I parked on the outskirts of the action but within a few days I bravely moved to the solo’s circle near the center of the action. That is when my first stabilizer motor melted and I met my first Xscapers heroes, Sebastian Strauss and Rich Politz. Sebastian helped take apart my stabilizer motor while Rich went out to shop for tools so we could manually crank that stabilizer. As I would soon realize, this would not be a unique occurrence in the Xscapers community.

Fixing Sondis RV

Since that start, in January I have traveled exclusively with Xscapers and to Xscapers Convergences.   We have hiked, kayaked, played kickball, miniature golf, disc golf, biked, done 4-wheel drive excursions, watched amazing sunsets, watched movies, played trivia games, danced, sang, skated, bowled, floated down rivers, explored caves, visited monuments, museums, factories, breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We cooked and ate together, drank together.

Sondi with Xscapers
Me with Xscapers Tami Mitchell, Cortni Armstrong, and Kelly Beasley

But during that time what stands out about this Xscapers Family is the unselfish, often unsolicited, willingness to lend a hand. People teaming up to help one another without hesitation. Xscapers have come to my aid in numerous challenges, breakdowns and other situations like…

  • Water lines and water pump issues (four times)
  • Torn awning (twice)
  • A second melted stabilizer motor
  • Two cracked wheel rims accompanied by flat tires
  • Fresh water inlet gone wrong
  • Inverter installation
  • Solar installation instruction
  • Solar cable extension
  • And a dangling water pump

Sondi Getting Help from Xscapers

Daily acts of kindness and camaraderie and teamwork are almost routine among Xscapers in my experience.

Fast forward to August 2018.

While dancing and having fun at the Oregon Convergence on August 25th my ankle snapped!

Xscapers IMMEDIATELY went into action and away we went to the ER. There is a lot to the story surrounding the trip to the ER that is best told around a campfire.

Xscapers Kelly Beasley and Cortni Armstrong became my waiting room entertainment and kept me laughing through the pain. Prescott Torella and Pam Muetzel were my calm reassuring Xscapers nurses.

Sondi's Broken Ankle
My Broken Ankle X-Ray

Sondi at the Hospital

Over the next few days, I was cared for and tended to collectively by amazing human beings. You know who you are and I thank you once again. But there are a few people that went so far beyond what would ever be expected or imagined and I would like to thank them again publicly.

Xscaper Koren Boyd drove my RV from Bend to Sisters, Oregon the day the Oregon convergence ended. Her partner Valarie Williams followed in their vehicle. Koren and Valarie are brand new to Xscapers and to RVing.

Thank you, Koren and Valarie!

After finding out how badly my ankle was broken and surgery was required, Xscapers Erin and Don Gabler sat me down and told me what they were going to do and there was no arguing. Erin would stay behind with their RV with the post-convergence Xscapers in Sisters, Oregon and Don would drive me and my RV back to Arizona then Don would fly back to Oregon (at his own expense).

Xscaper Pam Muetzel was headed to Arizona eventually but changed her plans and followed behind in her rig. (She also had an injury that she kept to herself as long as she could and also ended up on crutches).

Sondi and Pam

Don was caring, kind, patient, tolerant of my irritability and very protective.

Don Gabler, I will pay it forward, thank you again!

Pam Muetzel stayed with me for nearly 3 weeks while my daughter was out of town. She drove me around to appointments, helped me navigate insurance, took me to surgery, nursed me, cooked, cleaned, took care of my dog, and the list goes on. While she was here, she also took care of issues with her own rig, Jeep repairs, and had an accident in her jeep that caused a lot of damage.

Pam is an angel disguised as a Jeep driving farm girl from Ohio.
I am grateful to her beyond words.

Now, I am at my daughter’s house in Gilbert, Arizona. My RV is sitting in storage with a third melted stabilizer motor and I am recovering from surgery to install plates and screws and pins in the 3 broken bones in my left ankle.

Yes, Xscapers do like a good party but for me this is a family unlike any other and I don’t know where I would be without them.

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