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RV Gadget Box | RV Escape Ladders

Mark Nemeth #45776

I hope the outstanding article and video (escapees.com/url/015) provided by Mac the Fire Guy has made you aware of your RV escape hatch and prompted you to actually start thinking about how you would use it in an emergency. Since many RV escape hatches are very high off the ground, a ladder may make it easier for you to escape quickly and safely if you are ever faced with an emergency. Escapees member Ed Hopkin #74249 saw a need and created a do-it-yourself solution for a workable escape ladder. 

No matter how you decide to prepare for an emergency escape, the most important thing to do is to think about it in advance and do some preparation. Don’t wait until you need it to figure out how to use it! 

Mac’s special-made dowel, the “Macadoodle,” that can be used to hold open an RV window, can be purchased from Mac’s Website at www.macthefireguy.com.

Below is information, written by MorRyde’s Gary Wheeler, who has been working with Mac to develop and bring to market a unique escape ladder system for fifth-wheels. MorRyde is also working on a permanent-mount ladder for motorhomes, but that product is still in development.

The MOR/ryde® Escape Ladder
A conversation with Mac McCoy #48271, better known as “Mac the Fire Guy,” inspired MOR/ryde® International to create a solution for quickly exiting a fifth-wheel in the event of a fire. There are an average of three thousand to five thousand RV fires annually. Most of these fires block the path to the exit door, forcing the occupants to use the emergency exit window. This window is eight to 10 feet from the ground, which is not an easy jump to make, especially given the fact that in an emergency situation it would need to happen quickly, without hesitation.

MOR/ryde® International has designed a product which provides a safe and quick means of exiting the fifth-wheel in case of an emergency. The MOR/ryde® Fire Escape Ladder offers a means to exit through the emergency exit window without fear of falling or injury, as well as peace of mind. The ladder and platform store under the fifth-wheel deck for travel and can be deployed in seconds during the setup process at your campsite. Remember that exiting strategies and methods can and should be physically practiced. To find a Mor/ryde dealer selling this product, visit www.morryde.com/dealer.html or call 574-293-1581.

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    1. Our apologies for that. Unfortunately, we believe Mac is retiring from his work in fire safety, which may be the reason his website is not entirely functional anymore.

  1. I’m hoping this post is still being monitored. i have also heard Mac retired and i dont know how else to get this info. In one of mac’s youtube videos, he displays a telescoping ladder with hooks that go over the window frame. The length was perfect for a 5th wheel bedroom window. Any ideas where this can be purchased?

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