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Make Money Using Delivery Based Gig Apps On Your Smartphone

Have You Heard of the Gig Economy?

I’m sure by this time you’ve at least heard someone mention it, but in case you haven’t- the gig economy is a free market system that allows independent workers to thrive in short term positions.

It’s a pretty big deal, and has literally changed the way Americans work!

The gig economy allows independent contractors to set their own hours, work when and where they want, and have a sense of freedom that is highly sought after in the height of nomadic lifestyles! Our workforce is changing inside the digital age that encourages location independence. Work no longer means a traditional 9-5 job in an office building in the city. Work can be done remotely, from almost anywhere. Workers can choose where to work and who to work, and employers can choose who to hire from a larger pool of applicants.

The gig economy is great news for the RV community!

If you’re looking for a work-life balance and want to maintain the freedom to work when its convenient for you- then the gig economy is your new best friend. Given the option to choose jobs you’re interested in and those that allow, you to travel more and work less is the best of both worlds for RV travelers looking to spend more time exploring than!

More and more people are turning their sights to the big advantages offered by RV life. RV dealers are closing sale after sale for people who not only want to live on the road, but also work from their new home on wheels! With so many RVers in search of ways to make money and live full-time in an RV, I want to address the option of using gig apps to earn income.

Gig apps are a great resource for RVers! They provide jobs to people who want the freedom to choose when and where they work, as well as for how long. In the digital world, where just about everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, these apps have been setting the stage for what working for yourself means today.

4 Ways to Make Money Using Gig Apps On Your Smartphone


Roadie is a delivery service that connects people who need things delivered, with people who can deliver the items on their way. With Roadie you’ll deliver just about anything you can think of. As the 1stdelivery service offering ‘on the way’ drivers, they’ve not only surpassed Amazon Prime Now services, but they’ve delivered items ranging from cupcakes to couches, to well over 11K cities and towns while doing it.

With this gig app, you can earn up to $60 for a local delivery and well up to over $650 for a longer haul, on your way to some place you were already going!

After signing up for the service, you can download an app on you phone to use to grab potential gigs. From the app, you’ll be able to view open gigs on a map. Click on a gig icon to see the details on where the delivery is headed, when it needs to be delivered by, the size of the package and how much the gig pays for the drop off.

Apply to the gig by clicking the offer button and wait for the sender to accept it. Use the app to tell the sender when you’re on your way, as well as details on arrival and delivery status. Start the gig to let the sender know you’re officially on your way. Taking photos of the item being picked up is important, and you’ll also want to give the pickup person a heads up on your arrival. A delivery photo is also important to confirm the right item was delivered to the right person.

Drivers are paid through direct deposit, so after you complete a gig you can expect a deposit in about a week’s time. With 24-hour customer support team you can get answers to your questions before, during and after a gig!

Learn More About Roadie Here


Uber is the company that may have paved the way for the gig economy to flourish! It all started with the opportunity to drive folks around like a taxi cab driver, but with the comfort of using your own vehicle! Mainly focused in and around larger cities and towns, Uber is an easy option for RVers looking for a way to earn some cash by utilizing their tow vehicles.

Want to earn a little cash? Sign up to make money using your personal vehicle driving for Uber. Make Money any time you want- just log in and accept rides. It can easily be done as a side hustle, part-time job or a full time Workamping gig to supply money on your own terms. Dive anytime you want, as much as you want, or a little as you want! Its’ your choice!

To drive for Uber you’ll just need a smartphone and a car. You can easily complete their online screening and application process to get started. They offer 24/7 support for their drivers as well as an insurance coverage plan for when you’re on the clock!

Uber now offers the ability to get paid instantly, which is a huge plus in my book! Instead of watching those dollars add up in your account, you can now request up to 5 immediate money transfers straight to your bank account.

Uber is a great alternative to a traditional 9-5 job, and because all their riders are verified prior to being able to request rides, you’ll feel more protected in who you’re picking up each and every time.

More Information On Uber

…another options would be Lyft

Uber Eats

If you love the idea of Uber, you might love Uber Eats as well! Enjoy a flexible schedule, without a boss, and fast payments for completed jobs with the Uber delivery service for food! With Uber Eats, you’ll pick up food from local restaurants including just about everywhere from Panera, McDonalds, Red Lobster and much more and then deliver it to the buyer.

You can choose your own schedule, and work for as little or as long as you want. Just 3 easy steps Uber Eats a top pick for RVers looking for jobs on the road.

  1. Log in to the app and begin accepting local delivery requests.
  2. Pick up the food and drop it off at the delivery point.
  3. Track your earnings and cash out as often as 5 times per day!

Depending on your current location, Uber eats allows deliveries in cars as well as on bikes, scooters and sometimes on foot, which can make grabbing these gigs super easy to make work with your travels. Check out their delivery requirements:

For Cars:

-Valid driver’s license and meet min. age for city.

-Valid registration and vehicle insurance.

-1 year of driving history.

-2-4 door car, made after 1998

For Scooters:

-Scooter has 50cc or less

-Travels less than 30 mph

-Any make and model of 2-wheel scooter

For Bikes:

-18 years old

-Government issued ID

In some cities proof of residency may be required. Make sure when you are registering to choose the ideal method of delivery that suits your current situation. The process to sign up is pretty straight forward, and after you’ve completed the application, background screening and turned in all your required documents- you’ll be notified of approval and ready to accept deliveries!

More Information About Uber Eats

…another option would be Door Dash


Working for Postmates is an opportunity to make money delivery anything, anytime, anywhere. Drivers will deliver groceries, take-out, alcohol and much more in under and hour- so the buyer has to waste less time waiting on the delivery.

Postmates allows you to deliver using a bike, car, scooter, and trucks. They have no sign-up fees, and its super-fast to get started. With no time commitments and you take home 100% of what you earn after each delivery!

Once you create your account and your identity is verified, you’ll receive a welcome kit with the information you need to get started. You’ll be provided with a delivery bag and a prepaid card via mail- which you can use to link to your account to pay for orders and start working!

Just download the app to your smartphone and log in when you’re ready to work! The app has the ability to show you the best times and the busiest areas in your chosen location, allowing you to plan your days around when you can make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Postmates added a new instant deposit feature in October of 2018, allowing its fleet to have a little more economic certainty, by giving drivers the access to their earned dollars immediately!

Learn More about Postmate

With this information, you’re probably either really excited to get to work or feeling slightly overwhelmed. Take amoment to further research the 4 gig apps I’ve mentioned in this post and decide if any of them are right for you!

Additional Information on Gig Apps & Delivery Jobs for RVers


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