KEEP IT LEVEL | Weight & Safety Tip

KEEP IT LEVEL | Weight & Safety Tip

By Jim Koca #86367
Escapees RVer’s Boot Camp Instructor

Is your tow bar level? As I travel, I am fascinated by the number of RVers who are traveling with unlevel tow bars.

A motorhome pulling another vehicle, such as a car, truck, Jeep or SUV, is a common sight. Some RVers will use a tow dolly or a full-size trailer, but often the vehicle being towed is “four-down” or “flat-towed,” which means that all four tires make contact with the road.

When a vehicle is being towed, it is important for the tow bar to be as level as possible. Most manufacturers suggest that it be within two to four inches of level, allowing movement in all directions to avoid getting in a bind during towing. Other adverse effects can include excessive wear and breakage of the tow bar.

Make sure your tow bar is as level as possible and follow the manufacturer’s instructions by keeping it clean and lubed. When a tow bar has cracks, signs of metal fatigue or is extremely worn, it is time to replace it. Also, remember to make sure the base plate attached to the tow vehicle is secured by checking the bolts once a year.

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