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How to Save Money with an Escapees RV Club membership

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership

How to Save Money with an Escapees RV Club membership

Did you know there are over 25 ways you can save money with an Escapees RV Club membership? Keep reading to see what some of these ways are!

From product and service discounts, saving money on camping, other memberships, and more, a $49.95 membership can pay for itself many times over.

With all of the fantastic services and benefits that come with being a member of Escapees, it’s easy to overlook some of the great member discounts.

Here’s how to save the most money with your Escapees membership – these opportunities are just waiting for you to take advantage of them!

Escapees RV Club is a Total Support Network for All RVers

“Total Support Network” truly means precisely that: total support. An Escapees RV Club provides so many benefits; it’s hard to know where to begin!

One of the best perks of an Escapees membership is the multitude of ways you can save money on RV products, services, camping, and so much more.

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 1How to Save Money with An Escapees RV Club Membership

There are so many ways to save money with your membership. With so many other benefits, the discounts and member savings can be easily overlooked. Here’s how you can save money with an Escapees RV Club membership! Look for this icon as you browse the Commercial Directory (explained below) to see all the savings opportunities available.

Commercial Directory

Variety of logos of companies offering Escapees members discounts, to help members save the most money with an Escapees RV Club membership

An easy way to save money with your membership is through the Escapees Commercial Directory. You can find the Commercial Directory on your member dashboard under ‘Member Directories’ and ‘Commercial Directory.’

Commercial Partners are the highest-level of non-Escapees support services. These businesses provide critical services in support of the RVing lifestyle. These organizations have been carefully selected as among the best in their fields.

Commercial Partners provide exceptional services and exclusive discounts to Escapees RV Club members that you won’t find elsewhere.

Commercial Members play a significant role in Escapees RV Club’s support network by providing services and products that enhance the lives of RVers.

Many commercial members offer discounts on a wide range of products and services like RV accessories, legal and financial advice, and much more. You can find these discounts, and details on how to redeem them, by visiting the directory from your member dashboard. (The logos above are examples of some of our many Commercial Members. There are many more included in the directory!)

Product Discounts

Who doesn’t like saving money on RV-related products? As a member of Escapees RV Club, you have access to a wide variety of product discounts.

Here are just a sample of the many companies offering discounts to Escapees members! To redeem product discounts, log in to your member dashboard and visit ‘Member Discounts’ under the ‘Benefits’ tab for instructions.

Goodyear Tires

Save money on trailer tires through Goodyear! Escapees members receive a 15% discount on tires purchased through the Goodyear website.

Michelin North America, Inc.

Members save on Michelin tires, too! RVers can save up to 31% on multiple brands under Michelin’s umbrella through the Escapees discount.

Battle Born Batteries

Battle Born Batteries are a leading lithium-ion deep cycle battery manufacturer. Escapees members get a deep discount on the 100ah 12v lithium batteries and accessories.

Healthy RV Living

Do you struggle to find a healthy balance in your RV life? Whether you’re looking for help getting and staying more active, or reeling in your culinary adventures through nutritious meal planning, Healthy RV Living is here to help! Escapees members enjoy discounts on their variety of programs.

Sykl Power Bikes

E-bikes are the coolest and most fun ways to get around RV events and rallies and explore new areas. Escapees has partnered with Sykl Power Bikes to get members a $50 discount on some of the best electric bikes around!


TravlFi™ offers the RV market a multicarrier, pay as you go internet solution. With devices that connect to whatever service signal is strongest, you don’t have to be tied to an individual carrier!

Techno RV

TechnoRV is an RV technology company that is owned by full-time RVers, Eric and Tami Johnson, They believe in educating customers before the sale, helping RVers understand what they are buying and only offering high-quality products that have been tested on the road. Escapees members are eligible for a 10% discount on select product lines.

Dish Network

If satellite TV is your thing, you can get $50 off a satellite antenna bundle with the ‘Pay as You Go’ service through Dish Network with your Escapees membership.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

Pets are family. Keep your RVing pets protected with health insurance through ASPCA and receive 10% off complete coverage plans with your Escapees membership.

Premier Tires

Tires are vital, and they can be costly! Escapees members qualify for 5% – 10% off products and services through Premier Tires.

A1 RV & Trailer Supply

With A1, Escapees members can save 10% on a variety of RV and trailer maintenance and accessories! A1 even offers on-site installation at their Sacramento headquarters. 

Wifi Ranger

Every RVer that needs to stay connected from the road for work or leisure should have Wifi Ranger products. Escapees members qualify for 10% off of Wifi Ranger products to stay connected wherever you roam.


Have you made an RV bed lately? The limited space of many RV models means there is little-to-no room to scoot around the edge of the bed to tuck in your sheets and tidy your blankets. Beddy’s helps solve that problem with zip-on linens and bed coverings! 


Everything is better when you buy in bulk, especially toilet paper. We have 2020 to thank for that! Sign up for Costco as an Escapees member and get a $20 Costco Shop Card. And try not to spend it all on TP.

Service Discounts

RV-related product discounts are great. But RV service discounts might be even better! Here are the various RV- related and personal services you can save money on through your Escapees RV Club membership.

RVLife Pro

RV LIFE, a software and media company on a mission to make RVing easier by helping people dream of new adventures and providing tools to journey with confidence. Escapees members enjoy discounts on all RVLife Pro tools, including RV Trip Wizard, RV Safe GPS app, and Maintain My RV.

Wholesale Warranties

If you have a used RV or an RV that is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, an extended RV warranty is a worthwhile investment. Escapees is partnered with Wholesale Warranties to offer members $40 off any new claim.

FCIS Insurance

FCIS is the leading RV insurance specialist with over 40 years of experience. FCIS Insurance is well-known around Escapees circles. They attend Escapade and participate in our webinar program. As a new Commercial Partner, they’ll continue providing the great service they’re known for to members and RVers looking for insurance. Discounts vary by underwriting and carrier.

Mobile Internet Resource Center

The world of mobile internet is changing every day. The best way to stay up to date and informed is with the information from the experts at Mobile Internet Resource Center. Escapees members save $10 off a Mobile Internet Aficionados membership.

Tax Queen

Tax Queen is a virtual tax firm supporting mobile entrepreneurs including RVers since 2014. Not only is Heather a CPA, she is also a full-time RVer, so she gets the nuances of RV life and finances. Members get free access to her helpful guides!


Escapees members can save up to 10% off RV insurance through Roamly, a service designed to fit the unique wants of RVers.

RV Trader

There comes a time in every RVers life when it’s time to sell. Whether you’re moving on to a new RV or hanging up the keys, Escapees members save $10 on the Enhanced Package with RV Trader. RV Trader is a leading RV sales marketplace guaranteed to get more exposure to sell your RV faster.

Escapees Roadside Assistance

With Escapees Roadside Assistance, you’ll be covered when the unexpected happens. Roadside Assistance can save you a lot of money on repairs, towing, and more!

Natural Mental Health

As much as we love the adventure and challenges of RV life, it doesn’t fix all our mental and emotional health woes. Natural Mental Health® is for folks searching for a more natural approach to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression and who want to cultivate more joy in their lives. They offer a variety of opportunities to connect with professionals and peers as you travel on your healing journey.

Save Money on RV Rallies and Events

RV rallies and RV events are the best way to meet like minds and make friends with RVers around the country. Escapees and Xscapers have multiple RV rallies, events, and Convergences throughout the year.

Escapees members have access to all the events offered by the Club. Members have access to discounted ticket prices on any Club events that are open to the public.

Members answer questions during an Escapade seminar on full-time RVing.

Escapees Escapade

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 2Escapade is Escapees RV Club’s largest event of the year. This week-long event is full of fun, entertainment, RV education, a marketplace, and so much more. From seminars like the one above, where members answered questions from fellow members about full-time RVing, to social gatherings over shared interests, there is something for everyone at Escapade!

Escapees HOPs

Variety of logos of companies offering Escapees members discounts, to help members save the most money with an Escapees RV Club membership

Escapees Head Out Programs (HOPs for short) are excursions to unique locations and special events. If you’ve always wanted to head to a bucket list destination like the Rose Parade, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, or on a cruise to Alaska but don’t want to plan the trip… A HOP might be perfect for you! The Club plans the itinerary, activities, and even some of the meals.

Escapees Hangouts

Escapees HangoutsEscapees Hangouts are laid-back and relaxed events with a loose itinerary for adventurous Escapees. These events are perfect for making new friends while enjoying tours of breweries, ziplining, hiking, biking, volunteering at National Parks, and more.

Xscapers Annual Bash

Xscapers Annual Bash LogoXscapers Annual Bash is the biggest Xscapers event of the year. Imagine a ten-day party with 800 of your closest friends, educational seminars, rig tours, games, margarita contests, and more. Annual Bash is just like that, only better!

Xscapers Convergences

Xscapers ConvergencesXscapers Convergences are RV events for the working-aged RVer with activities during the evenings and weekends to cater to the working hours. Most Xscapers events are dry camping and feature various activities depending on season and location.

Save Money on Camping with Escapees

Members can save money at RV parks like Raccoon Valley Escapees RV ParkThere are many ways you can save money on camping with an Escapees RV Club membership.

Escapees RV Parks

Escapees members receive discounted rates on stays at Escapees RV Parks around the country, including Raccoon Valley Escapees RV Park, pictured above. Whether you’re looking for a quick overnight, a weekend, or a long-term stay, Escapees RV Parks can accommodate you. Leases and deeded lots are available in some parks.

Escapees Co-Op Parks

Escapees helped form 11 Co-Op parks that are exclusive to members of Escapees RV Club. These RV parks are independently managed and operated by members and not the Club itself.

Escapees RV Club members may purchase a Co-Op membership when available, which provides access to a specific lot until the membership is sold back to the cooperative.

Traveling Escapees are welcome at Escapees Co-Op parks around the country at discounted rates.

Some co-ops even have special offers, like a first-timer discount, that can save you anywhere from $50 to an entire week’s stay!

Discount Park Directory

Escapees Discount Park Directory is a directory of hundreds of parks around the US offering Escapees RV Club members discounts on stays. Discounts within the Discount Park Directory range from 10% – 50% off at selected parks.

The Discount Park Directory can be found in the Escapees Member Dashboard under ‘Member Directories.’

Overnight RV Parking

Another way you save money on camping with your membership is with the Day’s End Directory. The Day’s End Directory is a resource made exclusively for members of Escapees RV Club, featuring over 1,000 pages of listings of free and low-cost overnight camping spots. This directory has listings in every US state and Canadian province.

Campground Views

Though Campground Views isn’t a discount program for camping, it IS an invaluable tool in selecting your ideal campsite! The company’s industry leading Campground Virtual Tour technology allows you to tour almost 1,000 campgrounds and RV parks all across the country (and the number has been and continues to grow). Escapees members get a great discount on this useful program! (Find out how on the Member Discount list linked above.)

Save Money on RV Education

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 3

Escapees RV Club offers many educational opportunities for RVers of all kinds! Whether you’re still in the planning stages, just starting out, or have been on the road for a while, there is an educational resource for you.

Members get discounts on Escapees educational resources, including RVers Boot Camp and RVers Online University.

RVers Boot Camp

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 4

RVers Boot Camp is an in-person educational program that focuses on all-things RVs. It quite literally is a boot camp training!

RVers Boot Camp events are led by a panel of experts in the RV industry with several years of hands-on RVing experience. Attendees spend three days in a classroom-style setting and have personal access to instructors for questions, comments, and more.

Topics covered in the RVer’s Boot Camp curriculum include RV operation, RV maintenance, and RV safety. Students learn about drivable RVs, towables, water systems, propane systems, batteries, electric, tires, and so much more.

RVers Online University

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 5

RVers Online University is Escapees’ online training platform for RVers. RVOU currently offers two online educational programs for RVers. This online training platform combines RVers Boot Camp curriculum expanded with additional content to learn how to go full-time and have the confidence to properly and safely operate your RV.

In RV Foundations, students learn RV operation, safety, and maintenance skills to operate and maintain their RV properly. Knowing proper RV operation and maintenance can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on preventable repairs.

In celebration of the club’s 45th anniversary, Escapees RV CLub has expanded member benefits to include more FREE education! Through May 2024, all current and new Escapees members will receive one year of access to RV Foundations for free as part of their membership! 

In Roadmap to Full-Time RVing, students learn how to choose the right RV, prepare for RV life, and navigate life on the road as a new RVer.

Escapees SmartWeigh


Escapees SmartWeigh is both an educational program and a service for RVers. This program is for the exclusive purpose of enhancing RVer safety on the road and educate RVers about the importance of weight and load management.

SmartWeigh can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in preventative repairs and maintenance in the event of issues caused by improper weight or load management.

SmartWeigh personnel weigh each corner of the RV and tow vehicle and provide detailed reports and instructions to solve any weight issues. This program is exclusive to members of Escapees RV Club.

Discounts on Other RVer Memberships

Did you know that you get discounts on other RV memberships just by being a member of Escapees RV Club?

Escapees has partnered with many other RVing memberships for RVers to provide members with discounts on the most helpful and valuable services and memberships.

Fulltime Families

Are you traveling with a family? Fulltime Families is a membership club with thousands of full-time RV families looking for connections on the road. Escapees members qualify for a free year of Fulltime Families, a $65 value.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts provides RVers with unique boondocking stays in incredible locations. Members get access to free camping at places like wineries, museums, and more! Escapees members save an exclusive 20% off a Harvest Hosts membership.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a membership for boondockers with hosts and campers all over the country. Boondockers Welcome hosts offer up their land, driveways, and more for travelers to camp for free. Escapees members save $5 on a Boondockers Welcome membership.

Passport America

Expand your discount camping options even more with a Passport America membership. Passport America members save 50% off campsite costs at over 1,800 campgrounds. Escapees members qualify for three free months of a Passport America subscription.

Other Benefits Included With An Escapees RV Club Membership

In addition to saving money with your Escapees RV Club membership, there are some fantastic free benefits that you won’t find anywhere else!

Escapees Magazine

How to Save Money With An Escapees RV Club Membership 6

Escapees Magazine is a bi-monthly publication packed with tips, inspiration, and education about all things RVing. The magazine is available in both print and digital form for Escapees members as a part of your membership.

As a member, you can view all past magazines online back to 2006 in the digital archive.

RVer Advocacy

Escapees has been fighting for RVers’ rights for 40 years through continued advocacy efforts on topics that affect the full-time community. From defending full-time RVer’s right to vote to fighting to keep free camping options open and most recently advocating to keep campgrounds open during COVID, RVer advocacy is part of the heart of Escapees RV Club.

Domicile and Estate Consultations with East Texas Legal

Domicile and Estate Planning are tricky waters to navigate for any RVer. Get a free consultation from Escapees Commercial Partner, East Texas Legal, PLLC. The experts at East Texas Legal are well versed in the domicile and estate planning issues that RVers face.

Financial Planning and Insurance Services through Church Street Financial

Since 1997, Church Street Financial has focused on helping individual investors and businesses reach their financial goals. They apply this same experience to advising RVers in how to best plan for their financial futures! Additionally, the insurance division of Church Street Financial offer services in the following: -Property & Casualty Insurance (Multiple RV Insurance Carriers for “full-timers”) -Individual & Group Health Insurance -Life & Disability Insurance -Medicare Plans.

Escapees Mail-Forwarding Service

Escapees operates the oldest, largest, and most economical private mail forwarding service in the United States. This service is exclusively available to members of Escapees RV Club and was created for RVers by RVers.

Members can sign up for the mail forwarding service and choose the level of service that fits their lifestyle the best. Escapees RV Club forwards mail to any location in North America.

There Are Many Ways To Save With Escapees

Whether it’s a discount on a product or service, saving money on an event, or through education and preventative maintenance, Escapees knows that every dollar counts.

With all the benefits of an Escapees RV Club membership, it can be easy to forget all of the discounts and other benefits at your disposal.

Spend some time getting familiar with your member dashboard, check out the member discounts section, and don’t forget about the Commercial Partner and Commercial Member directories!

What is your favorite aspect of an Escapees RV Club membership? Share in the comments below!

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