Dating as a full-time RVer

Dating as a Full-Time RVer: Can It be Done?

Dating as a Full-Time RVer

So, you’re a nomad or wannabe nomad that plans to date on the road. Maybe you even hope to find a life partner. I’ve done the nomadic dating scene, but I must warn you that as a full-time RVer, you should be prepared for an even harder dating life than usual.

Can you date? Sure thing.

Can you find a significant other? Well, that might be a little more complicated. It depends on if you want to remain a nomad or you’re content settling back down in one place.

Let’s talk about how you can date on the road and what it’s like, first.

How to Date as a Nomad

I am a single 40-something chick who has been full-time RVing for over three years. During this time, I have had dates but only one short-term boyfriend.

So how does one date on the road, especially when moving frequently? I boondock full-time, which means I must move about every two to three weeks depending on where I am. My moves are not usually within the same town, city, or area. They are quite often over 150 miles, which isn’t conducive for dating long-term. At least not if the other person is living in a traditional manner with a mortgage or rent payment.

How does a nomad find dates? If you are above the age of, say, 30ish, then you likely aren’t going to be looking for anyone in a bar. So, where? It’s hard to meet locals when you are not involved in the community and have no friends in town.

First, you can join RVing clubs. The kind of clubs that get together and have rallies. Get on Instagram and start using RVing and nomadic related hashtags. You never know who might be 5 sites down from you or even just a 30 minute drive away! Friend people with similar interests. They may have a single friend.

Another convenient way to find dates is online dating.

Tinder and Bumble are two of the most widely used dating sites in the country. Are they perfect? Uhhh, not by a long stretch.

Girls, (and guys, I guess…) it’s no secret that some of the users are just looking for a hookup. If that’s not what you are looking for, it’s not hard to weed them out with a few questions or by using your intuition. (Or some by just looking at their photos, LOL!)

I had a boyfriend for about 6 months and we met through Tinder. No, he wasn’t my favorite BF, but we did date. We literally broke up over an argument over the Kardashians. Let’s just say he wasn’t for me.

Dating websites can also work if you are serious about finding a significant other. Match, OK Cupid and more out there can help introduce you to the local flavor.

Dating as a Full-Time RVer: Can It be Done? 1

Online Dating Downsides

Not every guy or girl on there will be your ideal date. Not by a long shot. With the dating apps, I have found that the more rural of an area I am in, the fewer prospects I have. This makes sense since I am in a less populated area. Unfortunately, I am in less populated areas a lot.

Sometimes, I give up on using dating apps for their given purpose and just use them as entertainment. Why? Because some dudes just have no idea.

They post some terrible photos- close-up selfies, bathroom selfies, whole body tattoos, scary looking photos. These have zero appeal to me.

So yeah, it can be wildly entertaining yet scary. At the same time,  it’s frustrating because there’s not a big pool from which to choose.

So yes, dating apps can find you dates. But you will likely have to swipe left a lot to find even a possible match, especially if you are over 40-ish. I’ve come across a few nomadic wanderers on the apps. They are few and far between. Let’s get into nomads looking to date other nomads.

Dating Other Nomads

Yes, it’s possible. I know of quite a few full-time nomad friends who have dated or just hooked up. But how many of them have turned into a relationship? I currently only know of two couples in over three years. That’s all. 

Dating is not too hard. Finding a significant other in a full-time nomad is much harder. If you are also someone who wants to remain a nomad, you have whittled down the pool of potential partners down to a very small segment of the population. 

Most people out there living this life are already coupled up. Many others only do it as a means to find the “perfect” place to settle down. 

Singles? Much less than half of the many full-timers are single. And now probably only half of those will even begin to qualify as a potential mate for you (unless you’re bisexual). 

Out of that small pool, you have to find one that you are attracted to, who is attracted to you, who is of an appropriate age, who you get along with, and yada, yada, yada. Good luck with that! 

The point is that looking for a nomad who wants to stay that way is like finding a needle in a haystack. Do-able but difficult.

Kelly Beasley looking out over the the water

What’s the Verdict?

There are slim pickings out there, folks. So now you know. Dating on the road is not a walk in the park. It’s doable using friends, online dating, and you could try mingling with locals at concerts, farmers markets, etc. 

However, if you want to date another nomad who wants to remain a nomad, the challenge is real. It can happen, I’m just telling you it’s not likely going to be easy and it might even not happen. You had better be happy being a solo, and just being with yourself before you take off. Or you may not last long as a solo nomad. Good luck out there!

Kelly Beasley


Kelly Beasley

Kelly Beasley is co-founder of Camp Addict, an educational guide for using all things RVing. She tells of her blunders and goofs and successes on the road at She has been full-time for almost 3.5 years now with no intentions of stopping.

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Dating as a full-time RVer

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