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Working From An RV: How to Choose the Best RV For Digital Nomads

how to choose the best rv for working remotely - man at RV desk with laptop looking out the window at the sea

Working from an RV can present unique challenges. If you want to work from the road, you might be searching for the best RV for working remotely. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about choosing the best RV to work from for your own needs. We’ve also included some awesome RV desk and office ideas to inspire you!

What is the Best RV For Working Remotely?

There isn’t a single specific RV that is the best for working remotely. While some RVs do come with desks or office space, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all choice. 

Everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to an RV. Because of this, it’s essential to take a look at the bigger picture of what you and/or your family needs in an RV, and then see what you can do to suit it to your remote work needs. 

While some might be best suited with a small travel trailer for working remotely, others might need the biggest 5th wheel on the market to accommodate their growing family. Let’s look at what factors make an RV great for both work and play.

What Makes An RV The Best RV for Working Remotely?

Any RV can be set up for working remotely. But, for some, it’s easier than others. 

At minimum, most remote workers need internet access and a computer workstation. 

Some might be fine with working on a laptop from the built-in dinette. Others might prefer a more permanent set up, or a private RV office space. 

And some might like to set up their daily workstation outside the RV, under the awning or in a screen tent. 

And that’s the beauty of the RV lifestyle – you get to make it your own. 

Working From Your RV: What You Need to Consider

Working From An RV: How to Choose the Best RV For Digital Nomads 1

Let’s dive into the most crucial elements you should consider when you’re looking for an RV to work from. 

These factors can make or break your experience of working from your RV. 

Mobile Internet

Most remote workers need internet access, and just like many things in the RV lifestyle, there are many ways to configure your own internet set up. 

The main RV internet options include: 

  • Working from a cell phone hotspot. (Cellular data)
  • Working from a dedicated mobile hotspot. (Cellular data)
  • RV satellite internet.
  • Public wifi, like at a campground. 

For most people, using either cellular data or satellite satisfies RV remote work internet needs. 

Public wifi at a campground sounds like a great draw, but it should never be relied on. Campground wifi is notoriously bad and typically will not suit your remote work needs.

Mobile internet is such an in-depth topic that we can’t possibly cover it all here. 

Head to the Mobile Internet Resource Center for in-depth guides, videos, and much more – all about staying connected from the road.

Electricity Needs

The next consideration is your electricity needs. Do you want to spend a lot of time boondocking or camping off the grid? 

If so, be sure to determine how much battery power (and potentially solar) you will need to keep your work equipment running and charged. 

RV Desk or RV Office Space

Are you someone who needs a dedicated desk or dedicated RV office space? There are a lot of options if so. 

Here are the options for RV desks and office space: 

  • Buy an RV with a built-in desk
  • Build your own RV desk
  • Buy an RV with a spare bedroom or built-in office space
  • Create your own RV office space. For example: you can get a toy hauler and convert the garage space into an office with a view!

Ergonomic Seating

Working From An RV: How to Choose the Best RV For Digital Nomads 2

Don’t be like this guy! Few things are worse than a literal pain in the neck or back from improper work posture. And long-term improper posture can cause long-term pain and health problems.

When considering working from an RV, look for an area where you can have a space for good seating (or standing) for proper work posture. 

Travel Planning

Are you planning on full-time RVing or part-time RVing? No matter how often or far you travel, as a remote worker you will have to plan your travels around work. 

Not only will you have to plan around your work schedule, you also have to plan your travels around internet access for either cellular data or satellite internet.

If you need steady and reliable internet access 100% of the time, your travel planning will include a lot of backup planning. 

You can use the app: Coverage? created by Chris and Cherie of the Mobile Internet Resource Center to view overlays of cell signals for major carriers in your desired location. 

Keep in mind that even if an area has great cell coverage, circumstances do arise where you will experience throttling or outages. This is especially common in packed destinations like tourist hotspots, festivals, etc. 

In these instances, plan to head to a local library, coffee shop, or even a McDonalds to get your work done for the day. 

Family and/or Personal Living Space Needs

Working From An RV: How to Choose the Best RV For Digital Nomads 3

Last but not least, considering your personal living space needs and that of your family or travel companions is of utmost importance. 

While work may be essential to staying on the road, it’s also important to have a floorplan that everyone is happy with. 

Do RVs Come With Office Space? 

Yes, some RVs do come with office space! Some RVs come with dedicated desks and workstations built-in, and some come with multi-purpose rooms that can be used as an office. 

And some RVs come with areas that are just begging to be turned into whatever you need them to be – like a toyhauler’s garage space! 

More and more RV manufacturers are starting to present RVs that come with desks or office space, but the truth is – you can easily make your own if you want to. You don’t have to be limited to the floor plans that come with dedicated workspaces. 

RV Desk Ideas for Working From Your RV

In our article RV Mobile Workspaces: Offices with a View, we featured several RVers and their DIY RV desk ideas. 

With a little creativity, spaces that are already in an RV can be re-imagined into an effective RV desk or workspace. 

Converting a Toy Hauler into an RV Office Space

If you need a permanent RV office space with plenty of storage and room to spread out, a toy hauler garage is a great idea. Check out this photo from Denny Winkowski!

Xscaper Workspace Denny Winkowski Header

RV Desk Idea with a View

A lot of RVs come with multiple seating areas, and not all of them are needed. Lisa and Dan Brown converted a part of the living area in their 5th wheel by removing a sofa and adding a table that serves as a 2-person desk.

Xscapers Lisa and Dan Brown Workspace

RV Desk Space Without Much Modification – Choosing an RV With Work in Mind

Brandon and Kerensa started their RV search with the end in mind. They knew they needed a workspace and they didn’t want to do a ton of remodeling. They landed on a floor plan that had enough counter space for them both to work from comfortably with minor adjustments.

Working From An RV: How to Choose the Best RV For Digital Nomads 4

Check out the rest of the RV desk ideas here!

Tips for Working From Your RV

Working from your RV presents unique challenges that most remote workers never have to think about. 

From the struggle to finding good internet to staying productive through the excitement of being in a brand new location, there’s a lot going on. 

Here are some tips for being a productive, efficient, and healthy RVing remote worker.

1. Maintain A Work Schedule and Work/Life Balance

One of the best ways to help you avoid burnout and keep your productivity levels consistent is maintaining a schedule. 

Not all remote work options have a set schedule. And if you have a flexible gig, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by creating a work schedule. 

Not only does having a schedule help keep you motivated and smashing your goals, it also enables you to have a proper work/life balance. 

If you have a flexible freelance job or if you’re an entrepreneur, you know all too well how easy it is to overwork yourself. And yes, that’s possible in an RV too! 

Having set time off is essential for not only your quality of work, but your mental health as well. You can maintain a quality work/life balance by keeping yourself on a schedule. 

2. Have a Backup Plan for Internet

Even if you think you have the best mobile internet setup in the world, you’re going to need a backup plan at some point. 

Especially if your job requires a constant steady connection. 

Some RVers find it helpful to purchase a hotspot plan with multiple carriers to ensure the best coverage, and some utilize both satellite and cellular data for the internet. 

Whatever you do, never rely on campground wifi alone to get your work done. 

3. Read Reviews For Wifi Insights

Campground and boondocking spot reviews on websites like Campendium are invaluable for the mobile workforce. The reviews are all user generated and have a spot for reviewers to share what kind of cellular coverage they experienced at any given campground. 

Reading reviews is a great way to get real life insights on how well the cell signal or wifi is in any campground or campsite.

Where to Find Jobs on the Road

If you’re looking for RV-friendly remote jobs or even workamping gigs, check out our RVer Job Exchange job board.

On the RVer Job Exchange, you can create a profile, upload your resume, and browse available openings. 

Or, if you’re looking to expand your team, consider your fellow mobile workforce! You can create an employer profile and browse talent, too. 

Working From An RV: The Best Option For You 

As you know, there are many other factors to consider when shopping for an RV other than a workstation. 

You should always consider your work needs, your personal needs, your travel needs, and your family or companion’s needs and preferences. 

And remember: just because an RV doesn’t come with a dedicated workspace, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! 

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