2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap

Imagine a world where the open road stretches out before you, beckoning you to new adventures and unforgettable experiences. Now, picture that world coming to life at a celebration of freedom, community, and the sheer joy of getting a little bit weird.

From January 13th to January 21st, 2024, RV enthusiasts from every corner of the country descended upon the rugged beauty of the SARA Park Rodeo Grounds in Lake Havasu City, AZ where the spirit of adventure was palpable in the air.

2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 1

RVs Parked And Ready For The Bash

As the sun peeked over the horizon on that first day, the excitement was tangible. Over 340 RVs, vans, and schoolies, filled with over 600 adults and 80 kids, rolled into the grounds.  It was a carnival of colors, with RVs of all shapes and sizes converging on this picturesque venue. The air buzzed with anticipation as newcomers and seasoned travelers alike prepared to embark on a journey unlike any other… the 2024 Xscapers Annual Bash! The theme? “Let’s Get Weird.” And oh, did we embrace it with open arms!

The Start of Something Beautiful… and Weird.

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2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 3

Come As You Were In High School Theme Night

The opening ceremony set the stage for an unforgettable week as attendees embraced the theme of “Come as you were in High School.” From groovy hippies and letterman jackets, to grungy flannel-clad burnouts and emo punks, retro vibes were easy to find in the crowd. A 90s soundtrack performed by Las Vegas’s own Empire Records, turned back the clock.  Members danced the night away to tunes that brought them back to their younger years.  Afterward, a towering bonfire lit up the night sky, casting its warm glow on the revelers below.

A Whirlwind of a Week

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2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 5
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 6
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 7
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 8
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 9

It’s like summer camp!

From the section Block Parties and the Zombie Lot Crawl to the Xscapers Olympics, the week was a whirlwind of excitement and adventure.  The lot crawl is always one of the most popular activities on any Xscapers Convergence calendar but the undead-theme was a new addition at this event.  Members embraced the zombie weirdness by dressing in costumes, decorating their RVs, and serving up some truly unique snacks and drinks. 

The Xscapers Olympics are a Bash tradition and this year did not disappoint! Picture this: onesie-clad competitors parading through the venue, preparing to compete in some of the strangest games you’ve ever witnessed, and torches set ablaze as the Olympics were kicked off in true Xscapers style.

Throughout the week, educational workshops served up a feast of knowledge, covering everything from solar power and RV boondocking to starting a business on the road.  Most of the talks and seminars were given by our very own members and the topics were tailored to cover things that matter most to our community.

Forging Connections, Making Memories

2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 10
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 11

Attendees support CARE during the silent auction and Bash Buddies wear neon hats.

The Xscapers Annual Bash was more than just activities—it was a chance to forge lifelong connections and make lasting memories. Bash Buddies led the way, neon hats shining bright as they welcomed newcomers into the fold and showed them the ropes.

And when it came time to give back, the community stepped up in a big way!  Between the Silent Auction, bar tips, mail room collections, and individual donations, Xscapers raised over $10,000 for CARE, a testament to the generosity and compassion that flowed through the veins of the gathering.

Entertainment Extravaganza: Let’s Get Weird

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2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 13
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 14
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 15
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 16
2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 17

Now, let’s talk about the entertainment. From the comedic antics of Wacky Chad to the hilarious happenings of Hollywood Hypnotist Kevin Stone, the stage was a riot of laughter and fun.

And the bands? Oh, they brought the house down! Empire Records kicked off the week and had us dancing like it was 1999.  During our catered breakfast burritos on the first Sunday morning, we were serenaded by the beautiful sounds of Arbour Season.  During the week, we had happy hour performances by Arlo Kipfer on Thursday and Mark Cormican on Friday. Friday night saw the return of crowd favorites, The Status Crowes.  The Border Hookups kicked off our last Saturday and entertained us with their chill vibes during the potluck brunch. Lyte Bryte, a high energy party band out of Las Vegas, got the party started on Neon Night and DJ Chris Neon, in collaboration with the Boom Bandits, kept the party going into the early hours.

Each performance was a testament to the eclectic spirit of the Xscapers community, where weird is wonderful and the only rule is to have a good time.

A Legacy of Adventure and Possibility

2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 18

As the stars twinkled overhead and boom of the bass finally settled, the Xscapers Annual Bash drew to a close, leaving behind a legacy of laughter, friendship, and endless possibility. In the weeks and months that will follow, I am quite sure that stories of the weird and wonderful will echo through the community, reminding us that the journey is great, but with friends, it’s even better!

So here’s to the 2024 Xscapers Annual Bash, where the weird got weirder, the fun got funkier, and the spirit of adventure knew no bounds. Until next time, fellow travelers—let’s keep getting weird together!

2024 Xscapers Annual Bash Recap 19

Hollie Parks, Xscapers Convergence Director

Hollie took over as the Xscapers Convergence Director in October of 2021. She and her husband Aaron have been Escapees Members since 2017. 
Hollie loves the sense of community that this club provides for its members, a sense of having a neighborhood on wheels. She loves being a part of creating memorable events for her friends to participate in.

3 Responses

  1. What a Fabulous, Frenzied, Fellowship of FUN! So bummed we couldn’t be there.

    RV is having a bit of body and paint work this week. Ummm who installed that ancient fence post in the desert, which eventually became the almost immovable spine of a growing tumble weed!?! Hope to be headed towards Quartzsite on the 29th. Stops in Yuma, a rally in Benson plus a week at Saguaro, and then on to Lake Whitney, Texas for the eclipse. Our single RV space is already reserved with a waiting list of friends hinting…

    See ya’ down the road!

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