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Winegard ConnecT +4G Internet for RVers

When I wrote my first Winegard ConnecT review, I promised a follow-up once we returned to civilization and hit the road south for the season. So, here goes…

tl;dr The Winegard ConnecT +4g LTE is an excellent internet solution for RVers who rely on local WiFi and want a mobile wireless data connection with no service contract.

For complete details about the WiFi extension capabilities of the Winegard ConnecT, read that first review, visit the Winegard website, or check out more reviews on Amazon.

Winegard ConnecT Feature Summary

Winegard ConnecT 4GEnhance the performance of any RV park WiFi network by extending its reach inside and around your rig. The Winegard ConnecT will boost the signal of any local WiFi signal, offering considerable improvement in performance and stability of connectivity.

The ConnecT +4G provides mobile broadband internet access anywhere within the AT&T wireless coverage area, with no monthly service contract.

The system comes with antenna assembly, hotspot, router, all necessary wiring and mounting hardware, and simple to use admin interface software.

Installation and set up is simple, and adding data to your Winegard account as you need it is easy and affordable.

Once we left the remote northern Colorado mountains, the Winegard Connect +4G provided consistent fast internet connectivity for us, all the way to southern California.

Winegard ConnecT 4G LTE Coverage Map

Winegard ConnecT 4G LTE Coverage Map

We enjoyed 4G speeds capable of streaming Amazon Prime video without any interruption. I was able to upload large graphics files for clients, and backup files to our AWS S3 buckets quickly and securely.

We strongly believe redundancy is the absolute best internet for RVers. The ConnecT is a great addition to the mix for any full-time RVer who needs to get online and work from anywhere, or those who enjoy staying connected at all times, for any reason. Performance of the ConnecT is completely comparable to our Verizon Mifi (aka JetPack) mobile broadband hotspot. And the 4G speeds beat our satellite internet connection.

Winegard ConnecT Data Speeds

Winegard ConnecT Wireless Internet Data Speeds

In my opinion, the best feature of the Winegard ConnecT +4G has to be the ability to purchase data as you need it. Finding a wireless internet service provider who will not require you to sign up for a monthly service contract is difficult these days. In a sense, Winegard offers unlimited internet without a contract. Add data to your plan and you can download whatever, whenever you want!

Winegard ConnecT Data Plan

Add Winegard ConnecT data when and where you need it!

Run out of data? Just add more to your account via the intuitive interface. You can use it to easily identify how much data you have left at any time.

Winegard ConnecT Data Plans

Winegard ConnecT Data Plans

The only drawback I see, is that you must be online to add data to your account. So, you must be within reach of another WiFi network to get online and purchase a data plan. Out boondocking in the boonies somewhere? No problem! Take your phone to town and purchase additional data. Back at the RV, get online immediately with multiple computers or devices. When that is gone, add some more, it’s that simple. And with the WiFi extension features of the Winegard ConnecT, getting online at any RV park that has free WiFi is easy – even if you parked far away from the antenna!

Any questions?

Original author: Jim

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