Weight and Safety Tip | Tire Speed Limits

Weight and Safety Tip | Tire Speed Limits

By Jim Koca #86367, Escapees RVers’ Boot Camp Instructor​

Who would think that tires have a speed limit?

For most tires on motorhomes, the maximum speed limit is 75 mph. For fifth-wheels and travel trailers, the speed rating could be as low as 60 to 65 mph. If you exceed the speed rating of a tire, it will not explode; however, maintaining a higher speed for a long distance can cause heat buildup. This can damage the tire.

Factors that can affect a tire’s speed rating include tire inflation, vehicle alignment, duration that the tire is driven in excess of the rated speed and driving conditions. If a tire has been damaged or run while under-inflated, overloaded or has been repaired, the manufacturer speed ratings will not apply and the speed rating will be lower. The best way to find the speed limit for your tires is to use the tire manufacturer’s load inflation charts. Not only will these charts tell you the speed rating for the tire, it will also show you the inflation pressure for the load that the tires are carrying.
If you are unsure of how much weight your tires are carrying, make an appointment and visit an Escapees SmartWeigh weighing location (see ad below).

Remember, an RV is not a race car and shouldn’t be driven like one. Driving at a slower pace will save wear and tear on your tires, allow you to be safer and to better enjoy the scenic beauty of your RV travels.

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