Small Kitchen Big Feast With RV Convection Oven

Can you really make a big feast in a small RV kitchen? Julie shows you how to prepare an amazing meal in an RV without the need for an Oven or Microwave. Instead, she uses our RV Convection Oven, Slow Cooker/Crockpot, Ninja Food Prep and Propane Stove Top to create a gourmet meal fit for the holidays – or any day! You’ll definitely see that we aren’t exactly roughing it, we consider it more glamping than camping!

We also share links to our favorite kitchen appliances and space saving items below, along with the recipes used, so go grab yourself a beverage and a snack and settle in to watch the video. Enjoy!

WARNING: This video may cause watering taste buds and hunger pangs 😉

RV Cookware, Appliances and Kitchenware

When deciding on what items to carry in the RV, it usually comes down to practicality ie. Multi-purpose and space/weight saving = compact and light. We also favor things that are less likely to rattle while driving down the road, opting for silicon and acrylic over metal and glass. However, we do like to use real plates, flatware and wine glasses.

Here are some of our favorite appliances, cookware and kitchen ware that we regularly use in our RV and are featured in the video. You can find all other items we use in our RV at our RV Gear Store. As you probably know, if you buy anything via one of our Amazon links, we earn a small commission from Amazon. It’s not much but it helps  cover our costs in running the website and keeping the content free.

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