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SKP Co-Op Parks 2

11 SKP Co-Op Parks available exclusively to Escapees Members.

RV Parks by Escapees Members for Escapees Members

We helped form 11 co-op parks, RV parks available exclusively to Escapees members but managed and maintained by individual members of the co-ops. Escapees members may purchase an SKP Co-Op membership, when available, which entitles the use of a specified lot until sold back to the cooperative.

These co-ops are favored destinations among many Escapees members. Something that sets these parks apart from other RV parks is the atmosphere of community: from their shared amenities to their well-attended social gatherings, you will find yourself surrounded by friends and kindred spirits. 

Because the parks are operated and maintained by their leaseholders, there is a personal touch to all they do. The SKP Co-Op parks are well worth a stop during your travels. For an extra perk, visit your destination’s website to see if they offer a first-timer’s special, saving you anywhere from $50 to an entire week’s stay!

Each SKP Co-Op sets its own rules and is self-governing with a board of directors elected by the members. Operating expenses are shared equally among the membership by way of an annual maintenance fee. Availability of rental spaces at SKP Co-Ops depends on members putting their lots into a rental pool while they travel. During the popular season, there may be few spaces for rent. Call in advance to check the availability of rental sites.

SKP Co-Op Parks 3

SKP Co-Ops

SKP Co-Op Parks 4


Benson, Arizona

SKP Co-Op Parks 5


Casa Grande, Arizona

SKP Co-Op Parks 6


Yuma, Arizona

SKP Co-Op Parks 7


Aguanga, California

SKP Co-Op Parks 8


Coarsegold, California

SKP Co-Op Parks 9

SKP Resort

Wauchula, Florida

SKP Co-Op Parks 10


Pahrump, Nevada

SKP Co-Op Parks 11

Lakewood, New Mexico

SKP Co-Op Parks 12


Sutherlin, Oregon

SKP Co-Op Parks 13

Alamo Area
SKP Co-op

Hondo, Texas

SKP Co-Op Parks 14


Chimacum, Washington