Birds-of-a-Feather (BOFs)

Escapees BOF groups share lifestyle interests such as boondocking, working on the road, disaster relief, biking and hiking, boomers, amateur radio, pet lovers, solos, and quilters, just to name a few! Expand your talents and share your knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are welcome. Join a BOF!

Current BOFs

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Amateur Radio
  • American Volkssport Association
  • Aviation History and Museums
  • Bikes, Boots ‘n Paddles
  • Boomers
  • Boondockers
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Computers
  • Content Creators
  • Friends of Bill W.
  • Full-time Graduating Class
  • SKP Freethinkers
  • Genealogy

Certified BOF Groups

  • Disaster Operations Volunteer Escapees (DOVEs) 
  • SOLOS – The Escapees Singles Club
off road escapees
  • Geocache
  • Hitches and Stitches
  • Jeepers
  • Low Carb Lifestyle
  • Line Dancers Unite
  • Nomadic Families
  • NudeScapers
  • Penwheels
  • Pet Lovers
  • Prospecting and Metal Detecting
  • Roving Volunteers in Christ Service
  • SKP Photographers
  • SOWERS (Servants on Wheels, Ever Read)
  • Stonewall
  • Traveling Yogi
  • Twist Your Throttle
  • SKP Wheels of Progress
  • Vintage and Classic RVs 
  • Whole-Food, Plant-Based
  • Woodcarvers on Wheels
  • Worldwide Travelers
  • And more to come!
Certified BOFs are those which have filed as non-profit organizations and maintain an established leadership structure.
If there isn’t a BOF focused on your special interest, it’s easy to start one. Log into your My SKP account to review the guidelines and connect with our community director.

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