We were joined on this webinar by Ashis Bhattacharya of Winnebago to talk about the future of RVing.

Show Notes

There is so much new technology being put into automobiles and other everyday products. Does it make you curious what the future of RVing holds? How is the RV industry innovating? What trends should we expect to see? We talk about this and more in this interview with Ashis!

Ashis is very passionate in his role at Winnebago and hearing from RVers. This webinar was live on Facebook, fielding questions from viewers.

Escapees RV Club and Winnebago have partnered up to create innovation in the RV industry through real-life user insights. Learn about the Escapees and Winnebago research initiative here.

 Learn more about Ashis here.

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This was recorded as part of a live broadcast on August 5, 2020.