Haven’t been using your RV as much? Unless you’re a full-time RVer, probably not. Maybe it’s time to rent out your RV and make a little money in the process! With more people wanting to try RVing than ever, the peer-to-peer rental market is exploding. Many people have thought about renting out their RV but have questions about the process.
In this webinar, we explore how to rent out your personal RV for extra income with one of the founders of RVezy.com, Mike McNaught. We answer many of the questions that are often asked before an owner jumps into the RV rental market.

Show Notes

Mike and Will founded RVezy in 2016 after realizing their own private RV rentals were leading to a significant amount of extra income. In 2017, Mike and Will pitched their idea to create the “AirBnB for RV’s” on a television show called Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank).

Following their successful pitch and investment deal, RVezy rapidly expanded to become the #1 RV Rental company in Canada by providing exceptional service to RV owners renting through their platform.

After having completed over 100,000 5-star rated bookings, RVezy started its expansion into the US (July 2020) to bring their RV-owner focused platform to the USA and is currently looking for RV owners hoping to earn additional income when their RVs are not in use.

This webinar was live on Facebook on October 14, 2020, fielding questions from viewers.

To rent out your RV through RVezy visit https://www.rvezy.com/owner/en

To find the perfect RV to rent visit RVezy at https://www.rvezy.com/

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