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Xscapers Welcomes New Convergence Director and Shares Future Plans
Convergences emphasizing more community-based events and activities
LIVINGSTON, Texas- April 2022

Xscapers, a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club, recently hired a new Convergence Director and assistant to further the growth of this event program for working-aged RVers.

Established as an official group in 2015, Xscapers was created to bring Escapees RV Club back to its roots of supporting the mobile workforce. Joe and Kay Peterson, Escapees RV Club founders, originally created the club as a way to offer support and comraderie for young families and RVers who traveled across North America, following work opportunities and wanderlust. As the traditional RVing crowd aged, and services, benefits, and events along with them, the need arose to create something for the working-aged RVer who was hitting the road full- or part-time while working and/or raising a family. Xscapers answers this need and has seen exponential growth in the last 7 years, now comprising more than 10% of Escapees RV Club’s 75,000+ members.

Xscapers has become known for their Convergences, which are RV rallies designed to cater to the needs of working RVers. This is accomplished through minimizing daytime activities during traditional working hours and instead, gathering in the evenings and on weekends for happy hour, outdoor excursions, visiting local restaurants, breweries, museums, enjoying live music, etc.

As with any program, periodic re-evaluation is needed to keep things fresh and appealing to those for whom they’re intended. With this in mind, Xscapers’s new Convergence Director, Hollie Parks, shared in a Facebook live event this week her plans for revamping and growing the Xscapers event calendar through encouraging more community-led events.

“The main push to revive these kinds of Convergences is to make our ever-growing community still feel personal.  Large Convergences still have their place within our event calendar but for some, especially new members, they can be very overwhelming,” Parks shared in a recently published blog article.

Annual Bash, the event for which Xscapers has become most well-known, will continue to be the premier social and educational event for working RVers and digital nomads. The group will continue hosting other larger, popular events such as the now-annual 4th of July gathering in Colorado, too. Between these larger events, though, Parks, along with volunteer hosts, will organize smaller, more intimate Convergences around North America to foster community and friendships among both long-standing and new Xscapers members.

To view the current calendar of Convergences for Xscapers, including the upcoming gathering at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, visit https://xscapers.com/xscapers-community/. For more information on Xscapers, visit https://xscapers.com/about/.

Xscapers is a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club members. Since 1978, Escapees has been a leader in supporting those who pursue the RVing lifestyle. The club was founded by full-time RVers, Joe and Kay Peterson, at a time when there was no support group for full-timers. Today, the club continues to grow and transform itself according to the needs of its members, supporting them through benefits and educational and social opportunities. Learn more about what is available to Escapees RV Club members at escapees.com.

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Xscapers Welcomes New Convergence Director, Shares Future Plans 1

Group photo from the 2022 Xscapers Annual Bash (XAB), a week-long social and education event held in Lake Havasu, Arizona . Photo courtesy of Escapees RV Club

Xscapers Welcomes New Convergence Director, Shares Future Plans 2

Xscapers enjoyed a break after their scavenger hunt during the 2022 Tucson Convergence, held in March. Photo courtesy of Hollie Parks.

Xscapers Welcomes New Convergence Director, Shares Future Plans 3

Hollie Parks, Xscapers Convergence Director
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