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Xscapers Gear Up for 2023 Annual Bash

Lake Havasu, AZ- August 2022

  • Hundreds of digital nomads to gather in Lake Havasu, AZ for annual Xscapers rally
  • Now in its 6th year, Bash attracts working-age RVers from across North America

After ticket sales opened last week, hundreds of digital nomads are gearing up for the 2023 Xscapers Annual Bash, scheduled for January 14-22. An annual rally hosted by Escapees RV Club for their Xscapers lifestyle group, Bash is the largest gathering of its kind for RVers, attracting full- and part-time RVers from across North America.

Now in its 6th year, and with new Xscapers Convergence Director, Hollie Parks, at the helm, it promises to be an unforgettable rally complete with live music, dance parties, local food, engaging social games and activities, and education. (Read more about Hollie’s plans for Xscapers Convergences here.)

“While most of our events are focused on the working RVer, with the bulk of activities planned around the typical workday schedule, Annual Bash is amped up. You may want to consider taking a few days off of work so you can participate in daytime activities like the Bloody Mary bar, our educational seminars and community talks, and social games like kickball, while also giving yourself the freedom to dance and party late into the night without the worry of a 9:00 AM conference call.”

Tickets are selling quickly as Xscapers chatter excitedly about what’s ahead. Art Aughey, who will celebrate his second year of club membership in January, thoroughly enjoyed his first experience at Annual Bash last year. “This past year was our first [Annual Bash] and a total game changer. What an amazing group of wonderful humans!”

In addition to the fun and games, Xscapers Annual Bash offers opportunities to learn from and with fellow RVers through community talks and seminars. Past Bash offerings have included presentations on topics such as healthy living while RVing, what to know about boondocking, solar power for your RV, DIY maintenance, and more, from both peers and RV professionals. Sponsoring companies often get in on the fun by hosting seminars and happy hours, mingling with attendees while sharing information about their products or services. Companies interested in sponsoring the 2023 Xscapers Annual Bash, or individuals interested in offering a seminar at the event, should reach out to Escapees RV Club VP and Co-CEO at melaniecarr@escapees.com.

To learn more about Xscapers Annual Bash and reserve tickets, visit https://bash.xscapers.com/.


About Xscapers

In 2015, after recognizing the need for a new approach to RV life focused on those who are working while traveling, Escapees RV Club launched Xscapers. This lifestyle group of Club members caters to the needs of working-aged RVers, including digital nomads, those raising families on the road, and others. With events and resources centered on their unique needs, Xscapers aims to support this growing demographic of RVers. Though Xscapers is a relatively new part of Escapees history, it truly brings the club back to it roots. Escapees RV Club was founded by Joe and Kay Peterson in 1978 to foster community among those who were traveling, often for work, and often with their growing families, and Xscapers continues this tradition by providing a support network for this new, but still similar, generation of RVers.

Xscapers Gear Up for 2023 Annual Bash 1

Past Annual Bash activities have included margarita throwdowns, costumed dance parties, social Olympic-style games, live music, cook-offs, and more.