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This article first appeared in the July/August 2024 edition of Escapees Magazine.

Over the years, Xscapers has transcended its role as a mere subgroup within the Escapees RV Club; it embodies a complete lifestyle, a distinctive mindset, an unmistakable vibe. Delving into the question of whether joining an Xscapers Convergence aligns with your aspirations requires introspection. Whether you’re at the inception stage of your RV odyssey or a seasoned nomad traversing the nation’s expanse, the quest to discover your community on the road is an important endeavor. Perhaps, amid the vast landscape of RV culture, Xscapers represents the gathering of kindred spirits you’ve long sought.

Opting for a life on the open road involves more than just picking the perfect vehicle or plotting out your routes. Amidst the planning, one crucial consideration often slips through the cracks: establishing connections, building a support system, and forming friendships along the way. While many of us maintain ties with family and friends from our previous lives, they may not fully grasp the nuances of nomadic existence. On the road, solitude can become a palpable companion without the chance to connect with fellow travelers who not only comprehend but actively embrace this way of life.

Traditional resources for RVers often cater to retirees, leaving younger generations and families seeking a sense of belonging in uncharted territory. Enter Xscapers- conceived from a shared yearning to forge a community specifically tailored to the requirements of young families and working-aged RVers. At its essence, Xscapers is dedicated to assisting RVers in juggling life on the move with their professional pursuits.

The Convergence Experience: Is an Xscapers Convergence Right for You?

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Central to the Xscapers mission is the Convergence program, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of its members. As the community blossomed, so did the Convergences, evolving into vibrant gatherings where like-minded individuals converge to share experiences, forge friendships, and celebrate the nomadic lifestyle. Now in its ninth year, the Xscapers community has grown significantly, welcoming RVers from all walks of life under the shared desire of community and support. For many members, attending their first Convergence is a launching point for a whole new way to experience life on the road.

At Convergences, you’ll encounter a lively community of spirited individuals united by their fervor for travel and adventure. Our aim is to deliver maximum fun and entertainment value at an accessible price point, and a key strategy in achieving this is prioritizing boondocking whenever feasible. Additionally, our events serve as invaluable learning opportunities for novice boondockers, offering insights and guidance from seasoned veterans. In many instances (though not universally), we organize camping areas into sections for those equipped with solar power and those reliant on generators, facilitating a harmonious experience for all attendees.

Convergence Activities & Schedules

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While each event boasts its own unique flavor, a typical Convergence frequently features live music, tantalizing food trucks, and engaging activities crafted to foster group cohesion and community bonding. Spanning a duration of 5 to 8 nights, Convergences strategically align arrival and departure days with weekends, ensuring minimal disruption to participants’ work commitments. Notably, approximately 80% of Xscapers maintain full-time remote or seasonal employment, prompting us to refrain from scheduling activities during conventional work hours, with the exception of our Annual Bash. 

Kicking off activities later in the day often leads to later nights, offering opportunities for prolonged socialization and gatherings. However, if boisterous campfire revelries or energetic music past bedtime hours don’t align with your preferences, this aspect might influence your decision regarding Convergence attendance.

A pivotal element of every Xscapers Convergence revolves around community-driven activities. Although our events are typically hosted in vibrant towns brimming with attractions, the sheer volume of attendees and time constraints prevent us from fitting every enticing opportunity into the main schedule. This is where our community members step in. Convergence participants are enthusiastically encouraged to organize smaller meetups or excursions in the surrounding area and share them with others via the event mobile app or the event Facebook group. Past community events have included outings to local breweries, off-road adventures, and intimate group tours of nearby landmarks. While our events cater to members balancing work commitments, we recognize that not all attendees are employed full-time, with many enjoying flexible schedules. Community events serve as ideal options for those seeking activities during standard work hours at a Convergence.

Building Community

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While the entertainment and engaging activities may initially capture your interest in attending your first Convergence, they are not the primary focus of the event. While we certainly aim for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time, the core objective of every single Convergence is to foster connections and facilitate meaningful interactions with fellow like-minded individuals. Our ultimate aim is for you to discover your community, to find your tribe. Even if you depart having only forged one new friendship, that’s one more connection than you had before you arrived.

In my view, one of the most admirable aspects of Xscapers is our unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Xscapers stands as an inclusive community, united by the shared passion for RVing. This ethos guides us to embrace individuals from diverse backgrounds without exception, including differences in race, sexual orientation, personal identity, political or religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, or choice of RV. Discrimination in any form is unequivocally condemned. Our only request is simple: be kind, and in turn, you’ll experience kindness in abundance.

Now that you’ve gained insight into the vibrant Xscapers community and our dynamic Convergences program, your next move is to join us at an event. Keep yourself informed by signing up for Xscapers emails and regularly visiting our website to stay updated on upcoming events. Don’t hesitate to secure your tickets for the next event; it could very well be one of the best decisions you’ve made since embarking on your RVing journey.

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Hollie Parks, Xscapers Convergence Director

Hollie took over as the Xscapers Convergence Director in October of 2021. She and her husband Aaron have been Escapees Members since 2017. Hollie loves the sense of community that this club provides for its members, a sense of having a neighborhood on wheels. She loves being a part of creating memorable events for her friends to participate in. 

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