The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes

Do you need a Workamper Resume?

You might need a Workamper Resume if…

You are interested in workamping. You have intentions of grabbing a seasonal job while you live in an RV. OR you want to work for RV employers who would possibly cover your RV site costs.

If you agreed with any of those three statements, the answer is most likely ‘Yes’.

You need a Workamper Resume!

The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes 1

Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes

Full of useful information, practical tips, and action steps you can take today to make sure your resume is in line with the RV job you want and stands out from the rest, this Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes is the perfect place to start!

Most likely you already have a resume!

Maybe it’s not perfect. Maybe it could use a little update. But my guess is you have some sort of resume that details your work experience for the past 5-10 years and probably much longer!

That’s great news!

But wait just moment before you click send and start shipping your resume off! If you just saw an employer advertising workamping positions, take a moment to review your resume. Take some time to make updates, add recent work experience and tune it up to give yourself the biggest leg up on the competition!

It’s your first chance to make a good impression on the employer, so make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity!

With probably 100K RVers trying to grab the same workamping jobs, this is the critical point where your first impression will either make or break your chances of being hired.

Making sure your resume has the right information, the right format, the right pictures, and a cover letter will take some time to get polished, but it makes a huge difference in who will ultimately get the job and who will not.

So take a moment to make sure its perfect!

The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes 2

What Is A Workamper Resume?

A Workamper Resume is practically the same as a traditional job resume. It’s a tool to sell yourself to employers and grab a job you’re interested in. As a sales tool it needs to be well written, well-organized, have a clear objective, and be an effective way of lining up interviews.

What Should Workamper Resumes Include?

  • Full names of everyone applying for work. If you are applying for the jobs as a single worker, you’ll just need your full name. But if you are applying with a partner, both names need to be listed on the resume.
  • Contact information (phone or email): You will want to include some basic information on your workamper resume. In addition to full names for anyone applying for work, we suggest you also provide an email address and phone number. Also make a note of your RV type, RV length, and year- just incase there are any site limitations such as RV types or year.
  • Headshot of person(s) who are applying. Workamper resumes almost always include at least one personal photo. Since employers are hiring without on site interviews, many will ask for these photos ahead of time. Make sure your photos are clear, show you in appropriate clothing and provide an interview worthy shot.
  • Picture showing your RV setup. It’s a really good practice to either include your RV in the headshot we mentioned above or attach another picture of just your RV setup. This way the employer can see exactly what you’re traveling in, and if there are limitations such as size, type or year- they can make a final decision on if your rig is suitable for their property.
  • Clear and short objective statement. Include a short objective or mission statement in the header of your resume to capture your goal. Make sure that it is general enough to cover most jobs you will apply for, since you don’t want to have to update it for each new position.
  • Employment history for past 10 years. Make sure you include the most recent 3-5 jobs you’ve have that can relate to the future jobs you’d be applying for. Resumes should offer an overview of your recent and historical working experience.
  • Highlights on skills relevant to the job you’re applying for. Highlight your best skills, especially the ones that truly relate to this position. You can also add a general note about your extensive skills and training in the section, if you weren’t able to feature them in the Employment History Section. (ex. 35 years as a Master Electrician.)
  • Include references or a note that they are available on request. Make it easy on the employer when it comes to choosing the interview and ultimately hire you for the job! Attach your reference names and an email address or make a note that references are available on request.
The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes 3
Having a powerful workamping resume can lead to job interviews.

Workamper Resume Tips:

  • Keep it short- 1 page per person.
  • Include history outside of typical workamping jobs.
  • Break up paragraphs with bullets and bold headings.
  • Be descriptive about the main responsibilities and your experience.
  • Make notes of volunteer and charity work.
  • Have someone proofread it.

What Is A Cover Letter?

A cover letter is an introduction tool that should always be written for each job and precedes your attached resume. It’s basically the email you send to an employer letting them know you are interested in their position.

It’s sent to employers to introduce yourself and your skill set as the solution to their hiring needs. While not nearly as formal in the world in workamping as it would be for regular 9-5 jobs- the cover letter just needs to get the employer to view your resume.

What Should A Cover Letter Include?

  • Contact name of who will read your resume. Or use something generic like Dear Hiring Manager, if the specific contact is unknown.
  • Your full name and the name if anyone else applying for the position.
  • Introduction of yourself and mention of the RV job you’re applying for.
  • Link between your skills and the experience required for the job.
  • Push to view attached resume.
  • Ask for an interview.

Cover Letter Tips:

  • Short and simple.
  • Don’t include the text of your resume.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Use bullets and bold headings where appropriate.
  • Explain any gaps in your employment history.
The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes 4

3 Biggest Workamper Resume Mistakes

Grammatical & Spelling Errors

Even one error on your resume can make potential employers turn the other way! It’s just not professional, and although we’re all human and can easily make a quick typing error, your resume is one place you can’t afford to have one slip through your editing checks. Have someone, other than your computer’s spell check feature, review your resume for errors. The more eyes the better!

Outdated or No Contact Information

Your contact information needs to be listed not only on your cover letter but also clearly at the top of your actual resume in case they are separated. It’s best to make sure you have it in both places to make it easiest on the employer to contact you when they want to set up an interview. Not having this important information on your workamper resume makes it appear to the employer that you possibly do not care, don’t pay attention to details, and that you are unprofessional. Email and phone numbers should both be listed.

No Past Employment References

You can provide a killer resume, with the best past employment, skills, and experience- but without verifiable references that can answer ‘YES!’ to the question on whether they would rehire you, you can almost guarantee you won’t get the job. Think about your references and what they will say when asked these questions. Contact your references and make sure it’s still appropriate to include them on your resume, especially if it’s been several years.

The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes 5
Upload your resume to different job boards, to get access to more employers!

Workamper Resume Builders

Many sites like the RVer Job Exchange and Workamping Jobs have their own Workamper Resume Builders that you can use for FREE! Conveniently, they’ve built and maintain a comprehensive system where employers have the ability to search for applicants and workampers have the option to be listed in multiple search results which populate by their resumes.

Having your workamper resume online certainly can’t hurt your chances of finding great jobs in fun places. And since these are FREE tools to use, why not?

Personally, I’d post my resume to all the FREE sites and then search for jobs as usual. It’s more of a backup plan than a Plan A, but can be just another way of making sure you’re getting the word out that you’re looking for seasonal jobs!

Websites to Post Your Workamper Resume

Your Workamper Resume

You always have the option to write, edit, and send your resume and cover letter through email to workamping jobs you wish to apply for. And to be honest this is still the best route to take.

Not all employers will spend time searching online builders for applicants, but it doesn’t hurt to put it out there and see if you get a hit!

It’s our hope that this guide has helped explain the ins and out of creating and updating your workamper resume! 

If you’re interested in workamping and want more information, you can always refer to The Ultimate Guide to Workamping!

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