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Why Escapees CARE Benefit Matters to Full-time RVers Like Me and You

Before I tell you why the Escapees CARE benefit is something you need to know about, please join me in honoring the life of Kay Peterson, co-founder of Escapees RV Club and one of my personal heroes. Kay left this world at 90 years young on June 13 after creating a life and a legacy that most people only dream about.

Kay Peterson Rocked the RVing Universe

Escapees CARE benefit, Kay Peterson

In memory of Kay Peterson, Escapees co-founder

Talk about unconventional! Kay and her husband Joe became full-time RVers in 1971 while still in their early 40s and raising two kids. In 1978 they officially formed the Escapees RV Club after realizing that full-time RVers like themselves could benefit from an organized social structure that also advocated or the rights of nomads to remain free of the conventional domestic lifestyle. The Petersons were cutting-edge for their time, they were the original NuRVers.

In her book, “Home is Where You Park It,” Kay’s inspiring approach to life shines through:

“We can do more than just dream about places we have always wanted to see, and we can seek out new experiences that will give us reasons for getting out of bed every day.

We can do those things only if we stop listening to the negative opinions of others. Sometimes it takes courage to start living our dreams. Psychologists claim we live longer when we are happy and when we feel as if our life has a purpose. And occasionally, when life takes on a new purpose, a miracle can happen.”

Kay was a prolific writer. Through her Escapees Magazine column and books she authored, she inspired countless people like myself to reach for personal happiness through travel and adventure. When Jim and I became “SKPs” in 2009 we had the honor of meeting she and Joe at club headquarters. The petite little grandmotherly lady was 82 then, but she still had fire in her belly and an ageless soul.

Escapees CARE benefit, Kay Peterson

On a hot, humid day in Livingston we met Kay and Joe Peterson.

Kay and Joe are together again somewhere in the Universe, but the legacy they created will go on forever. In addition to forming the Escapees RV Club, one of the Petersons’ other great accomplishments was CARE: Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees. Here’s why I donated to CARE today, in honor of Kay.

The Escapees CARE Benefit is for All SKPs Who Need It

Escapees CARE benefit

Learn how CARE helps all SKPs.

Today I donated to CARE in Kay’s honor, and I hope you will too. This non-profit organization is an incredible benefit for Escapees members of any age. The Escapees CARE Center is a place where full-time RVers can recuperate from surgery, illness, or simply live in the comfort of their own RV home once they are no longer able to travel.

CARE answers the question, “What happens to full-time RVers when they cannot take care of their own or their spouse’s needs following an illness, injury, surgery, or the progression of a long-term health situation?”

Whether you just had serious surgery or are ready to hang up the keys for good, for a small monthly fee you can park your rig at the CARE RV park and get help with domestic things like housekeeping, laundry and even meals. For elderly RVers who are no longer traveling, CARE offers a recreation center, social activities and everything one needs for living a comfortable, happy life when traveling days have concluded. The best part about CARE? It’s extremely affordable and costs considerably less than comparable senior citizen assisted living programs that don’t let you live in your own home on wheels.

CARE is located at Escapees headquarters in Livingston Texas. Founded in 1992 and built with volunteer help and generous donations by Escapees members, it’s the only program of its kind in the U.S. Some day Jim and I will be of the age when we need a service like CARE. I think it would be great to see this model replicated all over the U.S., don’t you?

For now, CARE heavily relies on donations to keep rates affordable. Up to 40% of their budget comes from member donations. Whether you’re a SKP or not, please consider donating today in honor of Kay Peterson and the incredible work she did to create the world’s best RV club for nomads like you and me.

Thank you Kay Peterson for all you did for RVers. You’ve touched more lives than you could possibly ever know.


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