Weight & Safety | Winter Driving


By Jim Koca #86367
Escapees RVers Boot Camp Instructor

If you have been traveling for a while and are like most RVers, you probably head south for the winter to avoid driving in inclement weather. However, even if you travel in the South, there is still a possibility you may encounter freezing rain, ice, or snow.

While on the road during these conditions, the biggest concern for RVers is ice, especially black ice (a thin coating of transparent glaze ice allowing the road to be seen through it). And it’s important to remember that bridges and overpasses will freeze over first before it is apparent on the roadway. Icy roads and RVs are not an ideal combination.

If a winter storm is predicted, it’s best to stay parked until it is safe. Weather can change in a short time, and you may find yourself driving through a dangerous storm. The best scenario is to exit and hunker down at a rest stop, parking lot, truck stop, or campground.

To be prepared for unknown weather conditions, make sure your batteries are fully charged and that you have plenty of propane. It’s also wise to carry an extra propane heater, such as a Mr. Buddy or a catalytic heater, to stay warm. To prevent your water pipes from freezing, open cabinet doors. Also, consider pouring RV anti-freeze into the black- and gray-water tanks to prevent the contents from freezing.

For more information on winter travel and how to prepare for it, consider purchasing The RVers Ultimate Survival Guide by Neil LeKander.

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