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Weight and Safety Tip | Rims and Tires

Weight and Safety Tip | Rims and Tires

 By Jim Koca #86367
Escapees RVer’s Boot Camp Instructor

At Escapees RVers’ Boot Camp, and now on the RVers Online University, I talk about the need to understand the design and function of tires on the RV.

These tires are rated to carry a certain load at a maximum air pressure. Anything over this limit can cause damage to the tire at the most inopportune time. It is important to be aware that tire rims also have a load and air pressure capacity. The wheels are engineered to carry a certain load at a maximum air pressure as well. If this is exceeded, the rim can also malfunction.

The tire and rim act as one unit to hold the air pressure inside. This air pressure is what supports the load placed upon it. Not only do you need to inspect the tires, but the rims need to be examined as well. In the photo (below), you can see that the rim is designed to carry 8,000 pounds, at the inflation pressure of 131 psi. Exceeding these values can cause the rim to fail.

If you decide to increase your tire size to a higher operating weight or pressure in order to give you added carrying capacity, you must check your rims to see if they can handle the extra weight and air pressure. Remember, both the tire and rim act as one unit. If you change one, you may need to change the other. To correctly determine how much weight the tires are carrying, call for an appointment at one of the three Escapees SmartWeigh locations. This will ensure that you have the proper air pressure in your tires.

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