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The Editor's Desk | July/August 2013


 By Tammy Johnson #39557, Editor, Escapees Magazine

As Escapees celebrates its 35th birthday, I can’t help but look back over all the previous Escapees magazine issues that have progressed throughout the years.

The Editor's Desk | July/August 2013 1

From the first five-page newsletter Kay Peterson produced out of her and Joe’s RV, to the unique and informative magazine that we have today, it’s amazing to see the gradual metamorphosis that has happened over time. But what’s even more amazing is that, although the magazine has changed, it has still managed to maintain that personal touch and distinct character that Escapees have grown to love. This is because of the loyalty and support of Escapees magazine contributors who share their stories out of the desire to pass on knowledge to fellow members. I doubt that Kay Peterson had any idea that the small newsletter she mailed out in 1978 to a few of her RVing friends would become the publication it is today.

After maintaining the same styles for the magazine for the last four years, the editorial team felt this was a great time to present a new look for the birthday issue. With most of the content remaining unchanged, the pages have been redesigned with new styles that give a casual and friendly feel. Kudos to our graphics department for the hard work they have put into this fabulous facelift. We all hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do.

The Editor's Desk | July/August 2013 2

It wasn’t until I was well into the July/August issue that I realized not only was Escapees having a birthday, it was also my one-year anniversary as editor of Escapees magazine! I couldn’t believe a year had already passed. What an amazing year it has been, and I’m looking forward to many more years.

This celebration comes with bittersweet news. The bitter part is that this issue will be editorial assistant and graphics assistant Darci Grimes’s last issue. Darci has been with the editorial department for eight years, and she has been a valuable asset to the magazine team. Not only will we miss her talented skills in all areas of the magazine, we will miss her big smile and funny stories she shares with us the most. We all wish Darci the best as she moves on to help her husband, Dan, with their ever-growing business.

On the sweet side, Darci and I have been training our new editorial assistant, Allyssa Dyson. Allyssa has been with Escapees for seven years and she is doing a fantastic job as the newest member of the magazine team. With her admirable work ethic, attention to detail and ability to learn quickly, I’m confident Allyssa will be an old pro in no time at all. Welcome to the magazine team, Allyssa!

We all know it is inevitable that time moves forward, birthdays come and go, people move in and out of your life and things change. But, like our goal for Escapees magazine, some things never change. It has the same purpose today as it did when Kay Peterson typed that first newsletter—to share RVing support, knowledge and parking in the “caring and sharing” Escapees way.

I hope the pages of this issue help you along the road of your RV summer journeys, just as you have helped to make Escapees magazine the most unique, and some even say the best, RV publication in the industry! 

2 Responses

  1. I went on line to download Paul Unmack’s 7 articles on “Your RV Refrigerator”. What comes up is a printer unfriendly page. When printing out it cuts 1/3 of the pages off on the right margin. Would you send me a link where I can print out the full pages of all 7 Articles.
    Myrna Patterson SKP 111772, @ pinkurple@yahoo.com

    1. Our apologies, but we don’t have these articles available as a single series PDF at this point. You may want to try copy/pasting the text to a Word document for easier printing.

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