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Webinar header image for RV Extended Warranties

Webinar: RV Extended Warranties Today

What should you know about RV extended warranties today? An extended warranty or service agreement for an RV is different than the one provided with new RVs and is separate from insurance. We’ll talk with a representative from Wholesale Warranties during this webinar to uncover changes to the industry and

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Different RV Types header

Webinar: Different RV Types

Are you looking for an RV and overwhelmed by all the different types available? It may be easy to distinguish between a motorhome and trailer, but when you start diving deeper there are many distinctions. What are the differences between a class B and C? What are the advantages of

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Webinar: Level Up Your Blog

Do you want to level up your RV blog? You’ve spent months or years chronicling your adventures, mishaps, learning opportunities, and successes, using online space to share with family or to record for your own purposes. And now you’re interested in sharing it with others, but how do you help

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Header for 7 Ways to Save on RV Travel

Webinar: 7 Ways to Save on RV Travel

Do you want to save money while traveling in your RV? RVing can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. If you want to learn some ways to cut some expenses and save money for a rainy day, you’ll want to join us for this webinar. Julie and

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Solo RVing header

Webinar: A Panel on Solo RVing

Have you or are you looking to hit the road as a solo RVer? RVing solo creates different challenges than those faced by RVing couples or families. Travel days look a little different when you must hook up your tow or towed car on your own. You may also have

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Downsizing for RVers cover image

Webinar: Downsizing for RV Living

So you want to live in an RV but know your house full of stuff won’t fit in your new home. Where do you start? Downsizing for RV living is a big challenge for everyone no matter if you’re going from a large house, small apartment, or even another RV!

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Domicile for RVers

Webinar: Domicile for RVers

How do you set up domicile as an RVer? Residence takes on a new meaning when your home has wheels and the term “domicile” becomes important. Choosing and establishing a domicile is often one of the first steps in becoming a full-time RVer. What’s needed to set up a new

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The Future of Remote Work title card

Webinar: The Future of Remote Work

What does the remote work look like now? What does the future hold? Our world has changed over the past year and more people are working remotely than ever. What does this mean for RVers wanting to take advantage of this change in the work world? Is more opportunity and

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Staying Healthy while RVing webinar cover

Webinar: Staying Healthy While RVing

It’s a new year and a perfect time to add some healthy changes to our lifestyle. Thinking about making healthy meals in our RV kitchens or working out in the small space of our RV can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Join online fitness and nutrition coach

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Header for the Healthcare Options for Pre-Medicare RVers

Webinar: Healthcare Options for Pre-Medicare RVers

Are you hitting the road and wondering about healthcare while traveling? You’re too young for Medicare, so what are your options? Healthcare is a concern for all RVers. For those that are pre-Medicare age, it can be baffling to find and sift through the options. David Goldstein will help to

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