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Staying Fit on the Road

Staying Fit on the Road 1

Keeping fit and active on the road can be both challenging and a fun filled adventure.  


Staying Fit on the Road 2

We started our travel in 2008 as avid runners. Our goal was for Art to run a marathon in all 50 states. He had joined the “50 States & DC Marathon Club”. Art ran the marathons (26.2miles) and I ran halfs (13.1 miles).  We drove around the country, west to east and back again, 5 times between from 2008-2012.

In addition to running the big races, all along the way at every stop & every town we would take the opportunity to run.  Seeing a new place on foot is intriguing. There is an intimacy not attainable by car.  And because we were running we got to know more of the area.

We were always on the lookout for small races to keep up our training.  On one occasion we found a 5K (3 miles) in Menno, SD and enjoyed a real small town 4th of July. 

Running on trails or streets is a great way to stay fit while having exciting new adventures.  

Our marathon quest was completed in 2012. We both felt great pride in Art’s accomplishment. My running days are over due to an injury in 2012.  Art has cut back but continues to run and has a marathon planned for Sept. 2019.

What else do we pursue to keep our priority on fitness?


Staying Fit on the Road 3

State Parks & National Parks have been a passion for us and hiking the parks has been an ever present part of our lives. 

Many RV resorts have hiking clubs that you can join while you are staying there. Being out in beauty of nature inspires us to keep moving so we can enjoy these gorgeous places.

New Mexico parks & ruins are the current favorite area to explore.

Walk Walk Walk

If there is a panacea that ensures a healthy active life – walking is it.

And, you can walk anywhere.

With the popularity of Fitbits and Smart Watches keeping track of your steps has become a fun challenge.  Word on the street encourages 10,000 steps as a great start. I like to get in at least 15,000 to 20,000 daily.  The technology gives me that extra boost to keep moving. Art has a Running watch that shows his mileage and route.

Choose what might work for you.

Gyms, Y’s & Community & Fitness Centers

In those early years, on our days off from running we would seek out a local gym or YMCA for some weight training.  We still enjoy this today.  In fact, in 2018, the focus on fitness nationwide has led to development of better facilities and more welcoming to travelers. 

The day use rates are usually low ($5 – $15) and you have full use of the facility. A gym membership at LA Fitness or 24Hr Fitness can also be an asset when on the road.

We have also added a Weight Training DVD, that we can do anywhere, to our scheduled activities.

Zumba Fitness® & Zumba Gold Fitness®

I found Zumba Fitness® in 2008 just as we were leaving to fulltime.

I fell in love with this Latin music based dance fitness program immediately.  While in NJ 2009, I attended a training and got my license to teach. I used our travels as an opportunity to further continue my education.

You can find classes in every city & town in the US (and virtually around the world).

Recently we were in Bangkok and found an outdoor class with 75 or more people in attendance.  There are classes dedicated to Zumba Fitness in gyms, Y’s, and studios Senior Centers and many RV resorts.  

You can find me teaching Zumba Fitness® at the 59th Escapade in Tucson-March 17-22 or look for a class near you at Zumba.com.

Staying Fit on the Road 4


If you haven’t tried Pickleball yet, I encourage you to do so.

I have added this to my exercise routine. As Zumba Fitness® did in 2009, Pickleball has exploded around the country.  

I search Google for “where to play Pickleball” in the local town. We spent this last summer and fall in Portland, OR and Port Townsend, WA. I was thrilled to find new clubs had formed, more courts and delightful people to play with. There are courts and clubs, indoor and outdoor play everywhere.  Additionally, the web has an incredible number of “How To Play Pickleball” videos.

If you are just starting out, there will be players who will help you learn the game and there will be paddles to borrow.

USAPA (US Pickleball Association) has a phone app to look for a game near you.

Finally - Food

I have my ups and downs, ins and outs with eating healthy, gaining weight, losing weight.  It is a topic of much discussion and concern for the RV community. 

We’ve all heard “Diets Don’t Work” and I agree.  Along with increased activity, eating more vegetables & fruits, lean meats, good fats, complex carbohydrates and portion control goes a long way to improving my health and  fitness.

The choice to change is a complicated one.  Because sugar, alcohol and unhealthy fatty foods are so very seductive and in abundant supply, making good choices is difficult.  Many, many of us have to receive a diagnosis as the impetus to change eating habits.

I realized there many other activities to choose from such as kayaking, cross country skiing, cycling and more.  Those I listed here are the ones that work for us. Staying healthy and mobile as we age is our number one priority.

 My advice would be to find something or many things you enjoy doing. Create a life that puts fitness first!

Staying Fit on the Road 5


Cj Walker

Cj Walker, 69, a retired dance studio owner and her husband Art Walker,80, a retired Chiropractor have been full time RVing since 2008. Cj is a licensed Zumba Fitness ® instructor who has taught at Escapades #57 & #58 (and soon #59) and at Jojoba Hill RV Resort where they are members. Cj & Art travel extensively and spend time with family in Oregon & Washington.

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5 Responses

  1. Great post CJ!!! You and Art are “Rock Stars” when it comes to be physically active while traveling. I am so grateful you are willing to teach Zumba here at Jojoba Hills. None of us will ever match the quality of “your moves” but with your encouragement we all have fun and get great exercise doing our unscripted solos!

  2. Great article Cj! These are easy, fun ways to get exercise in every day. I have taken other Zumba classes since I moved from Jojoba Hills, but NONE are as FUN as yours! Plus, your teaching style is so upbeat and dare I say, sexy, and perfectly fits the Latin music. Dance on Sista!
    ps We are planning to visit JJH in March, but due to a conflict, will not be able to attend Escapade this year. Would love to see you and take a class if you are there, but if not, have a wonderful time Escapade. xoxo T

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to set ourselves fit in the road. You know how painful it is. BTW I am so appreciative you are happy to instruct Zumba here at Jojoba Hills. None of us will ever coordinate the nature of your moves however with your support we as a whole have some good times.

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