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RV Travel Bloggers

RV Travel Bloggers 1
The full-time RV lifestyle is one of endless travel and plenty of adventure. With so many places to go and things to see, it’s the perfect kind of lifestyle to document online! And hundreds, if not thousands, of people do. Today we’re bringing you 10 RV travel bloggers you should be following if you’re not already… all from our very own community of SKPs!

RV Tips, Travel Stories, and So Much More

There is a blog for just about anything nowadays – RVing included! RV travel blogs are a useful and inspirational resource for anyone on the road or dreaming about hitting the road.

Whether you want to read about technical tips, travel stories, the inner journey that accompanies traveling or learn about the best things to do in different destinations… You’ll find all that and more!

10 RV Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2021

We’ve rounded up 10 RV travel bloggers that you should be following in 2021, no matter what kind of content you’re interested in.

These RV travel bloggers are Escapees, and we think you’ll like what they have to say! Whether you’re a foodie, DIYer, or just love to read tales from the road, check out these travel bloggers from our very own RVing community.

RV Travel Bloggers 2

1. Trying To Unwind

Trying To Unwind is a travel blog run by RVers Kevin and Kara. This couple travels full-time in their 2000 American Tradition motorhome, a 37ft diesel pusher named Pippi.

Kara describes their frugal travel style as “Cheap and Cheerful”.

What You’ll Find on Trying to Unwind

The content published on Trying to Unwind features travel guides, destination information, RV modifications, and much more! They have an excellent article on RV solar installation here.

2. The Rambling Quilter

The Rambling Quilter is an RV travel blog written by author Jennifer Skinnell. Jennifer and her husband travel in a 41’ Grand Design fifth wheel pulled by a F-350 that they’ve affectionately named “Beauty and the Beast”.

What You’ll Find on the Rambling Quilter

On The Rambling Quilter, you get an inside look at the many destinations Jennifer and her husband travel to in their RV. From museums to tourist destinations, hikes, and more, it’s fun to read about others’ experiences. And gives you some inspiration for your own travel bucket list, too.

RV Travel Bloggers 3

3. On the Road of Adventure

On the Road of Adventure is an RV travel blog by Brian and Anne Klumpp, who travel with their dog, Skipper.

What You’ll Find on On the Road of Adventure

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this blog! Along with travel articles and RV related stories, you’ll find a lot of food related pieces on this RV blog. From the best places to eat in different destinations to recipes, drinks, and more, you won’t be disappointed! Warning: may cause wanderhunger… a mixture of wanderlust and hunger!

4.  The 5 Journeys

The 5 Journeys is a unique blog by RVer, money coach, and entrepreneur Dr. Brenda Ueckert. Equal parts inspiration and education, this is a helpful blog for anyone who loves RV travel, business, and personal finance.

What You’ll Find on The 5 Journeys

On this website you’ll find RV travel articles, personal experiences, personal finance tips, business articles, business inspiration, and so much more! Brenda has also written guided journals for women on the road. Check out this article about 3 ways to enhance your RV journey.

RV Travel Bloggers 4

5. Live Laugh RV

Ingrid and Al are full-time RVers and Ingrid is the writer behind their travel blog, Live Laugh RV. Ingrid and Al travel in a 2011 Keystone Laredo fifth wheel that they’ve modified to make perfect for their lifestyle.

What You’ll Find on Live Laugh RV

Ingrid is an incredibly talented writer, and the articles you’ll find on this RV travel blog make you feel like you’re right there with her, experiencing things as they happen. Currently, Ingrid is sharing travel articles about the places they’ve visited in what she calls her “blog to book” series – a series of articles that will later be published into a book of their travels.

6. Going With The Flow RV

Going With The Flow RV is a travel blog by Travis and Traci LeBlanc, who travel full-time in their Vilano fifth wheel.

What You’ll Find on Going With the Flow RV

This RV travel blog is full of travel articles, destination information, RV lifestyle articles, and more! Whether you’re looking for lifestyle tips, travel inspiration, recipes, campground reviews, or more, you’ll find it all here.

7. The Spoke N Van

The Spoke N Van is a travel blog by John and Sally traveling full-time in their campervan exploring new locations with their bicycles, and blogging along the way. John and Sally are in a DIY campervan, and you can learn all about their van build on the blog!

What You’ll Find on The Spoke N Van

You’ll find information on John and Sally, details on their campervan build, and so much more. If you like unique perspectives and lots of pictures, you’ll love this travel blog!

RV Travel Bloggers 5

8. Propane and Bourbon

Propane and Bourbon is a unique name for and RV travel blog… and the story behind this travel blog is pretty unique, too! Val and J. Brandon didn’t fully intend to be full-time RVing, but once COVID happened their plans changed, and quick. Propane and Bourbon follows their travels where they each share their stories along the way.

What You’ll Find on Propane and Bourbon

Articles you’ll find from these RV bloggers include unique stories about the people they meet on the road, RV gear reviews, articles about the places they travel, and much more.

9. FoxRV Travel

Scott and Tami are the RVers behind FoxRV Travel, and they travel full-time in a 2008 Tiffin Open Road. Scott and Tami first hit the road in 2017 and have been documenting online ever since!

What You’ll Find on FoxRV Travel

You’ll find a ton of great information on this RV travel website. Scott and Tami have been putting together campground reviews, an RV solar series, and they’ve even compiled a map of bad roads for RVs that they update whenever they come across another one. Whether you want to learn or be inspired, the FoxRV Travel blog will satisfy either need.

10. Rightlaners

Rightlaners is an RV travel blog by RVers Tom and Joy. Tom and Joy left stationary life in pursuit of the endless adventure of full-time RVing around the USA, and have documented it all.

What You’ll Find on Rightlaners

From blog posts about destinations and road trips, to campground reviews, RV rallies, and more, you’ll find it all on Rightlaners. You’ll even find articles about SKP parks and Escapade, too! Rightlaners gives an inside look into the life of a full-time RVer from route planning, lifestyle articles, and workamping too.

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Carrie Wilder

Carrie is a part-time vanlifer and the SEO and Advertising Manager for Escapees RV Club. When she’s not camping or working, you can find her writing about her favorite marketing tips on her website The World Wild Web

10 Responses

  1. Great list! We were aware of a few of these blogs, but most are new finds. Looking forward to learning about these travelers. Thanks for putting this together, and for including PropaneandBourbon.com

  2. I’m confused about what people are calling “RVers”. We are waiting for our order of a SylvanGo. This is the kind of camping we can afford, both economically and environmentally (we will be towing with an EV). Can you point me toward blogs with lighter weight recreational campers? Thanks!

    1. At this point in time, we don’t have any articles for lighter-weight trailers like the SylvanGo. But thank you for bringing up the suggestion! We’ll look into adding that to our topics in the coming weeks.
      In the meantime, you may find more weight-related advice from those who travel in pop-up campers. Though they’re heavier than a tent trailer, they’re still similar in that they involve canvas/nylon walls and share some interior features and construction.

  3. thanks for the list! New finds for me. Like so many others, we’ve started a travel blog as well, as requested by our friends and family. New to blogging and new to RVing (fulltime), hopefully you’ll read our blog sometime.

    Sherry Christiansen

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